Ibrox Boss Attempts To Play More Pitiful Injury List Mind-Games With Celtic.

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The Mooch sat in front of the media today and told them that he would not make a decision on the fitness of Connor Goldson or Ryan Kent until the very last minute, talking about how both of them have trained today and how they still need to be “assessed.”

But it’s a pitiful attempt at keeping us guess, and we don’t need to guess any more than we had to guess about the League Cup Final team where he tried the same trick. We know that The Mooch has no qualms about throwing players into these games whether they are fit or not, and that’s exactly what is going to happen here.

There is no question in my mind, and there will be no question in Ange’s mind, that these guys will play. Both of them. We might even see cameos from their other “returning to fitness” players like Hagi and Scott Wright as well.

Celtic has its own decisions to make, but we’re not kidding anyone on about those and Ange, unlike this guy, doesn’t have to start Abada or Hatate or even Jota. That’s the beauty of the squad being this strong. There are options for him … The Mooch has none which is why this is nothing more than a puny attempt at misdirection.

We all know what a genuine dilemma looks like because we can see it in front of us. There isn’t a single Celtic fan who could say, definitively, what he or she thinks the team will be on Sunday because even if all our players are fit some of them haven’t played in a while and the manager will still have a decision to make.

So in point of fact, we’ll be kept guessing and so will the Ibrox club right up to the team-sheets are read out on the day. But I think we can safely plan for, and count on, Goldson and Kent being in the squad. It’s only a wonder they don’t fling Kemar Roofe out there onto the pitch as well. If was capable of it there is little doubt he’d be playing as well.

Nobody at Celtic will be buying into any of this guff.

We’ve heard it all before from this manager of theirs. We’ll prepare for their strongest team, as we always do. That way there won’t be any surprises except for the ones that make you laugh out loud.

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  • Ryan Ellis says:

    Before I’ve even read this I bet my working kidney that Beale doesn’t understand that we don’t care WHO they have in their half arsed team. Not one quarter of a smidge! We’re going to go at them even if they’re fielding Brazil’s 1970 team, which they most certainly are not, we’re going to go at them from minute one and if they can’t handle then, well to coin a phrase, Hell mend them! Thing is, it doesn’t matter even if they do win, in the scheme of things they’ll be living in our shadow’s shadow as long as Ange is here and probably longer.

    What a time to be alive! HH

  • Ryan Ellis says:

    Well not exactly what I would have farted out as an essay but at least James’ makes sense! Lol

  • Tony B says:

    The more I see and hear of this fud, the more he seems like David Brent’s much dumber and uglier wee brother.

    Tactical genius and maestro of mind games? Let’s kid on I don’t know who will play when all the time I do.

    The gullibillies lap up everything this toe curling twat says.


  • Johnno says:

    The snidey prick will play a team just to please there DOBs fan base as won’t be making the same mistake at trying to be some sort of tactical genius which he certainly isn’t.
    So Goldshit will play even on crutches ahead of his back up in John shitter.
    The banjo boy will also play weather he can get a tune out of him or the banjo boy has the stones for the match with his mindset already out of the shithole.
    The only surprise might be in going with big gapped tooth wonder ahead of the oversized EL donkeyo.
    Of course pinky and perky will be in the midfield regardless of fit or not partnered with that dirty slow carthorse lumpofshit.
    Are we really going to be concerned about what crap the blueshit turn out?
    Not in the slightest.
    Ange will do his usual and try and have the game won by the 60/70 minutes mark and still able to bring on the subs to extend that advantage as the scum going to chase a game that we will exploit all the gaps left within a useless defencive line.
    Still hoping the scum have all there strongest bucket’s of shit available and choke eating from them come the end of the beautiful Sunday

  • Fat mike says:

    Hopefully they will, in mooch’s own words, ‘right a few wrongs’
    1. They aren’t that far behind
    2. We didn’t win, they threw it away
    3. Mooch the tactical genius
    Bhoys turned mythbusters on Sunday, 3 up by half time

  • Johnny Green says:

    Nothing they do or say before Sunday matters, in fact it is predictable and boring. Let’s just put them to the sword and get it over with as soon as possible.

  • John Gow says:

    Not sure why the media make such a big circus of this unless it’s for the thickos who support them and it probably is. Would have thought by now that they would have learned that Ange pays no attention to the opposition. He just wants his team to play the way they have been coached irrespective of who they will be up against. For example, Goldson plays. Is that going to change his thinking about our front players? No chance!

  • Kevin Dunne says:

    Don,t care who plays for Huns , all that will matter is that CELTIC knock them OUT . 4.1 would be great bet wise but 1.0 be just fine as long as we get to final .MON THE HOOPS. HAIL HAIL ??

  • Eldraco says:

    Toom Tabard

  • Adam Thomas says:

    It’s lifted from the bible psalm95 :7 For he is our god and we are the people ,must be a masonic thing .

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