Sutton Is Right. Celtic Should Be Expecting Top Whack For Josip Juranovic Now.

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Chris Sutton has said that Celtic should be demanding £25 million for Josip Juranovic. The number might sound insane to some people, and I don’t believe that “demanding” any fee guarantees that you will get it.

Indeed, sometimes it is better to let the bidding start and then sit back and wait to see how high and crazy it gets.

Still, he’s thinking about it properly. A guy with Juranovic’s profile, who is now at the centre of a feeding frenzy, can fetch a far higher price than any of the media outlets have mentioned thus far, and the more clubs are interested the better.

If Celtic get a high opening offer, there is no telling how nuts it all might get. Anything above £15 million would represent good business, but that should be the starting point for negotiations and if there are a series of clubs in the battle it won’t stop there.

Sutton has voiced what we are all thinking.

If Juranovic was at Ibrox the media would be pushing bigger fees than that. They certainly wouldn’t be talking about £10 million and other such paltry sums, the kind that Celtic will certainly swat aside.

In the context of some of the crazy numbers they have quoted for Ibrox footballers these past few years, £25 million doesn’t even sound like that much. When you consider that one of Juranovic’s defensive team-mates is being linked with a move worth over £70 million then it actually sounds like a deal out of the bargain bin.

I don’t think we’ll get that high for him, although it would not shock me if we did. Somewhere above that £15 million figure would be more than acceptable and give us a major return on a footballer who we brought to the club just a year ago, for £2.5 million.

A six-fold return on that would be an extraordinary bit of business, made even more so by the fact we’ve already sourced his replacement and brought the guy in. This would be a Celtic doing business like we’ve never seen before.

Yesterday I published a lengthy article on Peter Lawwell’s record; in it I mentioned, briefly, the final summer window with Rodgers in which we lost Dembele right at the last knockings, in spite of his making waves beforehand.

Ange would never have allowed that situation to get out of control like that. More than anything else, he would have had the replacement lined up well in advance and he would have made sure that Dembele was only sold when the deal was done. That’s the danger in the crazy way we used to do things, that last minute rush stuff … this works far better.

This is why we have such tremendous faith in this manager.

He thinks more than one step ahead. Like a great chess master, he is always planning, even as he’s moving the pieces around the board. The Juranovic deal might be his smartest stratagem yet.

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  • Tom Foolery says:

    It would be an outrage if we sold Josip for £15 outrage! On his ‘replacement’. We brought in the Canadian to replace Ralston. If you believe that we have replaced Josip with Johnston then A) You haven’t paid attention to what Ange said earlier in the season. B) You have to entertain the thought that we’ve already agreed a fee for Josip with some unknown club and C) You’re not very bright.

    Also i wonder where the ‘Ralston is a better player than Juranovic’ brigade have disappeared to….probably hiding up their own arses i would wager.

  • Seppington says:

    Arsenal paid £25m for Tierney who, though experienced for his age was still a “potential” signing. Jura has a wealth of experience at European and International level and is at his peak so I’d be telling interested parties the bidding starts at £25m. If he was playing in any other league EPL clubs would have no issue paying that for him, the days of us letting the English take the piss out of us with low-ball fees need to be over.

  • scouse bhoy says:

    ralston has been excellent since ange took over.

  • Gerrard Duffin says:

    Let himgoin2years

  • Conor says:

    He actually didn’t say we should demand £25m for JJ. He referred the KT fee and the record spun it that way

  • Johnny Green says:

    Was Bassey worth 20M, I didn’t think so then and I still don’t now, but because Ajax were prepared to pay that sum then I suppose he is. Same with Jura, he will be worth whatever anyone is prepared to pay for him, and Celtic are set to make a healthy profit come what may. Tomfoolery above having a go at Ralston is certainly foolish, he had a go earlier in the season at a few Celtic players he thought were not good enough, Ralston, Maeda, Hatate and Welsh were all on his hit list and he was wrong about all of them. Anthony Ralston, in my opinion, will easily assume the number one choice at right back, he is very competent and Jura will not be overly missed. Selling JOSIP in those circumstances for a major profit is a no brainer and more money hopefully will then be flowing into Ange’s transfer kitty.

    • Tom Foolery says:

      Oh dear. I can’t take seriously the opinion of anyone who thinks Juranovic wont be missed because we’ve got Ralston. As for your other points i think you’re telling porkies about what i actually said. Firstly i never mentioned Welsh in the way you claim. Indeed i hardly mentioned Welsh at all. It would appear though that you’re, in reality, dismissing Ange as being wrong as we now have 5 CBs and Welsh is 5 of 5 in the pecking order. As for my comments about Maeda i pointed out that he’s not a goalscorer/striker and who misses some very simple chances. I do believe i have proven correct on that. Now onto Hatate. I said Hatate was inconsistent (again i’ve been proven correct) and who appears to tire after 65 mins…again i’ve been proven correct. As for Ralston. If he was as good as YOU think then why did Ange feel the need to splash out, allegedly, £3 million on Johnston who is a replacement for Ralston>. I wont say anything more here about Ralston. I think my thoughts on him on this site are at least semi well known

      • Johnny Green says:

        Memory problems? What you said was that Welsh was too slow and he was a baw watcher, whatever that means. You said Maeda just wasn’t very good, same for Ralston and that Hatate got tired to easily and could not last a full game very well. You don’t need to thank me for the memory lesson, it is my pleasure Tom.

        • Tom Foolery says:

          You’ve just made some of that up. My opinion on Ralston is known. I said i couldn’t see what Maeda offered other than running about like a headless chicken. I said Hatate tired at around the 65 minute mark and was inconsistent….which at the time was true and we’ll find out shortly if that is still the case. Regarding Welsh, you just made that up.

          • Johnny Green says:

            Aye right, why would I make it up, I don’t know you or care that much about your opinions, but you really do know what you said, don’t you?

          • Johnny Green says:

            I’m not surprised you are denying the Welsh comment. it was a bit childish.

  • Tom Foolery says:

    I’m not getting into a slag off. You have invented the whole Welsh scenario and if i said what you claim (which i did not) why would i deny it when Welsh has dropped down to 5th in Anges pecking order for CBs. Now please stop lying!

  • Tom Foolery says:

    Here’s what i actually said about Welsh.’Welsh isn’t that great but against the likes of Ross Co he is capable’. That right there is a million miles away from the lies you just told. Here’s a quote from you. “Ralston is every bit as good as Juranovic” ROFL. I just canae take you seriously anymore. Bye!

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