Dermot Desmond Coming To Talk To Ange Can Only Mean Good Things For Celtic.

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Dermot Desmond paid a visit to Celtic Park with his son the other day, a fact which has reverberated around Celtic cyberspace and sparked a lot of theories.

I am going to suggest one of my own; his appearance can only mean good things are happening.

This was not a crisis meeting. He was dressed casually, and that suggests a relaxed and informal atmosphere. We have seen Lawwell sit with Ange on several occasions recently, at youth games and women’s matches. The two men are on good terms. Ange speaks highly of Mark Lawwell. At this moment in time he is the most powerful Celtic boss ever.

There is no sense that Ange is a prima donna behind the scenes.

Rodgers was surrounded by those sort of rumours for ages before coming to Celtic, and I knew when I heard Lawwell openly disdain him that it was more than just a minor falling out.

I think a lot of people at Celtic were plainly sick of the man by that point, and he was just as sick of them.

But Ange, whilst not devoid of ego, is certainly not ruled by ego.

It’s in his Stoic nature to smell the flowers and enjoy life, rather than let himself be bogged down by nonsense such as personality clashes with those he works alongside. The way he sat and chatted amiably with Lawwell in those clips from TV suggested real warmth and a good relationship.

On top of that, we know that Ange is on an annual rolling contract, and that nobody inside Celtic has been in the least bit concerned about that. But it would be silly not to protect ourselves from the inevitable offer from England. If it’s something Ange decides he wants to pursue then Celtic deserve to be well compensated. Ange is, after all, an elite boss.

We’re in changed days here at Celtic.

So it does stand to reason that if Desmond is visiting it’s to tie Ange to a deal which makes him even more wealthy and even more secure. It stands to reason that he is being rewarded for two exceptional campaigns and that we can enter the third confident about the future. For sure, Desmond isn’t there to see him off the premises.

Ange has performed as well as Rodgers, and he deserves a Rodgers level salary. If Celtic is acting to tie him down then everyone at our club deserves the highest possible praise for that, and in particular Desmond and Lawwell.

Those two men screwed up monumentally when they hired Neil Lennon and it was my considered opinion that they should have followed their buddy right out the door. When they couldn’t close a deal for Eddie Howe I feared the worst. I still consider Ange to have been a left-field panic appointment where they took a desperate shot in the dark.

But you know what? From the moment they committed to this man they went all in.

They gave him a level of control, and power, that no manager has enjoyed here since O’Neill, and probably not even him. They tore up a year of planning, all discussions about a director of football, and put everything in Ange’s hands, and that suggests that on some level they were utterly convinced of his talents and acted accordingly.

They didn’t have to do it that way. They could have proceeded with caution, played “wait and see” and given him token backing until he proved himself. Instead they entrusted him with the fate of the whole club, and that cannot have been easy for these men to do … I am mightily impressed by the way they have supported Ange and his plans so far.

As far as I’m concerned, they can redeem themselves entirely over the next couple of years if they continue to support him and what he’s trying to do.

Because I think he’ll take us further than Rodgers ever could have and build something to last so that even if he does go he leaves behind him something much better than what he inherited, and a blueprint for his successor to follow.

The days of some pen-pusher watching the manager’s every move are over; the big man has shown us the value in letting the football people run the football department, and that lesson will stick.

Ange’s impact on this club ought to be felt long after he’s gone.

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  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Hopefully Ange can pledge his longer, as opposed tae shorter, term future wi the club. Don’t like soundin negative, especially when we’re havin this SPL success, tho ah see he puts a lot of trust in his coachin staff. Personally for me, there’s still a big question mark wi John Kennedy and Gavin Strachan. Of course ah don’t work wi them every day, tho unless somethin drastic has changed, imo they’re no the coachin staff tae take us forward in Europe. Same defensive frailties every season, especially with set pieces. Anyway, just an opinion.

  • Jim says:

    They gave him carte blanche because they were desperate and couldn’t afford to blow it with him, James.

    However it was the bit of luck that Celtic fans deserved after suffering from their incompetence for so long.

    If Desmond is here to make him happy then it is good. It’s what he deserves.

  • DixieD says:

    I sincerely hope you’re right and a long term offer is signed. However I’m not convinced about him having a “blueprint for his successor to follow” No experienced, confident manager is going to follow anyones blueprint. They’ll want things done their way, and stamp their ideas on the players/club, meaning everything could unravel in 12 months with the wrong appointment. Lennon was a tough managerial lesson to learn, but hopefully that painful season is as ingrained in the boards psyche as much it is the supporters!

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      @ DixieD. Aye true and ah hope he hasnae a certain person sittin in the dugout on his mind if and when that situation ever arises haha. Nae names mentioned here ! Anyhow, hopefully onwards HH.

