BBC Scotland’s Cringeworthy Anti-Celtic Sniping Must Be Embarrassing For Many Insiders.

Image for BBC Scotland’s Cringeworthy Anti-Celtic Sniping Must Be Embarrassing For Many Insiders.

Imagine you were a Celtic fan working inside BBC Scotland right now, and inside BBC Sport Scotland in particular. I’ll go you one better; imagine you were simply a professional with a semblance of respect for the business and a sense of professional pride.

At what point do you become absolutely embarrassed for the organisation as it continues its increasingly desperate sniping against our club and the over-promotion of the one across the city?

“Celtic relief after Killie bravely trade blows” was the headline, as though there were a moment in this game when we were on the rack.

We were ahead from the 18th minute.

At no point were they on level pegging.

We might have scored the second late, but before it we had the ball in the net another twice. The “relief” wasn’t even over avoiding a penalty call; even had it been given I have little doubt that we would have been in the final.

So who was relieved?

Nobody I know. We were much the better team. We deserved the victory. Nobody at Kilmarnock was hard-done by here although they gave us a game, as much as they could with that serial failure in the dugout.

“Celtic ‘find a way again’ as Killie left fuming” is another headline. Yeah we “found a way”, it’s called “being the better team and scoring the most goals.” The very essence of football. It’s not as if we conjured the victory out of thin air or lucked onto a last ditch winner throwing everyone forward and blootering the ball up the park.

“Holders Celtic edge past Kilmarnock to reach the final” says a third. If by “edging past” a team they mean scoring twice and having another two chopped off, then I guess we did. But that doesn’t meet my definition by any stretch of the imagination.

In contrast there are two headlines about the Ibrox club and their game, one reflecting the very real reality of the tie; “(Ibrox club) edge 10 man Aberdeen in epic semi final” and another which contains none of the snark of those Celtic headlines; “Beale’s (team) triumph amid Hampden chaos.”

The BBC can indulge whatever fantasy they like of the Ibrox club being in the midst of some superlative run of form, but their constant sniping at Celtic is tiresome and for those inside the building must be a source of growing frustration and even embarrassment.

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  • Roonsa says:

    Snore. Who cares?

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Wasnt feelin that confident if the game had went tae extra time, if ahm bein honest. We,’d already subbed the likes of kyogo, hetate, jota, mooy and def looked like we were toilin a bit. 2nd goal killed it, tho ET wouldve gave the Kilmarnock players a bigger lift imo. The bbc and media headlines are all predictable, so nothins gonnae change there. Just keep doin it on the park and let them console theirselves wi writin shit. Its obviously frustration.

  • BJM says:

    It’s constantly negative re celtic positive re sevco from the bbc ( B illy B oys C orrupt ).
    Best just to ignore , don’t pay your license I don’t because I stream everything nothing live ( oh my bums on fire )LOL

  • Bennybhoy57 says:

    Why not confident about extra time..forest turnbull GG, three subs all involved in 2nd goal.
    Killie players were out on their feet.
    Killie may have got a boost but Celtic would still have to much class.
    Celtic win no doubt.

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      Possibly. Tho we didnae look near as effective when these players went aff and the state of the pitch wouldve helped nullify the class gap in ET. The 2nd came when their players were too busy pushin forward for a last chance. ET wouldve been an absolute slog, wi whoever wanted it most bein the main factor imo. Didnae happen tho, thats the main thing.

    • Effarr says:

      Teams who are behind with nothing to lose completely change their game and always look dangerous. If Celtic had been behind with 20 minutes to go, Kilmarnock would have been a bunch of nerves and would probably have lost 3 lor 4nil

      Ditto Old Firm Sevco in the last meeting. Nothing to lose and you can throw caution to the wind.

  • SSMPM says:

    Wouldn’t have been relevant if we got the handball pen, instead all they wanted to focus on was cancelling out Hatate’s goal

  • Stephen says:

    Imagine you were a Celtic fan working inside BBC Scotland right now.
    Surely there won’t be any celtic fans inside the BBC.

  • harold shand says:

    Last time I checked they had at least 10 ex huns and that horrible bird Crichton on their Sportsound radio program

    I’d rather do paper cuts on my bell end and then rub it into a packet of salt n vinegar McCoys than listen to that Sevco propaganda guff

  • Henriksgoldenboot says:

    Seems like you are the only one this is getting to James. The state propaganda machine known as the BBC are as bad if not worse than the comedy that is SSB.

    We should simply ban them from Celtic park. We do not need them. We do not want them and all that comes with them.

    Have you ever heard of the triangle of fire? Well the BBC along with the SFA and the referees governing body and refs are the triangle, trying to burn us down. They don’t like that we’re the most successful and biggest club in the country. Far bigger than any of them. And they. Do. Not. Like. It. One bit!

    My advice is, ignore the Beeb and move on. Leave them to their megalomaniac friends across the city.

  • John S says:

    The manipulation of footage is a serious concern. BBC is funded by public licence.

    • Henriksgoldenboot says:

      Stop paying for it then. If you fund it you are aiding and abetting it. De fund the BBC.

  • Thomas Daly says:

    What else do u expect from another establishment

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