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Andy Walker Is Right. The Celtic-Ibrox Gap Looks Like It’s Only Going To Grow.

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The idea that we are miles in front of our rivals is one that was not being wholly taken seriously across the city until very recently. In fact, few were openly debating it over there until Sunday, and now it seems that everyone has an opinion on it.

Some of them still dismiss the idea as ridiculous. Others are not so sure. But on one thing every single one of them is agreed; what gap there is risks opening up over the summer unless the board “invests heavily” in the playing squad.

But the obstacles to that are so obvious than even Andy Walker has not failed to spot what they are. He’s never going to get into Mensa, but he has seen the truth of it. The gap is almost certainly going to get wider in the next 12 months, and if we get things right next season and continue to power ahead there might not be any catching us for a long while.

He knows that Ange is a quality manager who likes to win. But furthermore, he has mentioned the great unmentionable; money.

Where is Ibrox getting the cash to give The Mooch a decent transfer budget?

The one thing I was confident on before Ange was appointed was that there would be plenty for the new boss to spend because – and only because – we had Ajer and Edouard and Christie coming up to the end of their deals and all had interest from other clubs. We knew we could bring in big bucks and use it to strengthen the team.

I don’t know what the thinking inside Ibrox is. But they must be sweating the choices ahead of them. Their two most bankable assets are out of contract at the end of the campaign. Even if they stay, so what? Their squad is no stronger for that and they would be rewarding serial failures by making them the highest paid people at the club.

Look at Morelos. Does he deserve that? Does Kent warrant it? What will that do in a dressing room full of players who think they deserve rewards for their own efforts? The board would be well to just cut these guys loose, but then how do they replace them?

Celtic is a vastly better run club than they are, and makes a lot more money. But without being able to sell Ajer and Edouard, especially, Ange would have come in with very little to spend and that’s the reality of it. We played our cards well, but it helped to have good cards to play. I don’t see anything across the city which is the equivalent of that.

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  • Benjamin says:

    Celtic are going to strengthen again in the summer. That much is known. They’ll have the security of automatic CL qualification as well as additional funds from the summer tour of Japan & South Korea. The unknown is what, if any, players might depart this summer. It wouldn’t be a huge shock if CCV, Maeda, or Kyogo earned big money moves this summer with the way they’ve played. However if they do move on, it won’t be for less than £10m, so Ange will have plenty of dry powder to acquire adequate, if not superior, replacements.

    The Rangers on the other hand, are already improving their squad. Today they sent James Sands back to NYCFC — addition by subtraction. Helander, Steven Davis, and McGregor are all out of contract this summer as well, and their departures will instantly improve the quality of their squad even if they’re not replaced. Such is the state of their squad at the moment.

  • Tony B says:

    sevco is shite. Everything about them. It’s no secret, but the meedjits have been bumming them up to appease the gullibillies.

    Now even that is gone.

    It’s cold out in the open for the huns.

    Quel dommage.

  • Martin.H says:

    And they still owe their so called investors, £78mill.

  • Johnno says:

    Money of course plays a huge part in any rebuild, yet Ange had the knowledge of just how much outstanding value for money could be obtained within the Asian Market.
    Also as a brand which most football clubs protray themselves as these days means we can and always will be able to attract players, the scum have nothing like that in place, nor never will.
    Those DOBs are possibly in no better position than the sheep, minis or hibbees and if they were ever to show any ambition then the race for 2nd best team in Scotland could become interesting as 1st place has been well occupied for many years now and even more to come, by CELTIC

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