Ange’s After Match Comments Prove Again That He Is Celtic’s Superlative Communicator.

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There were two things which came out of Ange’s press conference yesterday, one of which echoed into today.

But before I concentrate on the second of them I want to take a brief look at the first one, the fun one. Ange’s brilliant rejoinder to a journalist on our loss of form. Or rather, our apparent loss of form. It’s real, by the way.

We have dropped points in three of the last four league games. The last time we played really well in the league was that first half against Kilmarnock, where we blew them out after a half hour.

Two of the games where we’ve dropped points were at home.

So yes, the focus of this team has slipped somewhat with the end of the season beckoning.

It happened to us last season too, and only after the job was done.

The team has done what it had to do and that was what the manager was at great pains to point out yesterday when he spoke to the media at full time in our game.

“These guys are champions. They’ve won the title. When the heavyweight champion of the world lifts the belt, he doesn’t have to have won every round.”

And that’s why Ange Postecoglou is the best communicator at Celtic, and maybe the best we’ve had at the club in decades.

Even O’Neill would have struggled to match his dexterity of thought and that way he has of putting things in a way the layperson can grasp as well as the expert. It’s a beautiful and complete analogy, and apparently off the cuff.

I wrote last week about the silence of the Celtic board. I think their silence is a sign of how smart they have gotten, because this silence allows Ange to be the front man for the whole club and that’s apt because he absolutely should be.

No-one at Celtic does it better.

We could not get a better spokesperson if we scoured the earth for one.

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  • BJM says:

    Sevco may have won a round ,but Celtic won the contest by a knock out.

  • SSMPM says:

    The Killie game was a one off, before and after ha been sub standard as opposed to pre Jan.
    We do have some very good players but not enough. We are missing all round team and squad quality and comments like we don’t need to spend decent money is just mugging us off. Nobody is saying that we have to replace everyone at a high cost but we do need better in several areas and pretending we don’t is well pretending that all is rosy. We may have to spend a bit more on two or three to have a much better standard at the club. The rankers have shown our squad players replacements are well beatable and the first team is not that far ahead now. Sick of all this cheapskate small team talk. HH

  • Effarr says:

    The only thing you can say to that is, if the heavyweight champion was fighting flyweights every week then he would win every round. Too many flyweights have landed too many sucker punches on Celtic this year and it has to be stopped, certainly for next year.

  • SSMPM says:

    So given that 2 – 0 score at Paradise coming through across the city, tell me who didn’t expect that late goal for Glasgow City at ibrox?

  • John Smith says:

    I want Ange to focus more on the teams performance, rather than his pressers,,, haven’t seen angeball since the world cup break,,,

  • Johnno says:

    I think what may go unnoticed with Ange, is the setting of standards that begins with himself.
    We know he challenges his players to become the best version they set for themselves, and believe that attitude also drives Ange on himself.
    Been saying for a while now that many challenges await for next season and believe Ange will face them challenges head on.
    Still some big decisions await during the summer in preparation for next season.
    But beforehand a treble still has to be won, and even though the performances of late haven’t been of what we have become use to, that still can’t undermine what has been achieved in 2 years.
    Ange has been around long enough within the game to know just how quickly things can change within it, yet I don’t believe Ange will let up on the hunger for success either, starting with himself.

  • Kevin Dunne says:

    Ange is a genuine honest guy, he also has the wit and tounge that could cut a man down to size in very short sentences. What u see is what u get with Ange . Champions AGAIN treble on the way .HAIL HAIL

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