Ibrox Visits Aberdeen Tomorrow And The Home Team Can’t Play As They Did Against Celtic.

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Earlier, I did a piece on why I believe Aberdeen’s coming game against the Ibrox club is a bigger one for the club across the city than the one against us will be. They are on the brink of being closer to a third place finish than they are a table topping battle.

Much of that will depend on how Aberdeen lines up, and how they approach the game.

Jim Goodwin gave a horrific interview after the Celtic game in which he laid out a quite pitiful excuse for his terrible tactics.

He said that he went to Ibrox with every intention of playing attacking football and lost 4-1. I remember that game; he’s kidding himself on if he thinks his team played with attacking intent that day.

They were awful.

He cannot afford to sit in against the Ibrox club tomorrow night, not after subjecting the home support to that atrocity at the weekend. The Aberdeen fans will not – they should not – stand for a defeat where his team barely crosses the halfway line.

Goodwin has put himself in a Hell of a spot with his daft post-match comments.

His own fans are entitled to see better than they saw at the weekend, and as I said yesterday in a piece about the Ibrox defence, you cannot watch them and think that they are not vulnerable.

If Goodwin’s side can put together an attacking unit they are capable of scoring.

Of course they will have to defend well. That’s a given.

But they cannot defend for the whole of the match, and if they get a lead the very worst thing they can do is what Hibs did last midweek and sit back and try to see out the game without venturing forward.

It is going to be interesting, and in particular as we don’t play until Wednesday night. The Mooch and his team cannot afford to drop anything and Aberdeen have to at least have a go.

The battle for second spot is on. Aberdeen should be confident about it.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    I’m sure that Goodwin would have watched the Huns against Hibs, and having watched them he must realise that their defence is wide open. They could not be playing them at a better time as the Huns are forced to play with an injury ravaged makeshift defence. That in itself will surely mean his team will be on the front foot and pressing them at the back at every opportunity. Let’s hope he realises just how fragile they are and he goes for the jugular.

  • Sheila Millar says:

    Liam Scales might make a difference

  • Stewart says:

    Don’t think he’s an attacking type tbh,, his buddies teams was bank of five and four one up top waiting on the big blooter up the park and charge after it,,, very same way as ibrox mob play, both are shite,

  • BJM says:

    Check out the referees,linesmen and var officials for the hun game at Aberdeen. And our game v Livingston every one a cheating hun scumbag bar Collum he’s just a useless referee .

  • Sid says:

    See, this is the problem when you view things entirely through the prism of being a Celtic diehard, you believe what you want to believe and reality takes a back seat.
    Their is no battle for second place.
    The gap is a minimum of 20 points since Sevco established themselves in the top flight.
    It’s a huge 11 points after 16 games, to say the battle for second place is on is utter nonsense.
    Keep it real James.

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