Ange Makes It Three Out Of Four For Celtic As Fans Mock The Mooch Over “Standards”.

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If you want to prove that yours is the most successful club on the planet that is easy to do. If you control all the variables and the regulations about how that success is measured you can put yourself so far in front of the opposition as to defy reason.

Let me give you an example. The “80 Minute League Table” of some years ago, when Ibrox tried to claim that if games lasted only 80 minutes that they would be in front. Great theory, except in reality, where games last 90 and they weren’t.

If you took only league titles that we were won on a Sunday, at home, by teams whose names start with R and end with S you could probably put the club from Ibrox ahead of every side in football forevermore.

But of course there’s slightly more rigid criteria for these things.

One of the things I laughed at most last week was The Mooch telling his own fans – his own fans, not ours, we who know better – than the club had two trophies from the last four. Music to their ears, right? Fans who thought they were worth the clean sweep. Even if that record had not been fictitious it would still have been selective.

Which means it would have had all the legitimacy of the 80 Minute League Table.

The Mooch, as I’ve pointed out, is actually pretty shameless in claiming Steven Gerrard’s title as this own. It would be like if John Kennedy laid claim to Celtic’s at a future job interview, if he told the club he was talking to that they could ignore Lennon and Ange and give him the gig on the proviso that it was all down to him all along.

Funny that The Mooch never puts that whole record on the line, where it wouldn’t be the two in four he claimed but much, much darker. Because one of the two was won by Van Bronckhorst, not by him, and the other was one trophy amidst nine which they competed for, a much, much poorer return when you look at it in that light.

The Ibrox fans, of course, recognise all of this and their banner from the Livingston game sparked a furious response from The Mooch himself, which I’ll be writing about later. But it was the Celtic fans who got to the heart of it, with their own response yesterday.

“22 Trophies In 11 Years. We Set The Standard” was their reply.

And that’s what it comes down to. They talk a good game, we live up to the talk. We aren’t all about hype. We have the achievements to back to the talk up, and after yesterday that’s another one of them in the bag.

The only “standards” which matter are those grounded in reality, offering the full picture. Their “80 Minute League Titles” and all the rest of it don’t mean a damned thing.

Even their fans are no longer in denial about that, which makes yesterday all the sweeter.

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  • Kevan McKeown says:

    They’re ragin and jacksons article was actually a ‘treat’ tae read today, it really was. So rammed wi severely hurtin bullshit and ye can feel the frustration. Obviously, had tae throw his pre-prepared, ready for print, gushin accolade tae beale in the bin. As usual, has a ritual attack on the Celtic support, while mentionin nothin about the disgraceful disrespect at the minutes applause, or the despicable banner, again glorifying in child abuse put up at the end of the game. A sad hypocritical clown.

    • Darren Kerr says:

      Jackson was sucking on Beale all last week, he was sucking on lemons writing that trash.

    • Voice of Reason says:


      • Scud Missile says:

        Oh look voice of the arsehole is back,how you doing my friend I can see your still not taking the chill pills with those RANTS you go on.

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    I listened to Mick Beale after the game. He was gracious in defeat. He said the mid-field let the team down. Since Rangers hold the Scottish Cup, he is determined to win that for his fans.
    It sounded that he believed the Premiership is out of his team’s reach. One journalist called Mick a magician, well before the Cup? The Premiership is not over until the Tall Man, Joe Hart sings.
    I think The Press will stop printing unverified copy of where Ange is going. They made fools of themselves over those seemingly unending articles. I hope they don’t start writing unverified stories about Kyogo’s future. I enjoyed the game on TV but at times my vision acuity was impaired by smoke from smoke bombs. The orange smoke was terrible. I was pleased that two sloppy G Taylor passes did not cost Celtic. Another Ref might have given Abada a Yellow for his dive. Nic Walsh
    was very good.

    • woodyiom says:

      Walsh DID book Abada for his dive!

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      @ Egc Walsh did book him. Tho has tae be said, he did a professional job yesterday (and so he should), so credit where its due there. Beale on the other hand, looked like somebody had shoved Ghandi’s toe in his mooth when he ‘congratulated’ us. Serves him fkn right, what else could he say ? Beaten by the better team, end of !

  • Geoff says:

    Just read Jacksons column.
    Jesus he is hurting badly.
    Not sure what game he watched but only one team played any football.
    Then again a cup final against them never lives u to expectations when we win.
    Just wish Matt and Haksa had buried those last two chances as that would have been a fairer reflection.

  • BJM says:

    Well done bhoys , always felt in control. This feels strange bot I thought nick walsh had a very good game even considering there were very few flashpoints in the game.

  • Anthony McKeirnan says:

    Would the last 4 trophies before Sunday not have been celtic 2, zombies 1 & St Johnstone 1 as Scottish cup was won after league in covid year?

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