Has Celtic’s Win On Saturday Completely Shattered Kenny Miller’s Hold On Reality?

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Will somebody please, for the love of God, get Kenny Miller a dummy? Or at the very least, will somebody please give him back the one that was plucked out of his mouth? His incessant squealing is starting to give people a headache.

Isn’t it pathetic how much blubbering this guy and others have done since the weekend? Did you read the latest today? About how he wants to cast us all back to the 2016 Scottish Cup Final and an alleged foul prior to Hibs winning goal?

Is that something we’re supposed to take even remotely seriously? Isn’t that dire? It’s as if this result has shattered his hold on sanity. Was it really that fragile? Was he really so immersed in Ibrox supremacist guff all this time?

Out of all the reactions to the game, I have to say that his is the worst and the most ludicrous. Even Kris Boyd adopted a better, saner, attitude to it than this. Miller has stopped just short of demanding that the game be replayed. But not far short.

He has bitched about the decision to chop off the Ibrox goal. Fine. You can disagree with that one as it’s a tough call, although one I think the ref just about got right. But he wants to argue whether our second goal should have stood, which is just howling at the moon. His comments on Callum McGregor reek of bitterness and that sound you hear when you listen to them is the steady loosening of screws. They’re now rolling down the pavement.

He has flipped. Completely. Utterly. Trying to call into a question a goal in 2016? I saw incidents last night in the Champions League game were fouls were given against Haaland and others for what were almost identical incidents to what Morelos was penalised for at the weekend, so really this bitching is just embarrassing now to all involved.

Which includes the club which is demanding an apology? For what exactly? The SFA said the decision was correct. Therefore, nothing to apologise for. Ibrox’s statement wanting one on the basis that clubs in England have had them … give us a break.

This is another front in their war on the governing bodies, and everything they say and do should be viewed in that light. It’s also pandering to the nutcases – perhaps even some in the boardroom – who don’t trust Clancy because of his religion … a subject nobody in the media wants to touch with a 20-foot pole although it’s germane to this debate.

Miller though, he’s acting like somebody who has just come all the way unglued by this result. I used to think he was a sober, sensible, serious guy who had a healthy respect for Celtic. Now I see nothing but a mouthy ex-Ibrox player poisoned by whatever the Hell they put in the water over there. Crying like a big wean who has had his ice cream nicked.

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  • harold shand says:

    Best thing that could happen is a club down south give this mug another job to make a total a*se of and we get rid of him for a few months

    • Pan says:

      No club down south will touch him with a barge pole.
      He has shown everyone how infantile he is, so nobody is interested.

      • harold shand says:

        Aye you’re right mate , wishful thinking on my part , just sick of seeing his face and voice absolutely everywhere

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Their pain is palpable. And t’s nutritious and delicious. HH

  • Charlie Kelly says:

    An absolute weasel of a person attitude ugly,personality ugly, everything about this man is ugly,can’t hide his hatred for all things Celtic,if challenged will say some of my best friends. are Catholics ?

  • Eldraco says:

    Excuse me, I SAID EXCUSE ME! , has an apology been issued by THAT club yet for the headbutt ?

    or has that got all lost in the land of squirrels ? .

  • Bottle Green says:

    He has found his natural home in talking $hite.
    He was never ever Celtic standard and like wee rat boy Neil McCann he has turned on the club he always wanted to play for.
    Now its white tears down his whinging creosote face.

    • John Copeland says:

      Can’t you see what’s in his tiny mind ? He’s pitching for an assistant job with the cockney geezer ! Attempting to look and sound like a true blue with the ultimate aim of Ibrox employment . Bitch and moan about the opposition and the faithful and loyal will be mightily impressed…..Keep watching !

  • Tony B says:

    I see Kenny Misser is still trying to shite that hegdehog.

  • Andrew Lamb says:

    As good a commentator as he was a player. I called him Canna Miller when he played for us as a can of Miller was more useful.

  • Voice of Reason says:

    Whrs the Fukin nudge ya wee NAE NECK Wankstain?? Fukin dry yir eyes ya Greetin Faced Hun Bastard lol! I am Fukin LUVING THIS.. Roll on the Cup Semi!

  • Martin.H says:

    Let’s face it, we were shite on Saturday, and if we were shit, and still won, that’s why they are scared.

  • Johnno says:

    With peanut head being a hun prick is it really any surprise the tosser can’t do reality?
    Still whining on about the only involvement EL donkeyo had within the game.
    So peanut head why haven’t we heard about how he could have thrived upon the service offered from the banjo boy and the lady boy?
    Who really offers a bigger threat to us through the centre from either EL donkeyo or the other plank who replaced him and neither hardly touched the ball and contributed fuck all to the game.
    Will such a spineless gobshite address a lovely glaring problem for the scum and potentially risk the wrath of his scummy paymasters?
    Will the peanut head fuck, so nothing more than a whimp that still can’t face or do reality

  • Johnno says:

    So peanut head being a hun prick is it really any surprise that this simpleton can’t do reality?
    Still whining about 1 decision 5 days on sums up the intelligence of this hun thick.
    So why haven’t we heard about how he would have thrived upon the great service offered from the banjo boy and the lady boy?
    Or what a threat EL donkeyo or that other plank who replaced him, offer through the centre when neither had any impact and hardly even touched the ball?
    Of course peanut head hasn’t got the stones to offer anything to upset his scummy paymasters, so continues to take the blue pound on offer still.
    So remains nothing more than your usual hun wimp who can’t do or face the real reality on show with the scum

  • Jimmy R says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t it after the 2016 cup final defeat that Miller, and his wife, were involved in a barney in a Bothwell restaurant. He was tetchy that day. It seemsthe anger is still simmering, if not, boiling over.

  • JimBhoy says:

    Kenny goes radio-rental and it’s a braw sight.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Let them squeal, that’s what pigs do.

    • Michael Clark says:

      The Rangers not only have a short memory but how many clubs in Scotland have a case following 90 minutes against that lot. They’ve played the whole season either a goal up through a penalty or an opponent being sent off and above all that, never had a penalty awarded against them. They are just a bunch of chancers

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