In His Quest To Catch Celtic, The Mooch Has Reversed Himself At Every Turn.

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The Mooch sat in front of the media today and was given as easy a ride as any manager could hope for. It was ever thus when it comes to this guy. He is put under no pressure whatsoever by the hacks, even when he sits there are talks absolute tripe.

From the minute this guy arrived at Ibrox he was getting away with this stuff. Last weekend they lost two of their most high profile players on frees. He actually repeated, in the aftermath, that no offers were made to them after he arrived. This was either a barefaced lie – which is what I’ve always said it was – or a gross dereliction of duty.

The media swallowed it and never bothered to ask how he could justify that stance to either the bean counters or the fans. To have continued selecting them both, and in effect calling them amongst the club’s best players whilst not offering them the opportunity to stay would have been utterly ridiculous … but that’s what he claims he did.

He actually said, at one stage – and nobody criticised him for it – that the club itself was in total control of the process. How anyone took that at face value I do not know, because this blog and others said that it was plainly a ridiculous claim.

Today he’s told the media he expects to make “five, six or seven” signings.

Well, which is it? And is that on top of what he’s got done at the moment? They’ve lost five players. So is he saying that he wants to restore the numbers, or is he going above and beyond them?

Either way, does that sound to you like “the biggest rebuild in years”? Ibrox managers frequently sign between five and seven players, and that’s without a mass exodus. Has he changed his mind again … or has someone in the boardroom changed it for him?

Answers on a postcard, folks, but I think we can guess.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    All huff and bluff from the serial loser.

  • John L says:

    Hi James. Thanks for opening my eyes to the unbelievable bias in Scotland, from press to radio ,I can’t stomach them , I never buy the daily R and struggle to listen to radio C as both are full of ibrox goons . We all love Ange, that’s great, I wish when he said every club after the split has something to play for. That actually they shouldn’t wait for the split as they have something to play for from day 1

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Listening to hugh “ange isn’t good enough” keevins, saying that Tottenham hotspur are after Ange. Wee tosser thinks he’s good enough for one of the richest clubs in the world. Not good enough for former Champions of Europe. Wee dick. HH

  • John Duffy says:

    Would that be a Blackpool,Brighton a Newquay postcard

  • JimBhoy says:

    aye but he is getting a very favourable pot of cash he says more than normal it seems so he will be attracting some big names to Ibrox.
    Or will he….Who cares, we will know shortly who is moving on from Celtic, who we will take money for and more importantly who we bring in. Looking forward to that.

    Refreshing to know we have a manager who gives it straight. Hopefully he will be around for next season.

  • Peterbrady says:

    James you and Phil on the bevvy jelly and ice cream no articles for two days and nearly a week to celebrate THE Glasgow Celtic Championship HAIL! HAIL! In Ange we trust.

  • Davie says:

    Beale the Speal talks the talk but not so good at backing up what he says.
    The Rangers fans do fall for all the speal from Beale

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