Celtic Fans Should Remember That The Last Juranovic Transfer Stories Were Nonsense.

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Today the blogs and forums and mainstream sites are awash with an old nonsense; that Juranovic’s exit is imminent. This is a guy who has been at Celtic Park just over a year. This is a guy who has said repeatedly that he’s happy at the club.

“Contract negotiations have broken down!” screams the mainstream press. Says who? That Celtic opened those talks in the first place is a sure sign that we had indications that the player was interested in them. Signing him up on a new deal is not an immediate priority. He has a long time left on his current contract. Still, we readied the talks.

The club has no interest in letting this player go. The player will not rock the boat to get a move. That this story still has legs, although the basis of it – that Celtic “expected” him to leave in the summer; entirely untrue as has been proven – has been completely destroyed.

I love the amateur body language experts who reckon he’s chucked it. Where are they seeing this? Where is it coming from except from the same ignorant hacks and the same discredited papers, spouting the same puerile nonsense?

Only a handful of people know the truth of this, and they are in Celtic Park. Not a single one of the jokers who masquerade through life with press credentials writing about Scottish football has the first clue what’s really happening inside our club; that has been proved over and over again. And they cannot stand being out in the cold.

The stories about Juranovic might have something in them for all that. But the stories about him being linked with other clubs and wanting a move are so constant now that it seems to me that all we might be getting is an echo of tall tales passed.

Juranovic is a decent footballer. The World Cup will give him an even bigger stage on which to prove it. But with all respect to him, he does not look like the sort of player who would attract an Atletico Madrid. That story was rancid nonsense, and it is ridiculous to see some of the people who are lending it credence. There was not an iota of truth in it.

I wonder if this isn’t just more of the same. I’ll tell you this much; this is a lot of hot air for something the club itself will be very relaxed about one way or the other. This is what happens when you have players who other clubs like. Whether it’s Atletico Madrid or someone else, there will be bids for this guy and other players … and Ange stands ready to spend the money regardless.

I have long since ceased worrying about this stuff. What will be will be, as long as the manager supports it and as long as the board continues supporting him.

On this one, though, I’m calling bollocks. There’s been so much about this player already that I have no difficulty in believing that this is more speculative nonsense.

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  • Geoff says:

    Three and a half years to go on his contract so club will decide although players and agents have a lot of influence.
    This is merely a distraction from Kent and Morelos and all the OAP’s out who are out of contract in six months.
    They must shift them this window or give them huge contracts.
    We won’t get caught out again like Boyata and £10m payday lost.

  • Benjamin says:

    Honestly, if there’s a buyer willing to pay £10m+, Celtic should sell. Juranovic is a good player, but he’s very replaceable. Ralston is more than capable of starting every week and doing his part to secure domestic trophies now that the busiest part of the season is behind us. Juranovic is 27 years old and coming off a decent, but not great, CL performance and will also coming off a (hopefully) great World Cup performance. His value will never be higher than it is right now. And I have confidence that Ange will be able to find an equally good permanent replacement that costs less than what they’d get for Juranovic. The time to sell is now.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Yes, if we get a decent bid we should sell him, he’s a good player but I prefer Ralston. Juranovic can easily be replaced for less money than we will get for him.

  • Tom Foolery says:

    I cant believe that some of you guys think that the donkey who is Ralston is a better player than Juranovic. Seriously guys put the drugs down they’re damaging your brain

  • Martin says:

    Juranovic is obviously a better footballer than Ralston. However Ralston is an able replacement (domestically at least) of we do sell and don’t immediately replace JJ. All our players are available at the right price, that’s the sort of club we are. He’s under contract for some time so we hold the aces. If he wants to go, someone wants to pay what we deem him worth and we identify a replacement… Good business all round and everyone can be happy. However I am with James here… I think this is likely pot stirring mixed with sour grapes that their prediction of the summer never came to pass.

  • SSMPM says:

    This is no doubt paper talk, but while we’re speculating; Ralston would be a more than able replacement. He’s defo been on it since Ange appeared on the scene and probably didn’t deserve to be replaced when he was, but still JJ is a good player and will go somewhen. Ralston’s an international goal scoring tank so no need for such negative Tom Foolery. £10 million doesn’t seem anywhere near enough.

  • Up the Republic says:

    If he goes then the money will be reinvested in the squad. It’s not a problem. We’ll bring in someone who is as good or better. And Ralston is doing really well anyway. In Ange we trust.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Going forward Ralston’s end product is much better than Juranovic’s, his passing and his crosses are much more effective. He also has the engine to get back quickly to defend when required.

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