Ange Is Right About Our Media. Their Covering Of Celtic Borders On The Moronic.

Image for Ange Is Right About Our Media. Their Covering Of Celtic Borders On The Moronic.

So the big man got a little bit snappy at the media today, when he sat in front of them and told one of the BBC’s Ibrox loving journos Kheredine Idessane that he’s not exactly on Mastermind for deducing which of Celtic’s squad players is most likely to leave.

“The guys who haven’t played a lot of football are looking for opportunities elsewhere, if those opportunities exist, like I said if it satisfies all parties we’ll look to make it happen,” Ange said before Idessane asked a phenomenally stupid question about whether or not Ideguchi and Abildgaard fit that particular bill. Christ sake.

Our bloggers all know this and have been writing about it for weeks.

Ange was not in any mood to spare him embarrassment either.

“Well they fit the definition of what I just said, yeah. I don’t think, you’re not really on Mastermind at the moment where you’ve figured out from some drips I’ve given you. I said guys that haven’t played regularly, they definitely fit that bill.”

Ouch. You can feel the sting of that slap from Celtic Park to the steps of Hampden.

It is typical of the kind of questions that this journalist asks Ange, and so it is not the first time that he’s had a slap like this, and it’s certainly not the first time Ange has hit hard against the BBC.

In the press conference after the Copenhagen result at Parkhead, Liam McLeod of the BBC put it to him that the result was “a catastrophe.” Ange took that much more calmly than many others would have, and hit back. “That’s pretty strong language mate, I don’t know what your version of catastrophic is but it certainly doesn’t fit my definition of what happened tonight.”

From that moment on, he knew what his “relationship” with the national broadcaster was going to be like, and he never hesitates to give them a slap for it. Our media is dire, and it’s no wonder that he can’t help himself sometimes.

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  • Voice of Reason says:

    Pathetic wee Hun Bastard Country! They’re dying aff but no QUICK ENUF!!

  • Bigmick says:

    “Hi Ange, can you give us any ideas about becoming journalists who don’t continually get on your tits with the same fucking idiotic questions every time we’re here?”
    Ange: “McDonald’s are hiring”

    • Martin.H says:

      His way of trying to say Ange signs duds, which we know isn’t true, just for some reason or other didn’t fit into his system.

  • Joseph Mcaleer says:

    Keep up the good work Ange. Anyone for Tennis.

  • Roonsa says:

    Kheredine Idessane should have been a local govt worker. One of these job for life pricks who do absolutely fucking nothing of any value over the 40 odd years they sit in the same fucking miserable office thinking about what their next purchase on Amazon is going to be. Some model railway kit for nerds or something. They then walk away with a tidy final salary pension and enjoy the rest their god given tending to his tomato plants.

    Why don’t you take that fucking poker out yer arse, Idessane or actually try talking to someone with a view to getting laid. Prick.


      I agree with your ‘Prick’ Classification but I feel I must correct your characterisation of Local Government employees.
      Unless you’re lucky enough to be in middle or upper management then your salary, which determines your final pension, is not going to be the proverbial ‘Pot of Gold’.
      I was employed in both Organisations over a period of almost 40 years at one of the lower managerial levels and have recently retired. My combined pensions from both employers comes in at £15K. Hardly a ‘Pot of Gold’. Throw in my State Pension ( nae laffin at the back . Mexico pays a better State Pension than we do. If I recall correctly the UK is ranked 36th in the World for the level of State Pension and we’re supposed to be the 5th or 6th richest Country in the world) and I’m pulling in less than the National Average wage and paying taxes on my pensions. Now I admit I feel fortunate. There are a lot of people out there who would give their right arm for that. But they shouldn’t have to.
      The jobs for life ‘ jabs’ , lazy workers myth is typical Tory, Right Wing Media Shoite.
      Like any Organisation you’ll find people like you described and that like any Organisation they get weeded out. 12 Years of job cuts soon weeds out any shirkers.
      They have been shrinking the size of the Public Services through all the years of Austerity, Osborne, Cameron, May, The Blob, Laffin Lizzie and now Dishi Rhisi. Or haven’t you noticed. Local Govt & Civil Service workers pay has been eroded by at least 25% over the last 12 years of Austerity. Think about that 25%.
      Over 40% of Loc & Nat Gov workers are so lowly paid they qualify for Universal Credit.
      Apologies for the rant but for the same reason that Celtic Supporters and independence followers distrust the Media and the National Broadcaster think of the spin that the right wing press are pushing now over cuts and the Cost of living and Public Workers on strike while the offshore Press Baron Billionaires defend the Tory Govt that are raping this country and victim blaming the poor, sick and disabled and poorly paid public service workers.

      Turn your anger on those that deserve it. Kheredine and his like for what they are and not on those who truly deserve your support.

      • Gav says:

        *SFATHENADIROFCHIFTINESS wins post of the day…. tip o the hat, sir. I work in gov as a contractor (part of the problem) and get paid a ton more than full-timers, many of whom work like Trojans till they have a nervous breakdown from being overworked, under resourced and under-supported, then thrown under a bus. It’s not that govmnt don’t have the cash, they are just ferreting it away to recruitment firms, consultancies like Deloitte and EY (share-owned by the MPs and their mates) and contractors just so they can claim to have reduced staffing numbers (contractors get hidden as a project cost even when filling BAU roles). The upside for them is that the budget for each agency is basically being diverted from front line staff and services back to MPs via their share holdings with the larger consultancies. Remember that, the next time any of you moan about public sector pay.

  • Tony B says:

    Keredumb Idiocy is just another in a long line of Scoddish meedjits who suck up to the new klub and its fascist support.

    Moral cowards and numpties all of them.

  • James Ward says:

    Where do the BBC get these idiot’s from, not one decent reporter coming from the sports desk.

  • JimBhoy says:

    Ange does not suffer fools gladly…. HH

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