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Kyogo Furuhashi Named 2023 SPFL Premiership Player of the Season

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Kyogo Furuhashi, the talented forward for Celtic, has been rightfully awarded the SPFL Premiership Player of the Season for 2023. His exceptional performances throughout the campaign have earned him widespread acclaim and recognition. Let’s delve into Kyogo’s achievements and understand why he is considered one of the brightest stars in Scottish football.

A Breakthrough Season

Kyogo Furuhashi made an immediate impact in his debut season in Scottish football. Signed by Celtic in 2021, he quickly adapted to the demands of the SPFL Premiership and became a key figure for his team. With his impressive pace, intelligent movement, and clinical finishing, Kyogo consistently showcased his skills and earned praise from fans and experts. Celtic fans won big with Kyogo, like hitting the jackpot in a video slots game.

Goal-Scoring Excellence

One of Kyogo’s standout attributes is his natural ability to score goals. He finished the season as the league’s top scorer, netting an impressive 23 goals in the SPFL Premiership. His goals often came at crucial moments, making him an invaluable asset for Celtic. Kyogo’s consistency in finding the back of the net played a significant role in his selection as the Player of the Season.

Versatility and Adaptability

Kyogo’s versatility has been a valuable asset for Celtic. Whether deployed as a central striker or playing on the flanks, he showcased his ability to create chances and provide assists. His agility and technical prowess allowed him to constantly trouble opposing defences. Kyogo’s impact on the game went beyond goal-scoring, making him a well-rounded and dynamic player.

Contribution to Celtic’s Success

Kyogo Furuhashi’s performances have been instrumental in Celtic’s success throughout the season. Under the guidance of manager Ange Postecoglou, the team adopted an attacking style that perfectly suited Kyogo’s abilities. His energy, enthusiasm, and determination to succeed inspired his teammates and contributed to crucial victories. Celtic’s competitive performance can be largely attributed to Kyogo’s influence. Celtic now have the 2023 SPFL Premiership title in hand, thanks in no small part to Kyogo.

Recognition and Awards

Kyogo’s selection as the SPFL Premiership Player of the Season is a testament to his exceptional contributions. His performances caught the attention of fans, experts, and his fellow players. Alongside his manager, Ange Postecoglou, who won the Manager of the Season award, Kyogo’s success highlights the strong partnership between them and their significant impact on Celtic’s season.


Kyogo Furuhashi’s recognition as the 2023 SPFL Premiership Player of the Season is well-deserved. His impressive goal-scoring record, versatility, and overall impact on Celtic’s success have established him as a key player in Scottish football. As he continues to develop and excel, Kyogo will undoubtedly remain a player to watch. The future looks bright for both Kyogo and Celtic Football Club, and fans can look forward to witnessing more of his electrifying performances in the seasons to come.

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