Celtic Should Make It Clear That It’s Time For Juranovic’s Suitors To Put Up Or Shut Up.

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Another day and more rumours about Juranovic. We’re told now that Chelsea are hovering; are they really? Well perhaps they should stop doing so and get an actual bid ready. That is the message Celtic should be sending out to clubs.

It’s almost 1 January. The time for these guys to put up or shut up is coming. The manager confirmed last night that the club is yet to receive an actual bid. The clubs who are circling better get their game on, and they better come to the table with serious offers and not with the cut-price coupons they seem to think will net them a World Cup semi-finalist.

Honestly, this is the arrogance of clubs abroad who think that we’re pushovers here in Scotland. Teams which are awash in TV money and still run up debts don’t have any moral right to low-ball us, in the hope of getting a cheap deal.

Everything we have, we built ourselves. Nobody gave it to us, and there’s a certain amount of pride in that. Our club is a massive institution. Those clubs whose TV money is more than our annual income are the beneficiaries of a geographical accident, nothing more. Even the likes of Chelsea need to start showing our club the appropriate respect.

Which means no more dancing around this. No dragging this out over the course of a long month. Clubs know what we’ll accept for the player.

They know that it’s a fair reflection of the market valuation. They know they are buying quality or why would they even bother at all? Nobody is trying to rip them off here; on the contrary, they want to play the role of the thieves.

And Celtic will be damned sure not to let them away with that Juranovic will go either now or in the summer, and someone will pay that fee that we want, because that’s what it’s going to take to get him and its fair. The question is, who will move first?

We should be encouraging them to get on with it, because the last thing we want is for this to drag on for too long. Our club is in a settled state. The affairs of one footballer and the flap surrounding him should not be allowed to change that dynamic, and I don’t believe that they will be.

The window opens in two days. Let’s see the colour of their money.

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  • Neil Smith says:

    Don’t get this. He’s as Celtic player. Nothing can happen untill Jan 1. All the stuff around this is media nonsense thus far and who knows how accurate?. Chelsea for instance could buy him in a second a 20 million drop to them is no massive deal. If he’s wanted it’ll happen a couple days not indulging speculation the way to go.

  • Voice of Reason says:

    £25M + after Mons ANNHIALATION!! Failing that stick the Canadian Boy in, he’d be rapid doon their pathetic left side! Having said that their right side isny any better, they really are FUKIN SHITE!!

  • FSTB says:

    This saga with JJ seems to have dragged on for so long .
    Yet nothing could happen till the window opened .
    Watching videos of JJ earlier in the season ,he seemed so happy in the moment and looked like a great character in the group maybe something changed his mindset.
    If he goes I wish him all the best for his future career.
    If it turns out as it seems and we have found his replacement in AJ then that would signal a proactive rather than a reactive policy regarding team building and shows Ange is really looking to build something special at our club

  • Scud Missile says:

    Get the cash on the table and the deal done though what would be good should he leave is that another club come in ahead of Chelsea matching the offer or even a bigger offer and snatching him from under the nose of Chelsea for all their fannying about.

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