The Daily Record’s Article On Celtic’s Earnings Sums Up That Biased Little Rag.

Image for The Daily Record’s Article On Celtic’s Earnings Sums Up That Biased Little Rag.

What a shocker of a piece in The Record today.

And yes, I hear you all out there; “Just one shocker, James? Surely there was more than that?”

You are of course correct, and I’ll get to Jackson’s pile of steaming excrement later. But for now let us focus on the shocker I’m writing about here, that piece on the earnings from the clubs over the course of the season.

“What Rangers made in prize money despite trophyless season as Celtic continue to rule financial roost” screams the headline.

And right away you have to wonder to yourself; what is the purpose and the function of an article which has their name first, and talks about how brilliantly their earnings were when ours were so, so much higher?

The question sort of answers itself, doesn’t it?

As usual, that is The Record doing what The Record has always done best. Catering to its core readership first. Celtic’s earnings from European competition and prize money dwarf theirs – ours are one third higher in fact – but that rag and its two-bob reporters can’t write that without first giving their fans a little feel-good.

What a pathetic mess of a newspaper that is. It’s no wonder that our fans think of that publication as some kind of bad joke. It has spawned a spoof series on this website, one that looks as if it could continue far into the future as he just keeps on inspiring content.

There are things which aren’t even in the article, such as the £6 million we made from the Sydney trip, one where after court cases and settlement fees they will actually post a loss.

James Bisgrove, their new CEO, was the man who “masterminded” that disaster, something nobody thought to ask him about during all the media hoo-ha over him last week.

This is what our media does best, and that particular outlet does it better than any other.

They suck up to Ibrox, and pander to the dumbest fans in the country. Over time that hasn’t been helpful to their favourite club but that doesn’t make it less irritating for the rest of us.

That £10 million differential in prize money, the £6 million from the Australia trip and the decisive advantage we have over them in terms of season ticket income due to having a bigger ground all adds up, and that’s probably why The Record only wants to focus on the fluff and not concentrate on the bigger picture, this summer and the respective budgets.

That’s the real story … so of course, the one they won’t write.

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  • SSMPM says:

    A paper written with delusions and allusions for the deluded and gullibles. The only surprise is that it doesn’t more pictures than words to help them out. HH

  • John Copeland says:

    The Rangers made many millions of pounds from their European exploits over and above the domestic millions generated ,yet on numerous occasions there was a confetti share issue just to keep the lights on and make monthly pay ! If I did not know better , I’d say there was a monumental royal scam in operation down in Govan land …

  • harold shand says:

    How long until we get the headline saying ,,

    Super duper computer calculates Rangers will win the league next season by 5 points

  • BJM says:

    Strange the daily record getting all exited about sevcos earnings money , here’s me thinking money doesn’t mean anything certainly not a sporting advantage.
    Maybe only when suits the narrative.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    It’s all just designed tae try and give them and their fellow ibrox support some sort if consolation, after a shit, failure of a season. And btw, ah hope the sun’s burstin, absolutely roastin, on Saturday when we’re watchin the hoops AGAIN at Hampden and on our tv’s, while they’re all doin…….well, who gives a fk ?! HH.

  • John Copeland says:

    Ah ,the good old ,reliable daily Record newspaper ! It raised the price of its daily edition ,slap bang in the middle of the COVID 19 pandemic ! How’s that for appreciation and being concerned about it’s readership’s health and well being ! Plus ,there is a price hike 3 times a year for the same sub standard product , come rain or shine ….Sorry ,I’m just having a little welling up moment here , filled with pride for a Scottish institution …. Yeaaaahhhhh!

  • Kevin in Cork says:

    I think Celtic should seriously consider banning that rag from CP and also ban the management team and the players from giving them any interviews or even statements

  • Tony B says:

    It never was much of a newspaper in the past but now it’s just a hun fanzine whose days are numbered.

  • Stevie Welsh says:

    The Record is indeed a dreadfully biased paper but what about The Sun? Yesterdays headline screamed Unacceptable and described carnage as 10 were arrested and 3 hurt. Yet no mention of riot police in attendance or mass vandalism.
    Todays headline is Postcards from Hell describing those sick individuals that preyed on innocent victims as they sent postcards from around the world on various scouting trips.
    That’s 2 front page very negative headlines involving Celtic two day’s running!!
    What’s coming tomorrow?
    I haven’t bought any paper in many years now but I see these headlines when surfing the net as I’m sure most of us do.

  • david fraser says:

    Where’s the link that shows this £6million?SNP Accounts?

  • Denis Burns says:

    I would like to say something positive about the Scottish media. Their biased reporting of the goings on at Ibrox contributed greatly to the death of Rangers mark 1. The Peepul believed the lies and were duped. Our special agents Whyte and Green (surely there was a hint in the names) made sure what rose from the ashes was suitably shackled. Rangers mark 2 have never fully recovered from this and the next crisis is just around the corner. God bless our Scottish media, may the Peepul continue to believe their gush.

  • Biffo67 says:

    Our earnings are actually 50% higher than theirs if they have about 20 million and we have 30 million approximately.

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