Celtic’s Rivals Will Not Catch Our Club Until They Start Taking It Seriously.

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The fury on the fan forums of our rivals is obviously amusing, and that’s why they are required reading on a day like this. But amidst the anger are some arguments which are simply beyond belief, very similar to the ones Lundstram was making last week.

We are, apparently, a lucky side.

They look at the league table and see two instances this season already where we have scored late to win games. “That is the gap,” they claim. Which is amusing but not true, as the gap would still be three points if we hadn’t gotten those late goals.

“Aaah,” they then say, “that wouldn’t be the case if we had beat you …”

But they didn’t, did they? And that wasn’t even close. We gave them a doing so vicious that a bareknuckle boxing ref would have stopped the fight. They had nothing to challenge us that night and my only frustration looking back is that records could have been broken had we kept the foot on their throat and pummelled them with all we had.

What it amounts to is a blind refusal to accept that we have become a formidable side, and to be honest it takes a really focussed ability to deny reality not to recognise that. They simply will not acknowledge it, not even when the league table is staring them in the face; not just seven points, but that whopping goal difference as well.

Until they wise up and start taking our club seriously they aren’t going to be able to challenge us properly. Their fans continue to deny the harshest reality that there is; that we are top on merit, we are top because we’re a better side.

They have problems over there.

They recognise that their manager is one of them, and that their squad isn’t good enough. But the other side of that equation is how good we are, and that’s the bit that they simply will not – perhaps cannot – get their heads around.

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  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Ye’ll never get a more culpable mob for sheer deluded rantin and hype, than in their support and media. When Ange started his 1st season with us, that lot were pushin the idea that rangers were suited to a more ‘european style of football’ than the SPL. Aye, we can see that ! That’s just one example tae ! Keepin their feet on the ground isnae their strongest point is it ?? Always priceless when they get the reality shoved down their necks.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Let them keep on underestimating us, it’s no biggie, we don’t need any credit from them. in fact they are a total irrelevance.

    • Martin H. says:

      No champions league distractions anymore, focused on league, and when you look at our teams eyes they are up for it big style, and just a wee footnote, if we think Jota is not a bad player, he is playing for a place in the world cup squad, watch him go.

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Their pain is delicious. And nutritious. HH

  • John S says:

    Their financial implosion is a direct consequence of their own decisions. So it’s not just the players and manager that have underperformed.

  • Tonto McTavish says:

    They are quite simply “pure pish” and there have been games this season where their pals at the SFA and the refs have bailed them out. I love their suffering and long may it continue ??????????

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