The More Ignorant English Commentators Slag Celtic’s Manager The Happier We Will Be.

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Two of the most pig-ignorant and discredited men in the world of football commentary are slagging our manager tonight, and critiquing him as a possible candidate for Spurs. One of them is a former Ibrox toe-rag with questionable morals.

Gray and Keys have struggled for relevance since being booted off Sky for misogyny way back when; it’s nice that they have twigged that something anti-Celtic can get you easy headlines here in Scotland.

“I do not know why Brendan Rodgers is not being considered for (the Spurs) job,” one idiot (Gray) said to the other idiot (Keys). “What has Postecoglou got and done that Brendan Rodgers hasn’t bettered? Bettered.”

Keys then said: “Nothing. Nothing like what Brendan Rodgers has done.” His clownish mate then went on to say, “Rodgers has got so much more experience about this league and managing big clubs and managing big players, as he did at Liverpool. I don’t get that one. There must be something stopping these big clubs even talking to Brendan Rodgers.”

Both are banging the drum for the manager Leicester sacked in a failed attempt to stop their club from getting relegated. Both are questioning Ange’s record in comparison to the Irishman.

The question being asked is what Ange has done that Rodgers hasn’t.

Maybe I’m an idiot, but I don’t remember Rodgers winning titles on three continents, or managing a national team to a trophy.

Ange’s record at Celtic is easily comparable with that of Rodgers; with a little more focus we could have taken his immortal points record from him. Rodgers has won an FA Cup outside of Celtic Park; that’s his record.

That’s what they are bragging about, and if they want to do that they are fully entitled to … but to disparage Ange reveals their arrogance and utter stupidity for exactly that.

This is typical of the thinking of many people in and around the English game, and as I pointed out recently, a lot of Spurs fans feel exactly the same way about the record of our boss. And you know what? I was guilty of it myself.

You live and you learn … or you don’t.

To me, this is good news. The more this view prevails south of the border the less we have to worry about up here.

The more debate and discussion there is where Ange’s record prior to arriving at Celtic is disparaged the less chance of some chairman down there deciding he’s going to buck the “accepted wisdom” and hire the guy.

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  • king murdy says:

    good !!!!!!

    i hope daniel levy took note….gray will lose staunch points with that attitude….

  • Mark B says:

    To be fair Rodgers was tremendous for us. And before Ange came he was also given less than enthusiastic welcome. But this is a British diseases this arrogance. We devalue anything outside our game Ange also won the Asian Championship with Australia as well as J League so objectively his credentials are strong. English football is not as good as it thinks it is. The national team have never beaten another major nation outside Wembley except Spain in 1968 …that is an amazing statistic. Gray and Keys? Sacked for lack of professionalism so who cares about their view.

  • Johnno says:

    Personally will never jump on the anti Rodgers band wagon that still exists among so much of our supporters still.
    Find it fairly ridiculous when you look at the success he gained with ourselves.
    Yet with Rodgers it seems like his shelf life as a manager with a club only really lasts 2 seasons before problems arise with players and a board.
    Now that would be a fairly decent return for spurs, especially at the rate they change managers.
    However I still believe Ange is a longer term manager at heart, so still fail to see what would attract him to spurs, even moreso with the total mess they currently find themselves in.
    Plus I don’t believe Ange is finished within his ambitions within Celtic and stated earlier that I strongly believe that we have still better to come for his Celtic team yet.
    If it were to come down to a straight choice between Ange and Rodgers?
    Then I would still claim Rodgers would be favourite for the job, even if the spurs support might not be to impressed.
    Saying that I would be surprised if either were the next spurs manager and couldn’t care less about the subject moreso

  • Denis Burns says:

    Hope they all think like that and we’re stuck with Ange for the next five, ten years. What a shame that would be. Hail Hail.

  • Les says:

    Sorry James, I’ve got to agree with them he’s won the league cup, got them in Europe. Ang has done brilliant up here as that leech done. He will stay for 5 years ?

  • john clarke says:

    They should try to be funny. Richard and Andy sound like two homeless men on the plonk,
    talking shite. Ange knows what side of his bread is buttered.
    Right now, if you asked Ange to chose a slice of naked leavened Challah,
    or bread with South Ayrshire slightly salted butter he would take the Scottish
    offering every time.

  • Jack says:

    Hopefully Ange will stay with us for about five seasons. Take us to glory in Europe and then (if he wants) go to a lesser club in England. Hail Hail.

  • Michael Clark says:

    Again, Celtic are on the verge of losing yet again another first class manager to the English Premiership. It has been Celtics Achiltibuie heel whenever they begin to gather momentum it’s taken away. We’ve lost Countless players and managers down there because they come calling with their big checkbooks. It looking harder and harder as time goes by how Celtic will ever get a run in the Champions league.

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