A Little Water At Celtic Park Drives Some Of The Media To Madness.

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What bizarre little men inhabit our press rooms that they got all excited over a little bit of water at Celtic Park. The story which briefly flared yesterday which showed “flooding” at Parkhead was much ado about nothing. The idea that the club “had 48 hours” to get the problem sorted or the game might not go ahead was a ludicrous over-reaction.

The game was never under threat, and we’ve seen similar (or worse) images from inside Ibrox without it getting a shred of media attention. For all we know it was a single burst pipe; not exactly unheard of in winter months and these temperatures.

When a little bit of water makes the headlines you know it’s either a slow news day or someone drooling over any opportunity to an anti-Celtic number. In short, it’s pathetic. It’s the kind of article you expect though; the sort of thing our hacks are infamous for.

They actually contacted Celtic for a quote on it! Seriously!

They got in touch with the club and asked the club for a comment.

As if people at Parkhead were going to drop everything to talk about the plumbing. What a joke. Who were they expecting to get back to them on it? Michael Nicholson? Ange Postecoglou himself? Peter Lawwell maybe.

Some of the blogs were scathing about this reporting last night and no wonder. I thought it was a ridiculous piece, and the suggestion that the game was under threat because a concession stand had a little water on the floor was preposterous.

Celtic Park is an old stadium. This is a fact. Our maintenance bill is probably that bit higher than other clubs have, and doubtless there are issues like this through every single winter.

The ground is not “falling apart” and the club would not compromise supporter safety, and even if they were willing to the council HSE would not let us.

There was nothing to the story.

One guy on social media posted some videos and parts of the media could not wait to make it into a story. Their desire to do so doesn’t change the fact that there was nothing here whatsoever. It’s a joke.

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  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Obvious is it no ? Because ibrox is in a dreadful state, ye only need when there’s nae fans in it, tae see how tattered its lookin. Faded seats all over the place. The media’ll grasp at anythin, tae make out our stadiums somehow in a similar situation. It’s fkn pathetic and as mentioned, typical of their mindset.

  • Johnny Green says:

    At least it wasn’t water stolen from the local church.

  • Tony B says:

    If it was lavvies overflowing we could always get the sevvies in to lick it all up since that is clearly their thing.

    Luvvly jubbly!

  • John Copeland says:

    At least the roof isn’t caving in ! The problem shall be fixed unlike another Clumpany’s stadium which lay in a state of danger to their own fans for the longest time … I don’t remember reading about that in the haem,sorry tabloids …Selective criticism…

  • larsson7 says:

    weather is terrible at Celtic Park,that should keep them busy………………….

  • Ian Thomson says:

    They last week had a chocked waste pipe in there new blue sky lounge when the had punters in before the Hibs game and crap was flowing about the place.

  • Seamus McGonigle says:

    Their hatred, envy and jealousy always dribbles and spews onto their hate filled pages. Untuths and lies by corrupt writers of corrupt papers in a corrupt country.

  • Pan says:

    Seamus. You nailed it perfectly in that last comment. Spot on mate!

  • Thomas Daly says:

    The piggery is In worse condition before any leaks,cmon its falling apart the old old building

  • Effarr says:

    I noticed it was someone with 1690 in their identity who reported it. Probably a plumber who follows Old Firm FC and was called in to do the repair.

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