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Anti-Celtic Bigot Leaves Kilmarnock Poorer And Wondering Why They Ever Bothered.

Image for Anti-Celtic Bigot Leaves Kilmarnock Poorer And Wondering Why They Ever Bothered.

Yesterday, Kilmarnock terminated the contract of Kyle Lafferty with a one paragraph statement expressing their “regret.” Regret for what? For ever having signed him in the first place?

They should be offering, instead, an apology to the rest of our game.

So after all that, after Kilmarnock allowed themselves to be dragged into the muck of a bigotry scandal, after they debased themselves by having their manager welcome the person responsible back into their dressing room with open arms, what was it all about in the end? What did they get for their disgracing, their shaming?

A handful of goals.

Sixteen games and just three of them, only one in the league, where they sit bottom of the table.

At a time when Aberdeen have sacked their manager for his decision making, is anyone at Kilmarnock asking what they got out of the Lafferty deal and why it was sanctioned?

Is anyone looking at McInnes and asking him hard questions?

And there are certainly hard questions worth asking.

His comments before the League Cup semi-final were cringeworthy, playing the victim card for Lafferty and the club when in fact the directors should have torn the player’s contract up there and then.

Instead, McInnes gave the media a sob story and the player a place in the showpiece match at Hampden, at the expense of another footballer, one of those who had tried to carry the burden in his absence.

It sends a clear message to the rest of the dressing room, and in particular if you’re a Catholic playing in that dressing room; this clown is more important to the team than you. If ever a footballing decision deserved to backfire it was that one, and I will take a certain satisfaction from how it went that day for as long as I follow football.

He set up our opener. He was hooked before half-time.

The directors should have been asking for a word in McInnes’ ear there and then.

Lucky for him he had the referee and the VAR officials to foist some of the blame on at full time or those questions might well have been directed at him, even by a media which was lapping it all up when he was talking about Lafferty and “star jumps” in the pre-match press conference. He wasn’t laughing at Hampden.

All Lafferty did was shame them and take money.

That’s his contribution to the campaign.

He made them poorer and a club that’s easy to wish relegation on.

Clubs like Kilmarnock don’t just depend on their own fans but a collective good will from the rest of the game.

I was glad to see them back up, because I thought we needed them in the league … but the McInnes version isn’t to my taste, in part because McInnes never has been.

But the Lafferty debacle sealed it for me, and I will have no sympathy for them or for their manager if they go down and show him the door. They should have done it the moment he gave that toe-curling press conference and made it clear that the bigot would be starting against us.

Talk about a bad call.

This whole saga was a bad call, and they did the right thing ending it.

It’s just a pity that they did it weeks too late and in a manner that doesn’t earn them one ounce of goodwill.

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  • Martin.H says:

    With his background, he could end up back at ibrox, in a coaching role.

    • king murdy says:

      or P.R. ????,,,,,,one horrible individual,,,,NOTHING surprises me about scottish football…

  • Eldraco says:

    McInnes will follow him

  • Charlie Kelly says:

    I’ve got no sympathy for Kilmarnock or McInnes,they should have sacked right away instead of paying his wages as for McInnes he never ever complains when decisions go against them when playing the Huns.Both laughferty and McInnes are both bigots and deserve all they get

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Never mind. Lafferty can always occupy himself wi indulgin in one of his hobby’s, gettin his nob out tae teenage girls on the internet. (The real reason gerrard got shot of him btw).

  • Martin says:

    Fear not, Kyle Lafferty! A call from BBC Scotland surely awaits and you can join Alan Hutton in the studio offering insightless drivel to all who are forced to pay a licence fee an, by extension, your new wages.

    A man who has no place in Scotland. Or 2023.

    As for McInness… I gave him some respect at Aberdeen (and felt justified in it by their form since) but this incident definitely had me change my view. A hin by any other name would still act as vile…

  • Martin says:

    In other news, St Johnston win Red card appeal against Nicky Clark. Common sense prevails, but after the fact. No argument that the red card affects the result. This will be the new pattern…

    And still silence from the SFA compliance officer on Ryan Jack’s assault on Montgomery in the same day…

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      Just the same treatment the kent incident received, a blind eye.


      Why do people keep going on about the Compliance Officer?
      The last position holder, a female I believe, resigned, got bagged or mutualled.
      No way the SFA filled the post as VIDEO ASSIST ´ANGERS was being introduced
      with the Clubs, i.e. Celtic paying for the system. No way Sevco are paying for it.
      Why would the SFA pay for Compliance Officer when VAR gets everything right in the park?
      Nae Laffin at ra back ther.

  • Tony B says:

    Ayrshire huns. End of. The county is full of them.

  • John A says:

    I was glad they were relegated as it meant possibly 2 less games on their excuse for a pitch. Lafferty is just a thick bigot who should never play again anywhere.

  • SSMPM says:

    Seems like your head is full of huns, always seem to be going on about them.

  • Charles Rafferty says:

    I dont think Laffertys bigotry begins or ends with Celtic .

  • John Copeland says:

    I would not be surprised if he ended up as a photographer ! Ahem…

  • Denis Burns says:

    I think you should all give Kyle a break. The community hours he put in have obviously worked and put the lad back on the right track. I will always remember the way he worked with Maeda and got the vital goal that put us into another final. Well done Kyle, a Celtic hero.

  • Graham Richardson says:

    As a killie fan Lafferty’s behaviour was unacceptable in all aspects.Religion plays no part in Football or any sport. Unfortunately Scotland ‘s shame is Rangers and Celtic own behaviour and actions on this matter. Sections of both sets of their fans get away with unacceptable chants every week. When you play against them you are either an Orange Bas—d or a Fenian Bas–d !! What punishment do these people or their clubs get ??? Nothing happens. No sanctions points deducted ,fines etc.Why are there double standards I ask myself ? Reason is
    money and both clubs control the SFA.

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