Inverness Are Correct Still To Be Fuming At The SFA. Celtic Should Be As Well.

Image for Inverness Are Correct Still To Be Fuming At The SFA. Celtic Should Be As Well.

Yesterday, Billy Dodds sat in front of the media and gave his view on the Inverness ticketing issues and the reasons why they’ve given back several thousands of them to the SFA, as briefs they cannot sell. That Celtic fans will reap the benefit hardly needs pointing out, but it isn’t the point and both clubs should continue raising Hell over this shambles.

The more that’s uncovered here, the more scandalous this story gets. The news that the game will, after all, be shown on terrestrial TV was followed up by the shocking revelation that extra-time in the FA Cup Final will see viewers shunted towards another channel demonstrates clearly how the SFA’s line about giving us the best of all worlds was a barefaced lie; they have, in fact, made us the tagged on match at the end of the so-called main event.

It is appalling how amateurish the governing bodies here are. They cannot get their story straight on this for even five minutes. The idea that the clubs were happy about the outcome was revealed as an utter fiction on the day that they did it … the two statements which were released in quick succession took care of that.

But still, Maxwell was banging on the other day about how happy he was that Inverness had sorted out their travel issues … no thanks to the SFA which made the scandalous decision to change the kick-off time without consulting them. Of course those issues weren’t solved; whether the train companies came to the rescue or not, those who attend the game still face a four or five hour trip back up the road at eight o’clock at night.

So of course fans who otherwise might have come to the match decided not to bother. Dodds is 100% correct to say that the change has adversely affected their possible attendance. The SFA cannot possible claim anything else and yet Maxwell blithely, arrogantly, assured the media that everything was fine. What a disgrace.

Both clubs should be continuing to fume about this. This scandal has already affected fans and massively devalued our cup final. But it’s the already tattered credibility of the people at Hampden and who are supposed to “run football” in Scotland who have taken the biggest hit, and that’s a crisis that will not stop with the full time whistle on Saturday.

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  • Johnno says:

    Sorry James I’m really not getting this such bad feeling about the change of time regarding the cup final.
    To much sympathy shown towards cally, yet were was there support for the semi?
    To be given a bigger viewing audience to showcase our historic, record breaking treble is something I was in favour of.
    No surprise the English cup final was changed as was always going to be a far bigger travel issue with 2 big teams from the same city having to travel to London.
    Weather we like it or not the English cup final is always going to attract a far bigger viewing audience than ours.
    Still finding all the arguments flimsy at best over the whole issue personally

    • Martin says:

      The Scottish Football Association has nothing to do with the English game. It should’ve taken no consideration of when their game is played. The idea we can’t have both on at the same time is rot. Is someone secretly worried about the choices viewers would make?

      • Johnno says:

        I can only speak from an Irish perspective on the issue Martin.
        The game isn’t readily available for most venue’s within Ireland for those who want to go out and celebrate the occasion, and still our support has to contend with the man united influence along with the GAA on Saturday.
        With that in mind, it will make thing’s a bit easier for our Irish celtic support which I remain in support of

    • Woodyiom says:

      “Still finding all the arguments flimsy at best over the whole issue personally” I agree Johnno BUT only in respect to any arguments IN FAVOUR of the game being moved!!!

      The Scottish Cup Final is our blue riband game – it’s at 3pm on the last Saturday of the season – no ifs, no buts and absolutely no moving it because the FA Cup Final happens to have been moved to the same time – starting down that road is a VERY slippery slope!!

  • James Forrest says:

    I’m trying to write, edit, research etc … moderating the comments isn’t top of my priorities list 😉

    • James Forrest says:

      You’re trying to talk yourself out the door?

      Don’t give me that shit about taking time out of the day; when you work the hours I do, even WITHOUT moderating comments, you can give me that shit lecture.

      You think I enjoy reading bitchy bollocks like that? You think I get a kick out of moderating moaning bastards like yourself?

      Mate, yellow card.

  • Michael McCann says:

    Would this time been shifted if it had been the team from Scumbrox if they had been in the final? I think not. The SFA and all the associate bodies including the referees are out to stick it to Celtic and their supporters history is proof of that

  • Danny says:

    Fuck the SFA

  • Bryan Coyle says:

    If the huns were in the final it would be a 3 o’clock kick off.

  • Stephen says:

    Yet still the celtic board are silent.

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