Kris Boyd’s Latest Celtic Comments Are A Testament To His Clown-Car Stupidity.

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Jesus. Tell me you rolled your eyes yesterday when you read those loony comments from the Village Idiot about how the Ibrox club would be top of the league if they, and not Celtic, had Kyogo in their team.

What kind of basis for a serious debate is that?

Their team has not had a problem scoring goals.

Our team has not had a problem scoring them when Kyogo hasn’t been.

We are not a one-man show, which is at the heart of what this clown is suggesting.

It’s just another way of devaluing what this team has done.

If he wasn’t at Celtic, you know what we’d have? A player scoring just as many goals.

We have an awfully good scouting system here and even if we didn’t, the top scorer in the SPFL last season was Giakoumakis; he left because Kyogo was keeping him out of the side. Had he been starting every week would Boyd be saying it about him?

These sort of idiotic hypotheticals are for fools on the margins.

Nobody who wants to have a serious discussion about the relative strengths and weaknesses of the two clubs would ever make such a puerile pointless claim. It’s a simpleton’s argument, and that, at the end of the day, is all Boyd really is.

Which is why I call him the Village Idiot.

We are better than their team in every department. Every single one. They don’t have a single first team footballer who would be guaranteed a game in our team, even from the subs bench. To reduce the whole discussion to one player, and in such a bizarre fashion, is proof positive that this guy has all the brain-wattage of discarded gum.

Kyogo is a magnificent footballer and we have a happy knack for signing them these past few years.

I have never, for one minute, wondered where Rangers would have been had we signed Brian Laudrup first, because what point would there be in such speculations? I have better things to imagine, better things to occupy my mind with.

But Boyd clearly does not, and it must have taken every one of his brain cells firing on full even to come up with this.

It’s a joke, and that the media are treating it as if it’s serious is an even bigger one.

You might as well throw Erling Haaland into their squad whilst you’re at it and speculate about that, because once you’re in fantasy land it’s just a matter of degrees anyway.

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  • Jimmy R says:

    That would be the same clown who was arguing for Morelos to be labelled the best player in the SPFL. I wonder when he saw the light?
    Genuine idiots appear to be Mensa candidates when compared to Boyd.

  • Andy says:

    The comment “ has all the brain-wattage of discarded gum” is absolutely superb – even better when so aptly applied!

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    The guy’s a pure twerp. Tho we cannae ever underestimate the wee man’s importance tae the team. (And that’s no agreein one shred whit the smirkin halfwit’s sayin btw).

  • John Copeland says:

    What does it tell you about the credentials of Sky Sports management and the Sun newspaper sports bosses that they think big fake Kris Boyd is any kind of asset to their overall production ? If anyone was in any doubt about the quality of sports commentators in wee Scotland , look and listen to bunker nut Boyd … It’s self explanatory !

  • Johnny Green says:

    Yes, he never has been much of thinker, but this is just a half-hearted attempt to comfort the bluenoses into thinking that they are half decent and that they are not that far behind us. I have no problem with that, let them accept what they want to hear and as usual come back down to earth with a bang on Saturday when the Celtic juggernaut hits them full force.

    They talk the talk and we walk the walk.

  • Voice of Reason says:

    Can’t wait tae see this Fukin CLOWNS ‘Spanked’ Coupon on Sat at haf 1 when we’re at LEAST 3-0 tae the good AGANE!! FAT WANKER will be Spewing claiming it’s aw Gios Fault LOL!!

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    Another of Boyd’s fatuous non-news items. Who was the fellow who wrote Ange aimed to break
    a World Record for points in a season for a Football League?. Did Ange really say that? Ange wants to win the Premiership, concentrating on game by game. World Record! Sounds American. What is it MATE?. If the Scottish points record goes, that’s just a bonus for the Celtic FC Team.

  • SSMPM says:

    We’re not a front wheel or back wheel driven machine, surely he’d find our engine lies in the midfield that’s were the energy is to be found and powered. The rest of the bodywork is very complimentary; the wings are silky and the front spoiler is Kyogo. Like the rest of our team he’s a valuable and important asset in the cycle of rotation. Not the the reason for our successes.
    Bloody idiot never lets you down, the only surprise is that he has the genuine ability to keep up with and produces the insightful genius matched only by a certain Jackass.
    Reality and more notice would have been taken if the blob had said if they had Ange as their driver. Just another day in Paradise. HH

  • S Thomas says:

    Celtic will win the match on Saturday.. easy peasy lemon squeezy. People can say what they want it’s all about opinions, they don’t really matter 1 way or the other, what matters is what the final result will be on Saturday afternoon. Celtic will have the game win by half time.

  • larsson7 says:

    How he has got to the position he is in baffles me,not the brightest pee in the pot,thats putting it the guys a bigot of that there is no doubt.
    To see him feel uneasy on his seat,at half time and full time is worth the Admission money,hopefully we get a repeat this Saturday H H

  • Johnno says:

    The day we start paying any attention to what any thick hun prick has to shite talk about is a day when any celt had devolved a huge problem.
    This coming from the same thick, who not so long ago was trying to claim that the even fatter EL Donkeyo was the best player in Scotland, so what does that say about him now?
    Sly sports hardly cover themselves in glory with allowing this thick dope anywhere near it’s channels and hardly surprising that Scottish football can get labelled as a joke product still.
    Yet intelligence with your thick dopey hun fuck were never made to go together, so normal service still applies

  • Michael Clark says:

    There’s nothing that Kris Boyd says or comments on that surprises me. The fact that the media backed up his claim just shows how the whole fuckin lot of them are bent out of shape because we’re on the verge of the treble again. Andy Walker made an arse of him on commentary duty a couple of weeks ago and Boyd didn’t even know it. I hope he’s on the panel on Saturday so I can watch the jerk vomit live on TV after Celtic put his lot to the sword.

  • Annmcq14 says:

    I also rolled my eyes in disbelieve at the village idiot 2 , Andy Walker. This morning on Sky news after spouting his usual nonsensical irrelevant points he unbelievable goes on to jointly blame both sides aka the O**f*** for the ticket fiasco. Not a mention of the safety of our supporters or that we needed a more substantial allocation to protect our supporters being bombarded by missiles. Nor the fact that they could have taken up their 700 allocation but refused in their normal tit-for-tat fashion or deary me that the rangers began this nonsense in the first place.

  • Tony B says:

    And if my auntie had baws she’d be my uncle.

    Bydie : the Tarbolton village idiot who gives village idiots a bad name.

  • Margaret T says:

    Superb that sums Kris Boyd to a tee. He needs to take off his blue coloured specs for once.

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