Sky Sports Scotland Has Invented “Incidents” At Celtic Park To Justify Ticket Decision.

Image for Sky Sports Scotland Has Invented “Incidents” At Celtic Park To Justify Ticket Decision.

Since the very first decision, taken by Ibrox, to cut the allocation of our supporters from 7000 to 700 the media has been describing it as it was something that came about because both clubs just couldn’t see eye to eye.

It was inevitable that this decision would be spun as one stemming from a point where they do agree.

It was equally inevitable that they would try to find a way to turn this issue – which is primarily about the safety of our club’s supporters – into the “plague on both your houses.”

And its Sky Sports Scotland who are out of the traps early on it.

Their article on the decision carries this remarkable assertion; this has happened “following incidents at recent meetings at both stadia.”

If you’re confused by that you aren’t alone.

What exactly were the incidents at Celtic Park to which this article is referring?

That’s a flagrantly dishonest claim. It does not stand up to the merest examination. This is about several incidents, going back at least two seasons, at Ibrox which have made it clear that the safety of our fans cannot be guaranteed there.

Hell, one of our backroom staff was hit by a bottle.

A prominent broadcast journalist has been effectively banned from their ground because, by the club’s own admission, it cannot guarantee his physical security.

The criminal act involving our official was perpetrated by a guy sitting in the corporate section; so too was the racist abuse recently shouted at Kyogo.

This is an ever escalating problem, and Celtic has done everything it can to find a resolution to this which restores the prior arrangements and makes the experience safer for all concerned.

It might sound paradoxical that handling a large crowd is easier in some ways than handling a small one, but the truth is that there is safety in numbers and fans were not subjected to this unacceptable level of risk when there were larger away allocations for these games.

Policing them has become a nightmare task, with both away supports having to traverse areas full of home fans.

Both sets of away supporters are practically surrounded at these fixtures which was never the case in the past.

The difference is that our security arrangements are right on and our fans have not been spoon-fed a decade of conspiracy theories and hatred … much of it from those in positions of responsibility inside their club.

Sky Sports Scotland has slandered Celtic with that suggestion, and it carries not one word of truth.

They have a duty either to defend it or retract it.

I cannot see how they can defend a fictitious claim so we’ll wait and see if they withdraw it instead.

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  • Phelim grehan says:

    Sky sports hate celtic not a chance if that lot ever given us any credit for anything instead they landed to the scum from ibrox with their 55 titles with a ten year old club because they wave the Union Jack . Not a chance of a retraction. I bc you ok don’t watch a game on sky they are not welcome in out stadium either .

  • Paddybhoy67 says:

    Don’t forget the broken bottle in Joe Hart’s box!

  • Johnny Green says:

    As long as Celtic don’t explain the reasons for this decision we are leaving ourselves wide open to speculation and lies from the media. Celtic have the power to nip it in the bud, but will they?

    • Ninesecomdmaradona says:

      Sevco have sold all those seats as season books with Celtic games included in terms and conditions, we don’t need to flog this subject to death as they killed it stone dead the summer they started doing that, it will never go back to how it was or even more than 800 so we just need to accept it

  • Thomas Daly says:

    It always is at the establishment piggery where violent incidents happen because its THEIR FANS THAT CAUSE IT,GLASS ON PITCH,COACH STRUCK BY BOTTLE,LADY LIVERPOOL SUPPORTER HIT BY BOTTLE,ANYONE.

  • Brian says:

    Do you think our club and board, will finally stand up for us?p.s. please sort out the advertisement on this site.

    • Finbar muldoon says:

      Perfect opportunity for Celts to offer the 15,000 season ticket waiting list, the 7,000 tickets. Take the season ticket allocation up to 60,000. HH

      • Ninesecomdmaradona says:

        They already do, the area that the huns always got is now all season tickets and has been since the 800 pish started a few seasons ago, my pal got one on there, there are currently 53k Season Ticket holders according to the club in the summer

  • Ninesecomdmaradona says:

    The 1-1 game last Spring at Parkhead there was lots of trouble at the end, heaps of seats ripped out, both sets of fans, went on for a good while after the final whistle, Im assuming nobody posting was at this game if they don’t remember it.

    That area they put our fans in at Ibrox we should never ever have entertained and I’m glad that common sense has prevailed here.

    This whole issue is a bit tired now as the point nobody brings up is the summer the huns announced 800 fans they went ahead and sold out the Broomloan as Season book with both Celtic fixtures included so in other words there never was and never will be in the future a return to larger allocations as they’ve already sold the all the seats and it’s simply now off the table.

  • Stephen says:

    Blame the Celtic board they could stop the lies with one statement.

    • Marie says:

      Exactly. They never support the fans or call out this countries biased media. What are they scared of?

  • Scud Missile says:

    Get big ANGE to play a blinder and send out Kennedy or someone to talk after a game and keep it going to piss them off,until they withdraw the lies they are spewing out at every opportunity with our club sitting back and taking the FLACK thrown at us being TARRED with the same brush as sevco,after all that klub caused all of this not ours.

  • Marie says:

    It is high time Celtic nailed anything like this as soon as it surfaces rather than playing the invisible man..The forces of darkness can guarantee they backed by their board or there will be some lily livered response. This isn’t a minor issue they are blatantly lying that Celtics fans have been as guilty as them. If the shoe was on the other foot there would be a totally different response.

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