Positive and Negative Sides of Celtic FC and GamStop Partnership

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You all know all about GamStop and many of you are wondering why football clubs don’t sponsor it massively. Here is one example. How this partnership would look like between Celtic FC and GamStop? All we can add here is that there are pros and cons of this partnership and we will cover all of them.

Celtic FC And GamStop: Positive Sides

There are some impressive positive sides to the benefits of this partnership. At first sight, these may look impressive and they may give you the simplest answer you want to hear. First, we will need to explain all of these and hopefully, you will get a clear idea about the benefits.

Better FC Impression

The partnership would make the club look much better in the eyes of players and fans. It would become a football club that cares about the fans and makes sure they get the right information at the right time.

At the same time, we can see that Celtic FC will be one of the first clubs to do this which would make it special. Probably a lot more football clubs would do the same thing which would have a huge, positive effect overall.

Helps Promote GamStop Responsible Gambling Policy

Celtic FC would promote responsible gambling. This would mean that the club is doing the right thing and fans would know about it. This is an extremely important campaign and you can find many NonGamStopBets sports betting initiatives which support it. Obviously, there are many non-GamStop and local betting sites that cooperate with different football clubs, but not Celtic yet. It is even possible that this would attract new fans and make the club even more appealing.

Celtic FC would use social media, T-shirts, and countless other methods to do this and each method would be extremely effective. All we can add here is that this would reach millions of people all around the United Kingdom and the world. These fans would learn all about responsible gambling and how to stay safe while playing.

Support Vulnerable Group of Fans

The partnership would do the thing it should do. It would offer help to players who need it. Keep in mind that GamStop is just that. It is a self-exclusion system that works by banning access to betting sites and casinos. Most football fans don’t know about this.

Celtic FC and GamStop partnership would change all of that. They would realize that help is always available and it is free. Fans who are at risk of developing gambling addiction could get help if or when needed.

Celtic FC And GamStop: Negative Sides

Obviously, such a partnership has its own drawbacks. You never know which club will be the next partner in the scheme. There are some issues or serious downsides that you need to know about. In the end, you will see the verdict and you will deduce if this partnership is possible or not. To do that, you need to know about the positive and negative things football club could encounter with.

Lack of Gambling Sponsors

Celtic FC can generate millions from partnerships with gambling sites. If the club is to promote GamStop, promoting gambling sites is not possible. This means that the club would lose millions.

Without sponsors who pay a lot, football clubs cannot exist. They cannot invest in new players, making the team stronger and more successful. In rare cases, this even means that the club will fail. One of the biggest issues here is the fact fans will stop believing in Celtic FC and they will move to another club. It is a huge issue and it is another problem that can make the club fail and make less profit.

Possible Risk of Losing Fans

A huge issue here is the fact that Celtic FC can lose fans. Some bettors believe that they have total control over their betting desires. They don’t like to see GamStop or any similar option on the T-Shirts of their favourite club.

One way or another, this partnership would decrease the number of fans. This simply means that the club would make less profit and add the first issue here, and you can see the major problem.

Non-Profitable Partnership

This partnership will not be profitable. If we know one thing it is that all sponsorships and partnerships in the world of football are profitable. A partnership without any profit is not real or possible.

This simply means that the partnership doesn’t have real potential and it is not something a football club can afford. As we have mentioned countless times, football clubs need profitable sponsorships to make sure they can stay in business.

The Final Word

Now you know all about the pros and cons of GamStop and Celtic FC. Sadly, this partnership is theoretically possible but not something that we will certainly see in the near future. However, there are many other responsible gambling campaigns which can be adopted by the club. About the current one, the benefits are impressive. But, the issues are also massive and this is something that will affect a huge number of fans and the whole club. It would be nice if these two entities could find a deal that works best for both of them. With patience and a lot of work, this would be possible.

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