Amidst The Speculation From Korea There’s No Actual News For Celtic Fans.

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Today’s “reports” from Korea are a lot of fluff and nonsense about nothing.

The player would “prefer” to go to Mainz rather than Celtic?

Well even if it’s true, tough luck and hard lines because we’ve offered more and his club has knocked back their bid.

Failing that, he would prefer to wait until the summer, to see if there’s a bigger club comes in? Fair play, he’s entitled to do that, but so much for wanting this sorted out now, whether the move itself happens in this window or not?

The thing with these reports today is that there is nothing in them to indicate that they are any more than rehashed stories which we all read yesterday. Think of it this way; The Daily Record and other outlets attend Ange’s presser every week and they all run certain bits of it on the Friday afternoon and the rest on Saturday.

If you were a layperson you’d be forgiven for thinking you were reading the details of two separate interviews here. But you’re not, you’re just reading a single interview split into sections and reported over the course of a couple of days.

I read through these “new” reports this morning and there is nothing whatsoever in them that could not have been surmised from what was in the reports yesterday.

They contain not one bit of new information, no fresh quotes from the player and no change in everyone’s positions. Which means that they do not significantly add to our understanding of what’s going on or help us to properly evaluate what might happen next.

What we know for sure is this; we are the only club who have submitted what his team regards as an acceptable offer. Mainz have walked away from the negotiations because they don’t have the money to close the deal. The Americans are interested, but not yet committed, and the player has zero interest in the MLS anyway, as I suspected.

The player and his agent are thinking over our offer.

They may not accept it. They may not think this is the right move for the player, and that’s cool … but mark my words, Celtic will not wait around too much longer for people to make up their minds.

Remember, we’ve all heard this kind of talk in the media before. Jota and Carter Vickers, we were told, would have other interested parties and we’d never get near them. We were told Giakoumakis was waiting for other offers, he signed anyway and helped deliver us a league title. This guy will either sign or he won’t, and if not we’ll sign someone else.

But the press will run stories until we know either way.

The thing of it is, read through them all if you must but only some of them will be worth your time.

Yesterday’s reports were interested because this was the player himself speaking to the press … today it’s just a lot of media speculation over there which, for all we know, originates with the Korean Hugh Keevins.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    It is turning into a bit of a pantomime and we should pull out now. There are plenty more pebbles on the beach so let’s move on as the transfer window is getting smaller every day. Let’s use the remainder of it constructively and not let anyone mess us about, we’ve been through that too many times before.

  • Seppington says:

    Until the lad is paraded in front of the media here or anywhere else then we should just ignore every single word written in the SMSM because they have as much inside info as my cats when it comes to this stuff. A shower of lazy bastards that rely on websites and the work of others for their “scoops” these days, with very little actual “journalism” carried out by any of them so why on Earth should we give credence to anything they have to say?

    A shower of absolute klowns every one of them…

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