Newsquest’s “Celtic” Site Has Published Another Story Our Fans Would Never, Ever Read.

Image for Newsquest’s “Celtic” Site Has Published Another Story Our Fans Would Never, Ever Read.

Over the weekend, I wrote about the increasingly ridiculous Newsquest site The Celtic Way, styling itself as a “Celtic fan site” and charging people money.

I wrote that piece after The Celtic Star had blasted it after it posted an article about our friendly in Portugal which contained not one bit of useful information, although it was hidden behind a pay-wall.

Tonight they’ve published a post entitled “Rangers & Celtic player values ranked in Scottish Premiership MVP list.”

And if you’re wondering why a site which calls itself The Celtic Way has their name before ours in a headline you’re asking the right question. But it’s worse because the only part of the article I can read says this:

“Ryan Kent remains at the peak of a Scottish Premiership most valuable players list despite a major downgrade this season, according to a new ranking.”

And right away, you know that the rest of it is going to be absurd. So much so that it’s simply not worth reading at all, far less “subscribing” for.

And it actually gets worse, because this is one of a series of articles the site has published on the same shoddy data, and in another they have Jota in their headline.

Guess what the source of this rotten “data” is?

The discredited site, which has to be the only website on football written by people who have never watched the game.

I have no idea where they get their figures from, but I do know if they have a player with six months left on his deal as the most valuable in the country they might as well be pulling them out of their backsides.

That site has no credibility at all; i know bloggers who have been told they cannot use it as a primary source, and yet the papers do it regularly. It had Callum McGregor, on the day he signed his contract extension with Celtic, valued at £7 million when clubs in England would have paid three times that sum without hesitating.

On top of all that, every outlet in the Newsquest stable is running this same preposterous story, a story that even Ibrox fans find impossible to accept, since they watch Kent every single week and know it’s cobblers.

It is desperate stuff when a mainstream outlet is so hard up for numbers that it has to dredge that basement.

And to put a pro-Ibrox fluff-piece on a site called The Celtic Way?

Dear God, that’s truly remarkable.

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