Celtic Must Not Merely Humble This Ibrox Team. They Must Humiliate Them.

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Trash-talking is all the rage now, it seems to me. The talking of trash anyway. Like Fashion Sakala upping the ante on his “other mob” comments with stuff that is even more poorly judged. His team are better than ours?

How does he account for the pastings we’ve handed out to them in the last 12 months, and the nine point lead at the top of the league?

Gerrard would have stopped us? Really? He did a bang-up preventing two of the Trebles, didn’t he? What nonsense is this? What childish braggadocio with nothing to back it up.

The media loves it of course. They see it as adding fuel to the fire. But Celtic does not need the extra motivation. Nobody at our club goes in for all that “pinning it up to the dressing wall” cobblers; we were already sufficiently geared towards winning and any player who actually requires that extra jolt doesn’t have the right mentality to play for Ange.

That’s not to say though that it won’t make players try that 1% harder, to push themselves that little bit further in their efforts on the day. Not for a long time has any Ibrox side so needed to be slapped back into their box. This one is way too cocky and arrogant and full of itself and the disrespect pouring out of that club can only be answered one way.

It is no longer enough to win. Ibrox must not be humbled.

That team of theirs, from that mouth that never stops running in the dugout to the one whose stupidity has dominated the headlines in the last few days has to be humiliated instead, and made to eat every single one of those foolish words of theirs.

I’d settle for a straight win … but my cup will not overflow with platitudes and joy with that alone.

I want to see us thoroughly destroy them, and I strongly suspect that many in our dressing room feel exactly the same way, and with the wherewithal to do it.

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  • Michael McHale says:

    I just want to win.

  • TonyB says:

    Just more evidence that they are utterly shitting themselves about this game.

    It’s fine to bum yourself up if you’re Muhammad Ali: you’re entitled to do it.

    sevco, on the other hand is more like Jo Bugner: Palookas to a man, including the manager.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Same here, a win is acceptable, but let’s please gub them mercilessly instead, months of media peace to ensue.

  • Michael McCartney says:

    Beale is a mediocre manager of a mediocre team, If Celtic play to their 100% best we will humiliate them, if we play 70% of our best we will beat them, but 50% of our best will not be enough with six Scottish referees trying hard to make them look better than they are.
    Just go out and do it Celtic.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Ah’ll be happy wi a win full stop tbh. Tho obviously, it would be great tae ram their braggin and arrogance down their throats wi a convincin one. Hope our players are just sittin listenin tae all their nonsense, which they probably will be.

  • S Thomas says:

    I’ll take a 1-0 win, as long as we win the cup that’s the main thing. I pay no attention to the other stuff that comes with it. Celtic will win if they play their passing game. We need to be strong defensively though, and no freebies from you know who. If we do that, we will win the cup no problem.

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      Aye, of course ye know theyr’e gonnae run at Carl, he’ll need tae cope. For me tho, would put Abada in for this game instead of Maeda at the start and get him tae run at them, they seem tae have probs wi him and Maeda’s a great engine tae bring on later. Mooy’s a must from the start as well. We’ll need his composure, as well as his dig in the mid from the off. Anyhow, just opinions, we’ll see.

  • Seppington says:

    If the SFA were any sort of real football authority and not just the Hampden Masonic Lodge No.1690 they would charge Sakala with bringing the game into disrepute. Saying “We want to HURT them” etc. is the kind of things that will encourage the knuckle scrapers in their horde (i.e all of the them) to engage in violent behaviour towards our fans. More so I mean, as they seldom need encouragement to violence even against their own but still, it is hugely irresponsible and their PR guy should have banned the rags from using that quote. I thought the UDA twat had left???

    I know we normally don’t want our players reading the pish in the rags but I hope to God they’ve heard about this and forefully demonstrate to this vile (sued by ex for threatening to post her nudes online) gobshite how his team are “all mooth nae troosers” and we are “jaws wired shut 10 pairs of combats”…


  • Bob (original) says:

    Of course, a boring 1-0 win would do us fine.

    However, a convincing win would add a lot more satisfaction.

    Whilst Beale could try to excuse his way around a 1-0 loss,

    a serious humping would have him thrown to the bears by the Blue Room!

    …which would be a bonus. 🙂

  • Stesano says:

    7 do for me ! Then let the poison score!! As 7-1 has a nice sound to it!!????

  • Peterbrady says:

    It’s time to prepare for the fallout of this debacle not just another football gamethe hordes of scum will be preparing for violence with the carte blanche of police FACT. Time to get kitted up full ordinance package

    • Stessano says:

      Hence as i said for years i rather not even play that utter filth !! Horrible, poisonous scum allowed to be by the authorities and police force as most of then from that weirdo upbringing!! No win situation for our great club i hate playing them or sharing breath with it! Tho gladly i am overseas these days, which helps

      • Stesano says:

        Ok are we not allowed to mention the offical ” bhoys in blue ” here then as why else would my comment be held back?

    • Stesano says:

      Ok are we not allowed to mention the offical ” bhoys in blue ” here then as why else would my comment be held back?

    • Stesano says:

      It was always thus sadly i rather never play that poison full stop! Also in spite of the help and cheating they alway receivied we are sock a beating that new club much like the old!! Utter anti social poisonous cowards that been taught in brigadoon Scotland its ok to attack anything and anyone in green! Breeding ground of hate that cespit they are good for nothing!

  • Jim Burns says:

    I’ll drink to that. HH.

  • Paul says:

    No Danger that that’s not going to happen a hun spanking on its way

  • Eldraco says:

    Oh dear, Gerrard. Says much about how he sees the current idiot.

  • Johnno says:

    Becoming very boring now with the level of desperation coming from the scum now.
    Agreed that a proper humping of such scum will give us Celts a much needed break from the amount of shite been spouted from that shithole, yet the win isn’t going to define ourselves either.
    The reason why? Is because we have long ago moved on from this shower of scum and just another opportunity to shut the bastards up, and one we are all going to enjoy in doing so, regardless of just how many and easy in doing so

  • Michael Paterson says:

    The officials won’t let us humiliate them.

  • SSMPM says:

    We need to restore the natural balance and send them back to the hovel with a 7 goal club sandwich to chew on. HH

  • John S says:

    Name on the trophy, that’ll do but a good going over would be most welcome. The opposition should get one goal (but for the goalie), the customary Tavpen.

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