Keith Jackson’s Messi Little Article On Kent Is Sheer Fantasy-Land Fluff.

Image for Keith Jackson’s Messi Little Article On Kent Is Sheer Fantasy-Land Fluff.

The Daily Record doesn’t half know how to embarrass its writers, not that they aren’t well capable of heaping humiliation onto themselves. The headline the other day which linked Ryan Kent and Lionel Messi is one of the most cringey in their recent history.

It isn’t available on the online version of the article itself; if it was there it’s been changed. But the article still hums with the madness of that headline, it still reeks of the same lunacy.

Jackson appears to realise it too, but he’s the one who made the comparison.

“By deploying the attacker in a more central position (The Mooch) has effectively asked him to do for (Ibrox) what Lionel Messi was doing for Argentina throughout the World Cup,” Jackson wrote in his column. As though the words “Kent” and “Messi” belong in the same article. Whether he likes it or not, the comparison is there and he did it.

His next comments are an attempt to deflect from how mad it is.

“OK, calm down. No one is suggesting for a moment here that Kent belongs in the great GOAT debate. But the fact remains, he does for this team what the little magician has just been doing for his country all over Doha and its surrounding areas …”

But that only makes it sound more ridiculous.

For Christ sake, only an idiot would have made such a brazenly daft comparison. Messi just won a World Cup for Argentina, scoring and creating and leading the team. Is Kent doing any of that? Not one bit of it.

The rest of the article is equally stupid. Apart from calling the position The Mooch has Kent playing in “the Messi role” he then suggests that the club should be throwing money at the guy to get him to stay.

How much is too much? Jackson doesn’t say but he thinks if there’s only £10,000 a week separating the two sides that the club should pay it – £500,000 a year – to get him to sign. If the gap is £20,000 per week then the club should pay £1 million.

This, of course, is above and beyond the offer itself, which for all they know is a million a year already or more. Is Kent worth that? A player who would not get into our reserves? The whole article is absolutely bonkers.

He thinks the club will get it all back if they insert a massive release clause in the deal because, of course, someone will pay that for a sub-par player who barely contributes, won’t they? And what of the other players at the club who will see Kent’s insanely inflated salary for doing not very much and think they are entitled to at least the same?

These people are simply mad, and Jackson and his paper cannot stop themselves from writing the worst kind of delusional garbage to feed to Ibrox’s fans.

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  • Voice of Reason says:

    The WIZARD Ryan Kunt who played 11 yes 11 games fur Bristol City b4 they papped him back tae L’pool U23’s! NOT A GOAL IN SIGHT.. SUM THINGS NEVER CHANGE!! Keech Jackass, NEVER HAS A CLOWN BEEN MORE APLY NAMED LOL!!

    • Scouse bhoy says:

      Scotlands media shame get paid sums of money ordinary folk can only dream of that is all that matters to them. The truth does not come in to it. They are gutless imposters .

  • John Copeland says:

    Apart from being the Records chief sports scoop , isn’t Jackson an assistant editor type , thingamabob ? If so ,it’s safe to say that he can type up what he likes with little chance of his card being marked …. I’d still like to clock his monthly expenses receipts for the old Vino Calypso mind you …

    • Nick66 says:

      The original headline? Perhaps, “Ranger’s” Messy Cunt can mess up more than Messi can show his brilliance. Step on over my world said the Messy Kunt. Step over into actual ability said Messi.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol when was the last time Clarke Kent had an outstanding game,won man of the match ran the game scored 2 goals in the same game to win a trophy,none of the above and gets a mention alongside the GREAT MESSI.
    Remember all the sevco players are getting talked up either by Mr Bean or sevco’s friends innthe press,even players out of contract and the OAP’s in their team being spoken about getting contract extensions as there is no fresh money for new players.
    Benny Ferguson being the classic example today by getting it out there by saying signings don’t matter in the January window.
    That’s not what he and the guy that cleans his teeth with Vim aka Mr Boyd this time last year when Gordom Ramsay was signing to keep the title at ibrox.

  • Scud Missile says:

    The only thing Messi in this article is the guy that penned it,writing it after sniffing the glue and smoking to many of those funny fags.
    The guy is absolutely Jan Leeming.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    They are and always will be, a complete and utter joke of a media. Its what we’ve come tae expect and this halfwit and his colleagues never fail tae disappoint. The only ones that actually buy intae their deluded crap are the gullable ibrox support. Put this clown up against somebody who actually knows what they’re talking about and he’d be fucked. He’ll no get that challenge tho from any other media in Scotland, so he’s ‘safe’. And he knows it.

  • Amcq14 says:

    Already read it the rangers rag/newspaper. Astounded to what lengths they will go to flog a donkey. Good luck with that. I envision a contract extension because know one else wants him.

  • Ryan says:

    The funny thing is after reading the article about about financial fair play coming in more to effect, And the stuff getting battered about like 10mil signings, everyday two articles that they looking at this and that is rediculous and some of their base know it and close their ears because they can see whats coming

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