Celtic Fans Do Not Fear Ibrox Re-Signing Its Serial Losers.

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The begging has begun as the season draws to a close. Morelos has, I suspect, already expressed his intentions clearly to the club; he’s off. He thinks he can get a move somewhere decent and he’s not going to sign a new deal. If Kent is still wavering, there’s hope. Hope amongst the Ibrox fans and their media allies. That’s why the begging has started.

Mark Hateley is one of a number in the press who has practically pleaded with Kent to sign a new deal. They know they need to pull at least one rabbit out of the hat as far as these two go and the one they’ve chosen is the one who they might still have a chance of convincing. I don’t think they’ll succeed, by the way, but they are determined to try.

But if there’s hope amongst Ibrox fans then I would think there’s plenty of it amongst ours too, because today there’s talk that Arfield will be offered an extra year and we know they want to keep Ryan Jack and are considering a new deal for McGregor. So the plan, on the surface, is to keep as much of the band together as possible.

Yet these guys are failures. They are bottlers. We can only guess at what sort of players they will bring in on limited resources, but we know we can beat this lot. We know we have their number. Morelos, Kent, Arfield, Jack … Ibrox gets to put the rebuild off, and doesn’t need to replace these guys for chump change. I see the attraction for them.

I also see why Ange would be grinning from ear to ear.

The only way that a plan like that would be of the least concern to us is if they were intending to sell these guys the minute the new deals were done. But that’s ludicrous. If no-one is willing to make these guys a half decent offer when they are available for free nobody is going to pay big money to buy them. It would be sheer folly for any club to do so.

No, Ibrox is trying to avoid a bigger rebuilding job than it can afford and that’s the fact of it. They would be happy to increase the wage-bill and give these failures improved deals if it meant not having to go out and find the next team of also-rans.

We should not fear either outcome. The whole spectacle of them struggling with this dilemma is as amusing as it is pathetic. Let the chips fall where they may. Celtic will cope with whatever version of this team of theirs emerges at the end.

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  • Benjamin says:

    Resigning these guys is a commitment to failure. Not only will an aging Ryan Kent or Ryan Jack not help them win anything – and I include Champions League group stage games in that – it also locks them into higher wages AND precludes them from bringing in a younger player who might actually fetch a decent transfer profit in a couple years. Even shopping in the discount bin of England’s League One should be preferable to resigning these guys. At least then there’s a chance a Championship club will come calling and offer £5m in a year or two. But they won’t commit to a proper rebuild because of the risk it fails in spectacular fashion. It’s almost as if they’d rather commit to losing the league by 5-10 points than take a chance on winning it if that chance of winning is also accompanied by the risk of losing by 20-30 points. There is zero strategic thinking over there, and there’s zero chance of them being anything other than permanant runners up (with the odd once a decade Celtic implosion thrown in) until they start thinking more strategically.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Next season is going to be a dawdle for Celtic, for as we get stronger they are getting weaker. A Treble this season will be followed by more of the same as we move forward.

    The Quintuple Treble has a nice ring to it.

  • Johnno says:

    For the banjo boy and el donkeyo to sign new contracts as well as any from the dad’s army ranks only confirms what we already know, and that’s “There is fuck all interest in these serial losers”
    Also would increase the wage bill to keep the DOBs happy, thick zombies.
    Haven’t got a pot to piss in and couldn’t attract a player into that shithole, which is hardly surprising.
    Jelly and ice-cream awaits for next season already and this one isn’t even finished yet.
    Oh my sides are hurting

  • Martin.H says:

    If Kent signs a new deal, it will be the usual shite derek johnstone came away every year after a player was out with a long term injury, this is like a new signing, to me even at his age, Mcgregor, he’s still a great keeper.

  • Scud Missile says:

    The sevco board are playing with fire here,should they fail this season and end up with the middle of doughnut for their efforts,but then keep 4 or 5 of the players out of contract this will only backfire on them.
    Keeping players that FAILED BIG TIME this season can only mean more of the same next season.
    Lol I would say keep as many as the out of contract players at ibrox and give us all a laugh for next season.
    But it will be interesting to see how the sevco press spin this if most of the DROSS that lost all this season are still there.

  • Frankie says:

    If Kent has any brains he will move on he knows that lot are only possibly 2nd best

  • John Brady says:

    The media in Scotland will never accept or acknowledge that the gap in Scottish football isn’t between “the Old Firm” and the rest, it’s between Celtic and the rest. Rangers are a club who, like Hearts, Hibs or Aberdeen, might win the odd cup, and get European football ever so often, but that’s it. The MSM in the west of Scotland however, cannot accept that. Their main driver is anti catholic bigotry. They have an unfounded sense of superiority defined by their “We are the people” proclamations, when, in fact, they are generally an uneducated underclass of sub literate morons.

  • SSMPM says:

    I hope you’re right but it only serves to reflect and highlight the piss poor perilous financial position they’re really in. That kind of kidology might fool the gullibles but it would be a great boost to our club as long as we don’t allow ourselves to catch the Lawwell complacency bug again.

  • Roonsa says:

    Arfield is such a fucking clodhopper. I hate the expression “bang average” (what does it even mean?) but if you are going to use it, you would use it for him (prefixed with “he’s not even”.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Don’t think ah know of a better example of an imposter, posin as a professional football player, than arfield. Scores the odd goal and the rest of the time, swaggers about like the deluded dud he is. Hatelay’s just an auld rangers groupie.

  • 18871888 says:

    If they are intending to resign these eejits, I would, to use the recent cliche, drive them tae the bank, assuming there’s anything in there

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