The Phoney War Is Over And Celtic Is Coming For The Mooch And His Team.

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Ever since he rolled into Ibrox, The Mooch has had one thing on his mind; tomorrow’s game. He can kid on about that as much as he likes.

But this is what has been the focus of his every waking minute.

It’s all been about Celtic, as every press conference has shown.

The Mooch talks a good game, as so many of his predecessors in the Ibrox hot-seat have. Van Bronckhorst did so without the personality of someone who believed he was a winner.

Gerrard was arrogant but had a pedigree which made you understand why.

The Mooch is a legend in his own mind; that’s all he is. He’s a guy who has built a reputation for himself inside his own head. He has accomplished nothing as a manager, a job he’s been in for virtually no time at all.

He was not a player of any note. He boasts of having travelled to get his coaching badges; this is nothing hundreds of other would-be bosses haven’t done.

He is a number two who fancied himself in the top job, but QPR didn’t exactly make it difficult for him to leave. The slide in form they were on clearly spooked people inside their club. That’s why they were so easy to deal with. They got a pay-off from Ibrox for a guy who they might otherwise have needed to sack somewhere along the line.

From the moment he took the job over there, the trash-talking has been relentless. From boasting about a record which isn’t his to gloat over to bizarre statements about the gap being only three points, you can tell that this guy has thought about nothing else and neither have his players. Now Celtic is coming for them and tomorrow there is nowhere to hide.

It is Ange Postecoglou who has the real record worth banging a drum over. It is Ange Postecoglou with the past accomplishments and in the space of just 18 months he has built a relentless Celtic footballing machine which is as good as we’ve seen. We won the last time we were at Ibrox. We won comfortably at the start of this campaign.

This team is ready for this trip. He might have won four in four, but Ange and this team has done much more than that; we’re 18 wins from 19 games. And since The Mooch rolled into town with his revolution, we’ve actually increased our goal difference lead.

So tomorrow, for all his trap-flapping, The Mooch runs out of road.

The Big Green Machine will roll into town and he will attempt to prevent it from rolling right over him.

It’s like poking a bear … one that’s not in a cage.

You might get away with it, but only if you are lucky.

I don’t think that’s going to be him.

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  • Peterbrady says:

    God bless Frank mcgarvey Ange and the Bhoys to out and slay sevco for the bendy man

  • Frankie says:

    Goes on about being in Brazil only there 6months as no 2 team did not do to well the guy is only a blawbag like Tillman sunk eyes millar beaver puss Rae need I say anymore

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    Cheers to all Tims today.

    Mickey the Moocher’s Start

    Celtic play the New Firm
    We’re gonna do them quick,
    Put them under the griller, and turn on the heat
    Twiddeley, Twiddeley, Twideley Aye
    Hiddee, Hiddee, Hiddee, Ho
    Poor ‘Gers, Poor ‘Gers, Poor ‘Gers

    The ‘Gers Board was running scared, since the Sydney Cup.
    Gio had a great record,
    when at Feyenoord
    He took the ‘Gers to a big final
    All stood-up and cheered
    But that was not enough
    So the Jelly Backs obliged,
    the Bears got Gio sacked
    Yippie, Yippie, Yippie Aye
    Yippie, Yippie, Yippie Why?
    Poor Gio… Poor Gio… Poor Gio

    The Bear’s man was wanted by the Wolves
    But Mickey loved the ‘Gers
    He said to the Queen Park Ranger’s fans;
    “I entered into an agreement here and integrity and loyalty are big things for me”
    Shortly after; Mickey the Moocher left for his great obsession… Rangers
    And that’s the sad story, of Mickey the Moocher.
    Sniggely. Sniggely, Sniggely So
    Pigee, Pigee, Pigee, Pig’s
    Poor Mickey… Poor Mickey…Poor Mickey

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