No, Celtic Has Not “Named Its Price” For Kyogo Furuhashi.

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Amidst the usual torrent of nonsense we’ve come to expect in a media which is still determined to paint Celtic as a “house divided” over the hiring of Brendan Rodgers when nothing could be further from the truth, we are back to the incessant linking of our players with other clubs. One report today spiralled into the usual torrent of links all feeding off it … and in that report it was claimed that Celtic has “named its price” for Kyogo Furuhashi.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Celtic has done no such thing, and even the initial piece of shoddy journalism – “Burnley might be ready to move” type crap – does not say that we have.

It says that we might be “tempted” to do business at £16 million.

I would suggest that the writer of that dreck stop sniffing glue at the weekend. Celtic would do no such thing unless there was a clear sign from the player that he didn’t want to stay and in those circumstances we’d be looking for Dembele style money.

Quite how a piece of speculative trash like this somehow generated headlines that we had “named our price” defies logic, but The Evening Times and others ran exactly that story, based on nothing at all but hot air. I know these people have jobs to do; I work in the same field as them, but I do not resort to their sort of cheap tactics.

This is why the media is lambasted by our fans.

It is why outlets have been banned by our club. This was not a factual story, it was, and it is, a work of fiction. I am not denying that there is interest in Kyogo; there most probably is. But Celtic has not been approached, no offer has been made and we have not “named our price” and any report which claims otherwise is a barefaced lie.

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  • John L says:

    It’s Him, it’s CCV , it’s Hatate, it’s F,n relentless. It’s the wee bit of this big world we live in and no matter how long we live in it, we will not and should never get used to this farcical pile of manure these pretend hack,s opperate in. Now that our club has drawn a line in the sand, I can see us falling out with more of them throughout the season. Our Celtic Our Rules.

  • Bugchunktlardass says:

    See, ah see it as all part of a bigger picture – ti create the illusion that we and the rangers are neck and neck, our star striker £16m, that’s one thing, but if he was sold for £30m, that’s a completely different narrative about the rangers.
    And as he looks like he’s very happy here, so not going anywhere, his actual market value is never found out, so the sevconians get ti feel all warm an fuzzy, thinking that they are right behind us, when in reality, we’re disappearing over the horizon.


    • Pan says:

      All these hacks are living in the 1690’s.
      They smell of Hell, just like their beloved Anger FC.

  • Johnno says:

    The transfer window isn’t actually open yet to register players as I believe, so only sounding out possibilities at present mainly.
    For ourselves, Ange stated after the cup final that there were players celebrating a treble that won’t be here next season?
    Course that will lead to huge speculation as to who, he was referring to and even moreso with him involved with spurs.
    I don’t think our club will entertain Ange if he comes calling.
    Still believe Rodgers will try to sway some to stay on, even if there future might be elsewhere in time.
    So only a guessing game at present, and as a club we don’t make to much noise about comings and goings of players either at present.
    Still very hard to predict how the summer will unfold, yet it willing be interesting to see if the signing of Holm and potentially the south Korean and Australian lads are really with next seasons CL in mind or for future CL campaigns?
    I suspect for the future moreso

  • John S says:

    Perhaps they should’ve checked to see if he qualifies for a Work Permit in England (insufficient caps) before making this gumf up.

  • Paul Mac says:

    As Big Jock said about Jinky … for what match ???

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    Scotlands sevco media shame just wait till sky sevco decide the dates and times for the season ahead.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      We will be ‘second’ class citizens playing after them again most of the season and yet not a peep from anyone at Celtic fans apart about this…

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      We will no doubt be ‘second’ class citizens once again next season and be forced to play after them by Sky for most of the season…

      Last season’s stats were utterly appalling and yet not a peep from anyone at Celtic about this apart from our fans –

      Starve Sky Sports Scotland is the answer !

  • Effarr says:

    I would agree that Tillio doesn’t look powerful but there are/were plenty of players around 5’ 7” with a bit of power and just as many pansies over 6’. Think of Bremner,
    Styles and even Sean Fallon on the one hand and the recently departed French CH,
    forgot his name, at 6’ 5”, who was rag-dolled by both Lyndon Dykes and the goalpost.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Now that AP’s away, they’ll start early, their pish about our best players leavin now. Of course, nae such spec bein made about ibrox players leavin. All about who’s comin IN over there. So predictable media wishful thinkin.

  • Paul McCann says:

    just a thought why dont spurs sign the entire celtic team as spurs are rubbish

  • Paul McCann says:

    just a thought why dont spurs sign the entire celtic team as spurs are rubbish

  • Billy Motts says:

    We don’t get this crap about Sevco having players unsettled and names being flung about because there’s no players there worth anything, plus the players they’re bringing in on loans etc. couldn’t get games with their own teams. Up and coming players come to us because they know they will be nurtured and as we know when they stand out they get the opportunity to move onto a “bigger” league and unfortunately for us that’s life. But it allows us to watch skilful, exciting attacking trophy winning football with a cash injection when they do leave
    That’s what these so called twisted gets can’t stomach.

  • Terry O'Higgins says:

    Celtic have started the ball rolling by banishing the BBC from Interviews, The club needs to start playing hard ball with these outlets, next should be The Daily record, Express and Mail. they have nothing good to say about our club. Celtic FC does not need any of those.

  • Robert Downey says:

    I agree 100% James, unfortunately that’s all we are going to get until the transfer window closes.
    The other one that needs taken to task is Football Scotland, they are still using the narrative the Rangers were relegated in 2012 and not Liquidated.

  • Eldraco says:

    If they lie ban them, keep banning them till they see the light.

  • Kevin Dunne says:

    50Mil then maybe

  • King billy says:

    Big ange coming for the boys he brought to celtic,£16 million is the price being quoted so think about that £16m but your lying board have told yous lot he has a £20 million release clause CCV,REO,and kyogo all be gone in a couple of weeks time,can’t wait for this season to fire up,Brenda rodgered ain’t going to be a success this time round listen to the green brigade there talking pure sense

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    The secret to it is not to buy or click on to them – Give them SFA – Sweet Fcuk All !

    Let forums like The Celtic Blog report their evil Anti Celtic lies to us to let us know what we’re up against in this stinking media country…

    But please – Take comfort from the fact that for every one story they finally get corrected there have been 49 before that that has been lie after lie after lie…

    50:1 in the lies and truth sphere ain’t a good look – well that’s the way it used to before I found social media fan forums and it’s probably been just as bad or even worse statistical figures for the last 23 years that I’ve used blogs !

    These rancid rags tell Lies and DIRTY ANTI CELTIC LIES at that –
    Please DO NOT believe a word that they say not now and not ever!

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