The Mooch Is Going To Throw Half Fit Players In Against Celtic No Matter What.

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In the aftermath of their win over Motherwell last night, The Mooch pretty much confirmed, again, what this website wrote about earlier in the week; half of the Ibrox players are struggling with injuries and many of them shouldn’t be playing at all.

The latest to get injured was Morelos, who went off last night with what many think was a pulled hamstring.

The Mooch didn’t even bother to duck the issue. He revealed that Morels probably should not even have been out on the pitch, that he was subbed against Aberdeen because he wasn’t nearly fit and had “felt something go.”

Morelos is coming up for having just six months left on his deal. It’s all very well the Ibrox club being cavalier about the remainder of his career and his life after football, but he shouldn’t be.

They surely don’t care what happens to him at this point; he isn’t going to sign a new deal and so his value drops by the day. If he plays injured and makes it worse, so be it. They don’t lose anything from it either way. Inside Ibrox they know this campaign is largely out of their reach … they certainly don’t need him to make the difference.

The same goes for a half dozen others, but The Mooch needs to start trying to close that gap at some point and he must realise waiting for other clubs to do it might take a while. So the health of the players be damned. This is about his ego and that’s what counts.

So I ignore the nonsense about Morelos being out of the game.

If he can walk to the pharmacy for an injection, I reckon he’ll be in the team.

But even if he misses out, who are their other options? They have Colak who’s been out for weeks and can’t be near match sharpness, or there is the big hulking brute Roofe, who hasn’t played in months.

There is no scenario where their lead striker in the game is 100%. Neither is half of their midfield and there are probably memos floating around their medical suite to that affect … but none of it is going to matter a damn. The reek of fear wafting out of Ibrox right now is that of a club in a panic and which has lost all sense of proportion.

No matter what way you cut it, they are in one Hell of a state going into this game and The Mooch will risk everything – in particular the safety of his players.

He has already acknowledged the superior technical skills of Celtic and is threatening to turn it into a “blood and thunder” game; in any other nation refs would be automatically on alert.

Celtic certainly should be.

But that he’s willing to throw obviously unfit players into such an encounter is very revealing, and it’s the kind of thing that infuriates agents and footballers both.

Morelos’ backroom team must be raging about this, and Kent’s will be watching as well.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    As long as the officials and the VAR team are fully fit and tuned in, then they still have a bit of a chance.

  • John Copeland says:

    Big Alfoodo will be fully fat for the game ,no problem ! Any twinges he might have before the Derby will be fixed with a feeding frenzy …Works like a charm ,every time…What’s the old saying ,the proof is in the pudding …

  • Roonsa says:


    TIme to pay respect to, unquestionably, in my mind, the finest footballer ever to grace the game. Was the best. Is the best. Always will be the best.

    The GOAT.

  • Paul Aurige says:

    Don’t believe any of this for a single minute. They will come out at us full strength and firing on every cylinder. We’ve got a big job on our hands. Remember, MON was the master of lulling the opposition into a false sense of security – and then giving them an almighty humping. Let’s not fall into the same trap.

  • Mcg15 says:

    Ange is way too smart to fall for any BS that comes out of castle Greyskull, and anyway we are better in every dept.
    Let them blow their hot air.

  • Scud Missile says:

    I posted on this issue the other night after FATSO got brought off,Mr Bean had already put it out there the week before he was putting players on the park nowhere near fit and carrying injuries,now this is the consequences.
    They are there for the taking next week with most if not all of those players carrying an injury of some sort run at them 100 miles an hour they won’t cope with that pace and the injuries can only get worse.
    A nice 4 or 5 nil SKELPING dished out to them will see us disappear over the horizon.

  • Mark B says:

    Its all mind games. “Celtic are on a different level” “Half our team is injured”. Fall for this and you are an idiot. Anyone who thinks the game at Ibrox will be anything other than a massive battle is deluding themselves. I hope we win, we can win and it would end any title race. But I am not complacent we will need to be 100% and fighting for every ball.

    • Woodyiom says:

      Couldn’t agree more Mark – this is an obvious attempt to get Celtic (and their fans) thinking its a gimme and not turning up in the right frame of mind. Luckily Ange won’t let that happen BUT Rangers will be right up for this game and we need to win the physical and psychological battles first and foremost and then our superior technical quality can shine. If we lose the game you can be sure the press will be full of the “if a half fit Rangers team full of reserves can beat Celtic – just imagine what the fully fit complete squad can do!” headlines and articles. WE MUST NOT LET THAT HAPPEN.

  • SSMPM says:

    Totally agree with the last two comments. This is a total wind up and I think you must be at it too James, or you really are the most naive blogger.

  • Thomas Daly says:

    What’s new that’s the WAY THEY always play like bullies at school,let it be known,BRAIN ALWAYS BEATS THICKOS!!!!!!@!!@@BAM.COM

  • Thomas Daly says:


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