Hugh Keevins Latest Celtic Piece Truly Dredged The Gutter. It Is Disgusting.

Image for Hugh Keevins Latest Celtic Piece Truly Dredged The Gutter. It Is Disgusting.

I knew that one of the grim acts of this morning was going to be my routine trawl through the mainstream press and that the tone of some of the coverage was going to be openly gleeful about the anticipation of “Celtic’s summer of turmoil”.

I didn’t expect to be wholly insulted by the opening lines and the headline of one of the articles, but if someone had told me that I would be, I’d have guessed that it would be the one by that doddering idiot Keevins.

It’s staggeringly offensive.

“The Celtic supporters are like hospital visitors who have been asked to gather in the family room, having been told to ready themselves for news they’ve been dreading about a loved one,” is the first line of the article, and I read no further than that.

I don’t care what the rest of it says.

Because when you open by comparing Celtic fans this morning to family members crowded into a hospital room waiting on the news that someone has died you have crossed lines of morality and taste and the boundaries of rational debate to a grotesque extent.

Almost all of us have recent memories along those lines, and so we know what that feels like. It is beyond belief that any person could think that was an acceptable way to open an article on the possible departure of a football manager.

Whether people agree that Ange should move on or badly want him to stay, everyone I’ve spoken to is reacting sensibly and rationally to it and the sneering contempt for our fans which is revealed in that sentence is horrific.

But more than that, there’s a sensitivity issue here which nobody should have to point out to this utter fraud calling himself a journalist. He long ago proved himself a failure at that job.

Today he showed himself up as a failed human being.

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  • Stewart says:

    Like you only read the headline,,that was enough,,one man is poss leaving celtic has got the mainstream press and media with histeria headlines,,a plethora of people have left other so called(institution) in the surrounding area with not so much asa negitive headline, wonder why,,,

  • Bob (original) says:

    Keevins won’t be missed – when he finally runs out of crayons to churn out his low value content.

    Ange will be missed – if he does leave.
    First and foremost because he comes across as a decent, honest individual.

    …traits which are alien to the SMSM sports ‘journalists’ in particular.

  • Stephen Fitzsimmons says:

    Why do people listen to this man just ignore him and he’ll go away like bad snell he’s just an evil little man

  • harold shand says:

    The guy’s a doom monger , a joy vampire .

    I tuned into that show he’s on last week for a bit and laughed listening to him backtracking like a mofo on his A.N.G.E headline when a Celtic fan brought it up

  • John L says:

    Reading what Kevin’s and Miller wrote, it was like getting through a pile of Tripe topped with ?. Reading Miller,s , it was like he was going through his best porn collection.

    • Frank Keenan says:

      Every Single Reporter or TV all want Angue out they might Rue the day because if it happens we will be 100% behind the New Manager.Hail Hail.

  • MM says:

    After his pathetic ANGE headline, how about a play on his name? EG
    Klan- loving

  • Scud Missile says:

    So Gerrard left after stopping 10 in a row and this auld HAIRY FUD never even wrote half of the shite he has thrown at us and Ange.

  • Stevie Bhoy says:

    Again, the media have created all this.
    Whether there is any truth to the story or not they have done their job and will be delighted.

    Once again Celtic fc have just won a WORLD RECORD EIGHTH TREBLE.
    No one is talking about it and that’s very deliberate

  • Peterbrady says:

    It’s to give all the zombie filth hope they will be digging out there clown outfits to go on there ? parades in the knowledge of total moron cockney wanker at sevco and Dermott will appoint next coach who will be uprade on ange we are GLASGOW CELTIC HAIL! HAIL!.

  • Johnno says:

    All the gobshites within the gutter Scottish media never fail to disappoint in there levels of idiotic remarks.
    This horrible rat snide bastard is right up there with the worst of the worst, that only a competition must be ongoing within all the pricks taking part within the Scottish media at present with there anti celtic remarks.
    Well, would this dopey eejit have wrote something like that, when the scum actually died in 2012 when such reporting would have been more appropriate?
    What would the outcome have been then?
    The answers tells you all you need to know about the Scottish media, as if we didn’t know already

  • Magua says:

    McGowan’s article the other day…and now this. Shameful stuff.

    Hail Hail.

  • John S says:

    Totally agree, the quoted line is a dismissal offence. I can assure Mr.Keevins that waiting at a hospital for news of a loved one doesn’t compare and shouldn’t be compared to mere football stuff.

  • Gary Porter says:

    Football and funereal or morbid comparisons are nothing new. Kevin’s has no doubt experienced the great sadness that accompanies a pending loss of a loved one like the rest of us. It’s not offensive, to me anyway. The fact is, he’s shite at writing and even more shite at predicting outcomes. The error you made was reading the opening sentences.

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Was at Grand- niece’s Holy Communion today, James. More important things, than what that wee imposter says. HH

  • Jmg says:

    What a disgraceful comment by keevins to make,
    and he should chose his words more carefully and apologise immediately . There are celtic supporters who will be going through the hospital
    family room scenario currently who can’t work out why this moron spouts such utter garbage.

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    He should be sacked on the spot had to go through that exact scenario a few weeks ago with my father in law,to say it is in supreme bad taste is an understatement and should disgust every decent minded person in this country,can’t be allowed to get away with this

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