The Mooch Praises Refs But You Know That’s Not Gonna Last.

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Nice of The Mooch today to give his support to the Brotherhood, wasn’t it?

I always laugh whenever an Ibrox manager does that.

Celtic managers who start off saying that they will respect decisions get worn down by the sheer number of them which go against us. Ibrox bosses who snigger through their initial support for refs tend to blow their top the first time they get a negative call. I am of a mind that it will go just so in the case of this stand-up comedian.

Ibrox bosses are allowed to criticise refs. The Mooch knows it well, because for all he grinned like a Cheshire Cat today as if he was being so sly and so clever, he was part of a management team which, after their first weekend in the job, had already suggested that Scottish football had an historical agenda against their new club.

They got away with that. The media was united in calling them conspiracy nuts. Indeed, there was so much boot-licking going on because the head of the management team was a once famous player that there are probably still traces of polish on many a tongue.

These Peepul are very good at this kind of demented gibbering as long as the decisions are going their way, but the moment they get a bad one the rabid howling starts and you see their true colours. The Ibrox sites denying that refs are biased will soon enough be squealing like pigs.

The Mooch had his fun today, but it was Ange who stole the show.

Ibrox boss backs refs is not a story, after all, not until they no longer do and then it’s mostly whingeing. But Celtic managers do endure a lot before they say enough is enough and we are, after all, the biggest club in the land … so it was always going to be us who made the real headlines when Ange finally said “no more of this nonsense.”

Ange was right to say that if the decision had gone the other way that it would have dominated the news agenda in a very different way. The fact is, we’re putting pressure on now and so some of these decisions are going to go against Ibrox at some point … we’ll see how The Mooch handles it then. A little bit differently, I bet.

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  • Pan says:

    The mooch is a sly, two-faced hypocrite!
    Once his session leading Anger FC finishes, watch the fall-out.
    It won’t be that long in coming!

  • John S says:

    Refs & VARs working perfectly. For vested interests.

  • michael mclaughlin says:

    have to agree with pan but Beale is from London down there they are all like that ,myself i prefer the north they are more open and honest,and before anyone says anything i was born in london but moved to Scotland at the age of 6 and since then consider myself to be Scottish and proud of it

  • Bhoy4life says:

    This man is a dangerous guy in that hot seat.
    He plays to the gallery, this is just a cheap shot as he knows Ange has came out and gave a reasoned response.
    Such is the fan base that follows his team, he needs to more careful than anyone with what he says, as some poor sod could suffer for it.
    He’ll throw anyone under the bus to protect himself, his dressing room rant wasnt about them losing a late goal, it was about him losing the limelight at his presser and basking in a victory which wuda seen the media fawning over him.
    A dangerous guy.

  • Peterbrady says:

    Wait till tomorrow when the Arabs with mulgrew and watt gub sevco zombie scum he will be squealing like the ratpig he is come on you tangerines

  • John A says:

    Decisions will only go against them when the game has already been won by them

  • BJM says:

    Not keen on the name mooch . Wart seems more appropriate.

  • Sid says:

    Just when are you expecting decisions to go against them James? Seriously are you that naive? VAR is the safety net that decisions missed or given incorrectly in real time will always be corrected when it comes to Sevco. This is what Maxwell means when he says ” VAR is working as intended. Our referee’s are interpretating decisions on the shirt you are wearing. They have realised you can make a case for any decision and allow the media to spin it with a pro Sevco anti Celtic agenda. VAR is being used to bring more success to the Ibrox Club. Our club must see the threat and push for changes now. Our officials have proved they cannot officiate without extreme bias, that’s not going to change so this only gets better by changing the officials. Anything else will not be enough.

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