Miller’s Valuation Of Celtic’s Classy Winger Is Real Only In His Own Tiny Mind.

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Kenny Miller seems to be in the media a lot these days, and the longer he is in the media the stupider he comes across.

And the more bitter.

When he spoke again about Celtic the other day – does he do anything else? – he offered his view on the valuation we would be putting on Liel Abada. It is hilariously, diabolically low.

£8 -£10 million? He can chase himself. Any club which offered that would be playing games with us rather than getting real.

This is a player in his early 20’s, and the last time someone from this country left a club here – and to Ajax at that! – he went for substantially more than that and was substantially less talented.

Abada can play anywhere he wants to. This is a guy whose career is just starting, and he is going to leave our club one day and that’s a fact we’ve all internalised already. But we have him on a long term deal and we’re in no hurry to see him go.

This is not a guy at 28 who has half a foot out the door. Abada will not rock the boat.

He has not agitated for a transfer.

If his agents are smart they will look at the clubs who are currently linked with him – Southampton for God’s sake? About to be relegated! – and conclude that there’s better out there and that he should bide his time.

Celtic will not be pushed around either way, not when we know that another season in the Champions League can make this guy into a superstar and we can realise big, big money for him.

In those circumstances, Miller’s valuation is a joke instead of a mere insult, and the joke isn’t on us because we know what the player is worth.

No, the real joke is on every outlet which has hired this guy as he’s essentially proving how ignorant and dumb he is.

Whatever they are paying him, he’s not worth it.

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  • Tony B says:

    Miller is a moron even for a hun. Apart from his room temperature I.Q, he suffers from the characteristic hun trait of wishful thinking.

    A Grade A Fanny.

  • Tamas Mac an Fhucadair says:

    Miller is just another wee DOB who’s trying to suck the anal passages of the Govan mob/

  • Johnny Green says:

    After our high expectations of much larger transfer fees for Juranovic and Giakoumakis I’m not so sure Miller has got it too wrong. The Bassey transfer was a complete anomaly and should not be the example we set our sights on as a comparison. We are not moon howlers like them, so let’s get a bit more realistic with our valuations.

  • Johnny Green says:

    We obviously should be trying to get as much as we can for any of our players, but let’s not be daft about it, They tried all that with their fancy figures for Morelos, Kent and Kamara, to name a few, and look at them now.

  • Eldraco says:

    Not agitated,not rocked the boat.. not played much either.

    Adjust accordingly.

  • Hugh Reilly says:

    Celtic would bite the hand off for a bid of between £8-10 million. He’s a bit part player we paid less than £4m for. Celtic are well covered with equally good wingers; Jota, maeda, haksbvanovic and Mikey Johnston might start to fulfil his potential.

  • Kevin Dunne says:

    Miller’s attempt at stand up comedy failure ,Miller,s grip on life failure , miller’s value as ANY KIND of pundit poundshop value

  • Johnno says:

    Very hard to put value upon players currently, especially when you look at how many club’s within the EPL didn’t spend money in January, and that’s a league that’s meant to be awash with money.
    So could these new uefa regulations coming in have a drastic knock on affect on what these so called cash rich club’s are really prepared to pay going forward?
    Thought we would have got far more for josip and GG than we actually received and thought bigger club’s with better profiles would have come looking but it never happened, yet still believe that there is some reason as to why it didn’t happen?
    Just think there could well be a vastly reduced income upon transfers across the board in general, which in turn allows for diddy clubs like the scum to potentially become more competitive.
    Think these new uefa regulations are designed to make the smaller leagues more competitive much in the manner that the bigger leagues are becoming more competitive nowadays.
    Either way it will have no impact upon ourselves and raising money on transfer sales is hardly a priority within the club as player quality remains a far bigger agenda currently, especially with the money already within the club to proceed in going forward still

  • SSMPM says:

    Conversely he’s a young player that could and should be progressing into more of a 1st team player over the next season or two as others move on in the next couple or 3 transfer windows eg Maeda, possibly even and I hope not Jota.
    Abada has been a great impact player when introduced as a 2nd half substitute but as a rotation player he doesn’t have the same 90 minute impact. Thus I’d argue Ange has the balance right with Abada as he has much development to make yet in his young career taking into account also that this very development often brings injuries which he has had during this season. He’s a player with much to offer and only short sighted fools would wish to move him on now for the pittance the lodge representatives want. Be careful who your agreeing with and the the propaganda channels you seem so happy to subscribe and listen to.