  • Bob (original) says:

    Agree with the above, but would qualify any praise for Lawwell.

    The 18 years CEO did not take any responsibility for the disastrous Lennon

    “in the showers / didn’t look at any CV’s” appointment.

    The 18 years CEO did not take any responsibility either

    for the highly embarrassing, amateurish chasing of Howe for several months.

    He [we] got incredibly lucky to secure Ange.

    Lawwell provided stable financial stewardship – and was incredibly well rewarded for that.

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      @ Bob O. Ah think tbh, what your sayin is at the back of just about any Celtic fan ah know’s mind. If we get the SC, thats the season complete. Perfect. Cannae ask for more than that domestically. Its now up tae Desmond, Lawwell & co. Give the big guy the assurance and financial backin tae hopefully keep us ahead and more importantly, strengthen for Europe. Next season might show us how serious their intentions and ambitions are.

  • Annmcq14 says:

    My god the hysteria and OTT reaction from some regarding the defeat to them is actually laughable. Don’t get me wrong I am in the same boat as everyone else who doesn’t t like to be on the receiving end of a loss to them but we should treat them with the disdain they deserve a bunch of losers when it really mattered. I am with you on this and we should be looking at the positivity and confidence surrounding our club including DD attendance. I am sure the media rags will put a different spin on it but who cares what they say, after all with dwindling sales and their continued support of the sevco it’s yet to dawn on them that may be going bust as well as that mob across the city. Let’s look forward hopefully, to another treble and enjoy the pre-season shambles of the rangers. Hail Hail.

  • Jack says:

    Mr Desmond will do the right thing in terms of supporting Ange and his plans to keep improving the team. Regarding the 3-0 defeat to the tribute act, they scored the exact same number of goals as the number of trophies they have missed out on this season. They have also picked up the dubious honour of becoming the worst team in the history of the champions league. They are hardly breathing down our necks, so not worried about them in the slightest as I think they will be even weaker next season. Here’s to Celtic clinching the treble at Hampden on the last day of the season. I know we don’t do revenge, but we owe it to Calley Thistle to beat them to make up for the Steven McLean semi final.

  • Michael Clark says:

    It’s great news that Desmond McDermot is in town because he’s Celtics money man. With a new campaign on the horizon maybe not only is he looking to tie Ange down but maybe its regarding finances for new players. If Ange gets some serious money maybe Celtic could be serious contenders in the Champions league

    • LadyGreybush says:

      We’re not going to ever be serious contenders in the Champions League unless some oil rich prince buys us.

  • Johnno says:

    You would expect for the tash to make his guest appearance at this time of year, as celtic is still a business that has to be ran accordingly.
    We are at that time of year when accounts would be getting finalised with the end of June in mind, while also looking at budgets for next season.
    With the club in such a strong financial footing, I would say all the meetings that would have taken place were done so in a very relaxed manner without any hints of panic.
    For Ange himself, still has a number of decisions to make upon players futures, especially if they aren’t in his plan’s going forward.
    Of course that comes at a cost, and hopefully can get tidyed up during the summer.
    There is always going to be a certain amount of loss within a football business, yet Ange has done superbly well with been able to manage both sides of the loss and profit margins within the playing staff and delivering so much success in the meantime.
    It’s a formula that every boardroom would love to have in place, hence so many clubs would love to have Ange within there club, operating in the same manner as with ourselves.
    I can’t see them strong relationships that have been formed being broken anytime soon either, even within an ever changing footballing world.

  • Effarr says:

    So, is it the suit and tie if he is coming to give Ange the bullet and the torn jeans with the shirt open to the navel if he is offering him a new contract? Talk about making a silk purse out of a pig’s ear!

    Maybe he came to tell him that if he is so keen on only signing players who wish to play for Celtic that he tells them that he means on a
    longer term basis rather than on a monthly, a la
    Juranovic and Gioukamakis.

  • Stesano says:

    I can tell you right now having lived on and off in Australia for Long time that they are the biggest sychopants of the ( ” EPL” yeah no one calls it that but they do ) on the planet!! If sadly Ange gets an offer he is away! Sadly that is a fact! I even see it in his interviews with fox and sbs over there,you need to have lived in Australia to understand it they crave valadation fom England and America and in football terms and football culture which they know little of the ” EPL” is the holy grail. He be away tomorrow if he has the chance believe it

    • Johnno says:

      Sorry stes but totally disagree with you.
      Don’t believe Ange is a man driven by money and greed, as seems to have far bigger principles within life imo.
      Football can tend to be dominated at times, yet Ange would be earning a very healthy sum at ourselves currently and is hardly short of a few bob either.
      Believe a happy and content working environment means more to Ange than money and having to work with the overpaid prima donas that exist within so many club’s further up the food chain imo

      • Stesano says:

        Mhate nothing to do with money if you lived in Australia for any period of time you understand,believe me on that, and Ange is no different he will go having watched him on tv interviews there to he knows he be totally hailed for working in England back in Australia that is massive to them! The crave that relevance trust me I know I lived with the real Aussies in the suburbs of western Sydney my ex was an Aussie tho of 1st gen but trust me on this He will go to England and tho money is good it’s not even about that as I explained above

    • Stesano says:

      You not got a clue , his integrity is nothing to do with it! He has spades of it but he will go ! I hope I am wrong, if you ever lived there you may understand but you obviously don’t!

