Celtic Are A Huge Absence From The European Draws. But We’ll Be Back.

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Today the next round of the Champions League was drawn, and of course we’re not there.

What’s worse is that we also know who plays who in the next European rounds of the other competitions and we won’t be in the Europa League or in the Conference League. The latter is no great loss, but we had expected a Europa berth at least.

It feels huge not to be part of European football after Christmas.

In some years – the Lennon finale – it would have looked like a disaster. It feels frustrating and disappointing, but it does not feel like a disaster. Because next season we’ll be back and do better.

How would we have done in the Europa League? That’s difficult to say.

Better, I think, much better than last term. We would have been a match for most of the sides in it. Which isn’t to say we’d have got to a final or anything, but we’d have made a splash.

So there is an element of frustration and envy as we watch the European draws being made. There is a feeling that having failed to prove ourselves worthy of qualification that it will be a long wait until the next European campaign kicks off.

Our seven-point lead in the league and the unfolding crisis at Ibrox means that there’s a very good chance that we will return to the Champions League Groups.

The tournament is the toughest proving ground in the business, but the manager believes that we belong there and that we should not be afraid to take our chances on that stage.

I think European football misses out without us after Christmas.

We play with a style that most clubs would love to be able to match. Our fans are fantastic and a true credit to the club and to this country, although you would not know it to read the media.

Our club represents something that much of European football has lost.

And that’s part of the reason for my regret that we’re not there, and although I know that we’ll be back on that stage soon enough it feels like an eternity away right now, although we’re riding high in Scotland and we’re competing for all the honours.

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  • SSMPM says:

    We are developing well and that’s acceptable at this time. While the CL performances may not feel like a disaster it’s not an achievement either to finish bottom of the league. We should’ve at least got 3rd place; we should’ve beaten the Ukrainians at least once (possibly even RB) for it to feel truly acceptable and imo that was not in any way beyond us at this stage. Ange maybe needs to look inwardly for the answer to that.

  • S thomas says:

    Tad disappointed with our final place, w finishing last is never good. We performed ok at times, but defensively, we need to be much better. I’m looking at some of the ties, and thinking to myself, maybe it’s a blessing in disguise we didn’t qualify. Madrid was brilliant, had a great time, the result didn’t matter to me in the slightest. Can’t wait too next year.

  • Johnny Green says:

    No one will give us a second thought.

  • Mark B says:

    We have not been competitive in Europe since Strachan and not been close to a semi for nearly twenty years. We have not won a home CL game in over decade and not won in 19 or twenty games. We are so far off the pace it’s embarrassing. I think our away wins were against ten men(Anderlecht and Moscow). I loved how we took it to Real and Shaktor but Leipzig showed how far away we are. Let’s hope we get to Europa next year via CL third place that would be massive progress.

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