The Media’s Gushing Coverage Of Patterson Ignores How Ordinary Celtic Made Him Look.

Image for The Media’s Gushing Coverage Of Patterson Ignores How Ordinary Celtic Made Him Look.

In case you missed it – and that’s more than possible – that guy at right full-back for Everton this morning was ex-Ibrox player Nathan Patterson. I only say that because you would think, based on some of what we’re reading this morning, that it was Michael Salgado in his prime.

If you watched the game you know Jota absolutely roasted him down that wing.

He beat him time and time again. It was getting embarrassing.

There are times – there must be – when the hacks know that they are going too far in pouring the honey on somebody, and I suspect this is one of them. They are praising his bottle and his courage and for what?

Because he demanded to take a penalty.

It has surely dawned on them that this was not a major cup final he was playing in or some European qualifier but a friendly match. So he stepped up to take a penalty in a glorified kick-about. That takes courage exactly how?

Because it was against Celtic?

His keenness to take it just shows how small minded a person we’re talking about here.

Is that striking a blow for Ibrox? Is that what he thinks he did?

What nonsense. In the run up to the game there was all sorts of talk about how he would “rain on our parade” and other such tripe. In the match itself we made him look extremely ordinary, but of course nobody in our media wants to report that.

So instead they clutch at any straw they can find, and this is what they’ve come up with. How much bottle it takes to take a penalty in a meaningless fixture. What a joke the reporting of sport in this country is.

Celtic dominated the match and this is what makes the headlines.

I would say unbelievable, except it isn’t.

It’s the standard we’ve come to expect.

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  • John Copeland says:

    I thought I was watching Sir Les Patterson at Everton full back ! The ex self proclaimed Australian cultural attache to Great Britain , the finest slob ever , would have looked the part ….. (If you don’t know of Sir Les ,you tube him ….. what a riot ).

  • Phelim Grehan says:

    Absolutely roasted by jota whole game he never got a loo in ?????????

  • Jim McLaughlin says:

    Wonder what Steve Clarke’s opinion is on his “injury” withdrawal from the Turkey friendly?

  • Jimmy says:

    Disagree with your take on the game. I was there along with around 30,00 other Celts. Jota looked tired, his chance where he was through on goal highlighted this. Thought like other fans that Paterson did well and looked strong.

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