There’s A Growing Sense That Celtic Is Facing A Manager Not Playing With A Full Deck.

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The more I write about him, the more my conviction grows that Celtic is up against an opponent at the moment who isn’t exactly … rational. He has done so many things which have seemed insane. He has said so many things that seem ridiculous.

Last night, The Record ran its latest report on him. We will get to the issue where he openly criticises his own fans and tells them he wants them to shut up a little later on.

If we win today believe me those words will haunt him more than anything he has said prior to the game. It was an act of lunacy to say what he did just before a big match, especially about the main supporters group in the stands.

At times I think the club panders to those clowns too much … a lot of people say the same about our club and The Green Brigade. But let me tell you, when your team isn’t winning, having those people onside is crucial. He has just driven a wedge between him and them.

But what else astonished me – and it’s this I want to talk about prior to the match, because after the game we’ll have plenty of time to rake over the coals of his war of words with his own supporters – was when he said he this;

“I think we’re going to see a new team develop here. But I don’t like the word ‘rebuild’. I think we’re adding, evolving and growing. Rebuild is harsh on a squad of players that have won 13 of their last 14 games.”

Fairly straightforward, right? And utterly at odds with his previous statements.

Let’s look at just two occasions on which he has used that exact phrase himself, in the last few weeks alone.

And when we do, remember; this guy has already insulted our manager, his predecessor, he’s told the board they need to spend regardless of the consequences, he can’t do basic maths … I could go on.

And that’s all in the space of the last week. 

This is one example of his discussing it in terms of a rebuild.

This is the other.

Those are his words, his own words, and whoever was interviewing him and listened to that drivel yesterday did not call him on any of it.

I can’t even take the credit for these quotes either, my sister found those in five minutes of looking and we have a media which doesn’t even do the most basic tasks like that.

They are a disgrace and this guy is not playing with a full deck.

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  • Voice of Reason says:

    The guys a Fukin CLOWN we aw kno that! He’s managed Fukin NAEBDY & been in a job 5 mins now he’s with the FILTH where pandering tae the Knuckodraggin SCUM is a necessity not an option! Defeat raday & the Union Pussies will throw their dollies oot their prams & Barbie & Kens heeds will be ripped aff lol! Defeat on April 8th at Paradise & if they get there Cup Final will see the Cockney Wanker gone fur good!!

  • Neil Smith says:

    For every sensible article there are 30 mad ones but none will touch today’s one in The Sun that (and I’m not making this up) has Beale predicted as England manager and to win the world cup!!! It also suggests he was actually a great player in his youth!! Terrible site to give hits but it’s a must read. Madness

  • Scud Missile says:

    With him not playing with a full deck to quote you James,you could call him BENNY The Mooch who sounds like one of those backward cardboard gangsters from The Digger,which has more subscribers than the daily sevco.

    • himuptheroad says:

      Are you still using that pathetic “benny” patter? Almost nobody under 50 will know what you’re on about.

      • John Copeland says:

        No ,no ,no, James ! The Bealy boy is the genius who will take the English to World Cup glory according to a fabled report . Notice how this feel good parable appears in tabloid print just pre cup final from salivating scoop reporters …. The tribute act’s new catchphrase is Everything ,Anything ! That’s in reference to shining bright helpful stories from obedient hacks desperate to aid silver wear success .

      • Voice of Reason says:

        He’s a NUMPTY m8, been banging on about Sevco winning the 2 cups fur Mths noo saying he hopes we HUMP them lol! He’s a Fukin BELL-END & DEFO A HUN BASTARD!!

    • Johnny Green says:

      Oooooh Mr Scud, what a great idea, so mature.

    • Eddiebhoy67 says:

      Well said Scuddy bhoy lol ? ??

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    He has a fairly good team, but his concern must be the long list of injured players. A few are top
    players. This should weaken his bench?. Some might be ready to go. Mind Games?
    Celtic FC players are ready to take on all-comers. No worries!

  • Eldraco says:

    Enough is enough, for every article you publish on anything to do with Beale or *Rangers related you are sentenced to publish an article on the either the ladies,our 2nd leagues, or juniors.

  • Tim Buffy says:

    James, it looks increasingly like Michael Beale lives inside your head. For heaven’s sake give it a rest.

  • David Brawley says:

    As I no longer live in Scotland I have to rely on feeds like this and all I can say is this guy is a clown. He’s got no class and no real perception of what Scottish people are all about aka the bigotry. He left a sinking team QPR to seek glory thinking he was the brains behind Gerrard. He’ll be found out soon enough then scuttle back to being the nobody he is.

  • Francis D says:

    Never intterupt your enemy when he is making a mistake

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