  • Scud Missile says:

    I’m surprised BENNY Miller can see the value of Abada with those mince pies of his so far back in his head you can’t see them.

    Lol don’t you just love how players that attempt to become a manager and FAIL BIG TIME,then have a go at being a pundit and telling other managers how it is all going wrong for them with their set up of their team.

  • Woodyiom says:

    I don’t care what Miller (or anyone else outside CP for that matter) thinks Abada’s worth or will go for IF INDEED HE DOES GO. He’ll go when a club offers us a level of fee that we think is worthy of acceptance. It will be less than we would really really like and more than the acquiring club really really want to pay pretty much like every other transfer in history!

    Putting figures on it pointless speculation given the number of variables involved (his form prior to the sale, his desire to leave, our willingness to let him go, if we already havehis replacement in mind or possibly already signed, the number of clubs in for him, the leagues they play in, their transfer budgets and what other players they are buying/selling etc etc).

    Personally I’d love to see him stay for another year or two and really grow and develop with us but if he does go he’ll go with my best wishes – his three goals against Rangers and in particular his 90th minute winner vs Dundee Utd when we were down to 10men (which undoubtedly set us up for that amazing night at Parkhead 4 days later when we battered Rangers under the lights to go top of the league) will live long with me 🙂

  • Effarr says:

    I hate players with long faces as if they had all the cares in the world and look as if they would love to be somewhere else on the planet. Abada is that type of player. O Reilly not far off. Just compare them to Kyoto. I never trusted him when after only a few weeks of arriving he declared his desire to play for Liverpool.

    We saw the writing on the wall with the likes of Édouard, Christie, Bitton and even Armstrong.
    Never, or barely, a smile from young men plying the trade that they love and getting well paid.
    Discontentment can spread like the plague.

    If they get near Miller’s valuation for him I suggest they take it and run him to the nearest
    bus stop.

    • Stesano says:

      Spot on mhate and we have the right guy at present to punt them! Unlike the amateurs like Lennon that brown nosed these types !! Like players that are fit you don’t play them!! Same with albafa type! Get them out asap! We are Celtic!! I to hated that Liverpool comment! You think these guys would realise once they are at Celtic how big we are and how lucky they are!! Keogo certainly knows it!! The minute they want out they should be gone!! I remember that terrible Lennon signing( tho there was many, that amateur wasted millions of our money and I mean ours as in fans!) in 2011 from Sweden said like wise awww what’s was his name anyway he never scored one goal for us!! Anyway Ange seems to great at dealing with these types l be happy when his ilk are gone no good having him around our club are any player with this mindset

  • Stesano says:

    Yeah but this what the idiot hopes ! Can’t listen to this clown and I know for a fact he is one!! He used my friend chip shop in Bothwell and owed him for months!for would you believe a case of the old iron brew which was sought after ha ha guys a walloper! He should be nowhere near the media well in a normal country !! As here his ilk can’t talk about Celtic with mentioning newco or give us credit! The huns hated him to look back he had to be took out the back door against Raith rovers in pre season 2008 cause he played with our great club!! And he knows he was treated amazing even tho he was garbage for us for most part !! But that is us eh Celtic fans don’t care where you came from! Just like the old Alfie conn song eh” used to be a Hun be he’s alright now Alfie,Alfie used to be a Hun but he alright now Alfie, Alfie conn “! Ha ha this could never happen in a million years with deado or the new diddy club! And miller knows it what a weasalhe truly is!

  • Stesano says:

    Weasal he is I meant

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