Does Beale Intend To Nick Every Idea From Celtic, Or Does He Have His Own?

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Every newspaper today is carrying every word of Michael Beale’s powderpuff Ibrox media interview.

There was not a single question of substance, because in-house media very rarely rocks the boat in that way. He will not sit in front of the actual press for a while yet, but based on the sycophancy of some of the reporting he can expect just as easy a ride.

Almost everything he said was an echo of stuff we’ve heard before. An expansive attacking game. Hassling the opposition. Chasing clubs down. He even ventured that “we never stop.”

There were references to players not being his mates.

And listening to it, I wondered; does he even realise who he sounds like? Most people expected him to nick his ideas from Gerrard, but why would he? Gerrard won one trophy in nine, and he was along for that ride.

Instead he’s channelling Ange.

Whilst I’m in little doubt that this will be a far more effective winning strategy, it does look pretty bad for him. Is this guy approaching this with any fresh thinking of his own, or does he intend to do as his club so often does; conclude that copying Celtic is the best way to get results? Does he even have the players for the style of football he has in mind?

Ange had to rebuild the squad to get us up to par on his dynamic, high intensity forward going game. This guy has to work with the likes of Ryan Kent. Their team has failed so consistently that it’s clear to everyone that it needs a major overhaul … that’s how Ange and Celtic did it. Does this guy have the money for that? Or the freedom?

This is the thing with trying to clone yourself from Celtic’s success. You need the resources, the time, the support from the stands and the backing of the board. Ibrox’s directors hired this guy on the basis that he knew the club; think on that a moment.

This is not someone coming in to revolutionise. That’s why trying to catch Celtic with Celtic’s methods will not work. And yet you listen to this geezer and one thing is clear; this is all they’ve got.

With no ideas of his own, he thinks he can succeed nicking ours.

What a shock this guy is in for.

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  • Tony B says:

    The huns are even talking about Bealeball before a ball has been kicked yet.

    Desperate tossers the lot of them.

    Bealerbaw more like.

  • Jim The Tim says:


  • Bennybhoy57 says:

    Have even seen the Bealeball quote used a few times now.
    But hey ho we know how good sevco are during summer break, and winter shutdowns now with beale at the helm, think this could be their most successful mid term yet… Seems Morelos, lunstrum and Kent are running riot first day back.
    Kent even getting standing ovation for scoring a goal.
    Just another three weeks of listening to this nonsense…Then it’s down to real Business.

  • harold shand says:

    Daily Record etc is running out of training ground miracle free kick stories

    The fact that we’re still 9 points clear and lost one league game in 15 , walloped them 4-0 already and have more players coming is starting to kick in .

    Watch out for Beale’s coming for Ange headlines which is easy to say when there isn’t a competitive game for over 2 weeks

  • Jack says:

    They’ll soon be Bealin.

  • Englebert Van Hooydonk says:


  • Frankie says:

    He is blowing his trumpet more than that’s in the philharmonic orchestra nothing but a tuba.

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