    • Stesano says:

      Listen I love big Ange managing our club!! Trust me I love that this club of ourssince I was born!! And I mean the real deal!! Live, breath,eat and sleep Celtic for me there is no club on the planet that comes close!! We are Celtic! And they are us!! When living in places like Australia this even more apparent trust me none of the English club come close to us for real fans and the huns aren’t even in the equation over there! We turn up at 5 an for European games before work and sometimes miss work cause of it ha ha Way out numbers all Liverpool’s, man unds, etc and this in a sports bar where they go to it was cheers on George st. Ange wouldn’t be disrespecting our club he know how big and unique we are!! This about geography and I am just letting you know how all Aussies!! All! See ” EPL” the Greek you mention means nothing that’s Australia ” mhate” my ex was Spanish 1st generation all family are married to Latin partners and they think same about English football you need to have lived in Australia to know so hush up you know nothing!

    • Stesano says:

      I write 3 replies to your silly comment and none been published listen no bigger Celtic man than me I love the club and for me it’s the Greatest on the planet!! I have nothing but respect for Ange and wish him to stay !! But you haven’t lived in Australia ” mhate” what I said is true !! This he a Greek that’s Australia ” mhate ” my ex was Spanish first gen same as Ange but they were brought up there and many actually discard the old homelands obviously not Ange or my ex and her family but Aussie are ” EPL” phychophants! Fact and Ange like all Aussies sees that as one the pinnacles ! It’s no disrespectful to us it’s just geography!! I know I wished to God we were playing in England as it help us get away from the poison in Govan in many ways and stop our great club being dragged into their sickness even if they were in same set up it be much more marginalised and they be accountable without the bs whataboutery of ” Brigadoon” Scotland

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    @ Annmcq14. Don’t think its really tae dae with the result tbh. Just a bit of early spec, on how big our boards ambitions for the team are gonnae be next season. Think it’s fair point.

  • Poort says:

    What I’ve been impressed by, not only, does he have total control of the clubs development and signings policy…is that he has control of the scouts, where they go, and what they are targeting ..I don’t think even Martin had that level of fact you would probably have to go back to Big Jock to see a manager who held such a command over the entirety of the clubs philosophy…

  • SSMPM says:

    The left field panic appointment for me was appointing Lennon, Lawwell thinking we could continue to do it do it on the cheap with a guy that did, don’t forget, have success at our club previously including at CL level. Lennon also had decent financial support from the board, unfortunately bringing in the wrong players needed and was allowed to keep French Eddie, Christie and Ajer pretty much against their desires for a move that season for the failed TIAR. I didn’t hear much fan disagreement at the time with bringing in Duffy for example.
    I affirm again that I think Eddie Howe would have been more of a gamble that may well have struggled on the budget we would have been able to provide him with. We don’t have Newcastle’s budget or play in the EPL so Howe would have struggled to be a quality player magnet at Celtic in my view, accepting of course that he appears a good coach though failed at both Burnley and in his final year at Bournemouth.
    I can’t agree either with the flippant analysis that Ange was a desperate shot in the dark. I mean really! It’s not an analysis, it’s simply bad judgement based on our/your lack of knowledge of the man. He had a better track record than Howe, was part of the successful City management group and due diligence was done by the board. They didn’t just feather a goose’s arse by choosing Ange. So credit that few want to give them there. What does surprise me now is that they went for Howe first perhaps pandering to fans that deserve no credit there. He’s no Pedro Caixinha.
    As much as there is of course fan’s distain for the board’s failure to get us the Ten, and I notice the change in your tone towards them this year, some accept that we have actually been successful under their stewardship for a long time. In Ange they identified that he was a man with ideas they could get behind, had a vision that they would back and commit to and that he was was a quality player magnet as regards to the Asian market. However as we’ve seen he makes mistakes too. I know we’ve spent money on £5/6/7 million signings over the last couple of years but I don’t just want DD to offer him a contract, I want him to give assurances that we can purchase players above 2/3 mil. HH

  • Sid says:

    Hopefully he’s here to deal with the biggest threat to the football club…… the SFA and cheating referee’s.

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