Sunday Mail Clown Insults Celtic Fans Again In Idiotic Rant Over VAR.

Image for Sunday Mail Clown Insults Celtic Fans Again In Idiotic Rant Over VAR.

The Sunday Mail’s doddering halfwit was at it again yesterday, writing an article on VAR. As per usual, the central thrust of his argument is that our fans – and, to be fair, the ones across the city – are paranoid lunatics incapable of rational thought.

This is a guy who has made a career out of insulting his own audience.

Quite how he has managed to retain even the smallest fraction of one amazes me as a result.

You would think that folk at that paper have to realise, by now, that he brings no value to their brand … not that their brand is up to much to begin with. So why tolerate him?

The basic thrust of his argument was that ex-footballers would not be trusted to operate the VAR controls. Eh, brilliant deduction genius. We have enough of them working at the BBC, and we’ve watched the skewering of its objectivity.

Besides, the whole point of the debate is that we want people behind those screens who are both competent and qualified … quite why anyone believes ex-pros would be is beyond me.

He thinks an ex-pro would have a keener eye for what’s a foul and what isn’t.

Really? How does he account for the fact that most weekends there is an avalanche of bickering between them about key decisions, with some leaning for the officials and some against? If you put twenty of these people in a room and asked them to analyse a decision you’d get thirty different opinions. That alone makes it a non-starter.

The idea is stupid and its unworkable and it would virtually guarantee bias. The idea is nothing more than a suggestion which was made half tongue-in-cheek by Ally McCoist in relation to Chris Sutton.

That’s how seriously it should be taken.

But it’s not even lending credence to an idea that was never a serious idea in the first place; he went on a rant about the technology and suggested Scotland was some backward country which was never going to adapt to it.

This man has spent his career talking down our game and one of the best things that will happen to the coverage of Scottish football will be when he no longer has a platform from which to do so. He thinks the Scottish football public are Neanderthals, and yet it’s his own views which over and over reveal a reactionary, backwards facing mind-set.

He seems to acknowledge – before contradicting himself – that refs here are pretty incompetent but then blames the technology itself. The technology. As though the hoover is to blame when someone sucks a ping-ball up and blocks the tube.

His claim that Celtic fans would not care if a UN inspector ran VAR and would still protest every bad decision is a colossally idiotic statement. We want people who are qualified, and know what they are doing, but more than that, we just want people who are honest.

It appals me that these people never want to debate this in the proper fashion. Why should we not have qualified ex-refs from outside Scotland to run this? I would not object to that at all. I would welcome in and give them all the support they needed.

All of us would. And by the way, so would the fans across the city.

It is hard to think of any football fan in Scotland who would not.

Yet the media never wants to debate that or the reasons why.

He certainly doesn’t. He wouldn’t know where to start.

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  • Charlie Kelly says:

    This is typical of this Twat Keevins,if nothing to write about just pick on Celtic fans He reminds me of another Souptaker Gerry McNee I’ve got so and so medal,when collared and trying to find a way out
    Keevins would say I’ve a brother a Priest
    Stop giving this clown airtime that’s what he wants,people to make him feel relevant

  • Johnno says:

    Luckily for myself I don’t have anything to do with the Scottish media and pity the celts who are subjected to the level of bullshit that is written and said all the same.
    It’s been an ongoing issue within Scottish football that Celtic have only wanted to see a clean game in place, nothing more or nothing less.
    This still seems light years away, to the shame of the SFA/SPFL.
    Even more ridiculous that eejits within the Scottish media try to defend such bollocks with shite.
    Celtic will have to continue calling out the current nonsense, even moreso when we are winning, as potentially the future of Scottish football can be at stake, yet seems like to many within Scottish media couldn’t care less about it as still keeps the clowns in the circus still

  • Jim The Tim says:

    Not long to go for the Scottish end of VAR to be irrelevant.
    Once the league is won and the next season appears it will take crazy VAR to fk us, hence all these bstrds are het.
    Europe,well its dead safe, I notice the Huns dives were total ignored and their sneaky hip launches penalised. Rock and Roll for next season


    Most in the ‘ Medjia’ would rather see Scottish Professional Football fold than have the ‘Establishment’ Klub relinquish its hold on the bent officials on the park and in the corridors at Hampdump.
    Now more than ever they can see the bleak future for Sevco now that they are under the watchful eyes of the new FSR regime. The SFA can no longer issue a license to play in Europe. That’s EUFA’s job and FSR sets the criteria for acceptance.
    Celtic’s inbuilt Financial advantage will see them miles ahead of Sevco for years if not decades to come and ra bunnies are not happy peepul.
    This year is make or break for Sevco. This league title is not over the line and the MIBs are not finished yet,
    Season books will be out shortly over the river and every penny will be a prisoner. So good tidings are essential to convince the orcs to pony up. So the Cup is not a gimme also I expect our lead to be eaten into with a few honest mistakes and snaky offside lines drawn by the VAR Man.
    Their rebuild will be in the lowball / free transfer market. They won’t resign many if any of the Out of Contract players. It would mean increased wages and at present Sevco need to shed loads of cash from the wage bill.
    If we complete the Treble this year I can see really tough times ahead for der Hun.
    They won’t keep ploughing in dosh for Season Books or Merchandise if their Board has to press back on their expectations.
    Full blown Espanyolification could be on the cards.
    What will the Medjia write about then?

  • S Thomas says:

    Hugh Keevins talks a lot of pish.. he is like the rest of the journalists and media pundits in this county.. they are all average Joes. He tries to be funny with his UN inspector stuff, when it’s about as funny as having toothache. Chris Sutton and dare I say it Ally McCoist are on a different level to these idiots.

  • Effarr says:

    I don’t think the “ fans across the city” would welcome a VAR situation that Celtic fans were happy with.

  • JimBhoy says:

    They should shut off the broadband at his care home.

    Even wee sleekit fat Swally says VAR is not working. Either that means he wants more decisions for rangers or it’s shoite.!

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