The Mooch Proves That He Can Count As He Virtually Concedes The Title To Celtic.

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So what did we learn from The Mooch today?

I love how we nearly always gain some wonderful insight whenever he opens his mouth. Granted, it’s usually an insight into how profoundly dumb he actually is, but nevertheless, it’s usually an educational experience, even if you do feel whiplashed.

Do you remember during the transfer window when said he didn’t have enough players? Do you remember the other week when he said that the problem with them in Europe was that there had been too much chopping and changing in the squad? Today he’s talking about having too many players and culling the midfield.

He can’t make up his mind this guy; his statements on the team veer wildly from one extreme to the next. He can’t get his own story straight for two minutes, so it will be a minor miracle if his board listens to a word that comes out of his daft mouth.

The media loves this guy, though and publishes every word as if it was Holy Writ, and the truth is that there’s not much from him on any given week, just a lot of confusion and contradiction which must drive them mad.

But hey! At least he appears to have grasped basic arithmetic. “The games are running out,” he says which is true! He has that right. There is also only a “slim chance” of them catching us in the league because of our exceptional form.

So not lucky after all then? Just too damned good to slip up too much.

Here’s my thing; if even The Mooch is now willing to credit this title race as pretty much over with, and if even he is saying that it’s all about how brilliant we have been as opposed to his predecessor screwing up – he has been arguing that for months – isn’t it time the press gave us some of the same?

Because even if this is nothing but a little attempted psychology – copying David Martindale in giving us praise in the hope it puts us under pressure, cause yeah, it’s really worked well for him – the man has finally stumbled upon his Broken Clock moment.

So credit to The Mooch for that, and I am looking forward to his next gesture of sportsmanship.

A guard of honour for the Champions at Ibrox maybe, or why wait? If the league is done as he seems to think why not just get it over with and applaud us onto the Hampden pitch?

I would campaign like Hell to make sure he got the Fair Play award if he was to do that.

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  • Johnno says:

    That stupid prick must be starting to feel the pressure building as his scummy team still remains shite and he knows it along with all his cheerleaders.
    Only desperate in trying to stopping a treble, and when he fails to do so, wait and see how long that media love in lasts then?
    Then it will be worth listening to what such a prick has to say

  • Seppington says:

    I think he’s realised, subconsciously, that he’s made a terrible mistake in leaving QPR for that lot and is trying to make them want him fired! “Ridiculous” I hear you cry but allowing the opposition to score a free goal AND all-but conceding the title in the space of a week? It’s like a how-to for infuriating the fuddish horde!

    We’ll help him on his way with a nice gubbin’ at the cup final…

  • FSTB says:

    I think the mooch realises that the hordes are beginning to doubt his genius, their performances are not drastically improving and the hordes are openly talking about them being on the verge of dropping points .
    The results are keeping their questioning at bay but one bad result and the gloves will be off .

  • Jim The Tim says:

    I fink he is fkn fick.

  • Joseph Mcaleer says:

    The “press” giving anything good to say about Celtic, mmmmmm.NO.

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