Stats Sites “Team Of The Year” Is Rendered Ridiculous By The Celtic Player Not In It.

Image for Stats Sites “Team Of The Year” Is Rendered Ridiculous By The Celtic Player Not In It.

Amidst yesterday’s torrent of nonsense about Ange, there was plenty of nonsense of other kinds to be found elsewhere.

One of the maddest stories was about that “stats” site which our media loves to quote from now and which I think must pull its data out of Narnia. They posted their team of the year yesterday and it was … extraordinary.

It was extraordinary that anyone took it remotely seriously.

I thought some of their picks were beyond daft, and I don’t know a single serious person in Scottish football who would agree with them. No Callum McGregor. Barisic in front of Taylor.

The highlight thought was Goldson instead of Cameron Carter Vickers, whose emission on its own rendered the whole thing incomprehensible and utterly pointless.

Nobody believes Goldson had a better season than Carter Vickers. Nobody. Not even Connor Goldson when he’s lying in the bath at night playing with his rubber duck and wondering why he signed a new deal at Ibrox. Nobody. Not even The Village Idiot and he believes that there are fairies at the bottom of his garden singing The Sash.

What’s worse is that by their stats it’s Tavernier – not any of the Celtic players – who should have won the Player of The Year award.

You have to wonder on what basis they did their data sampling; “We asked 100 Ibrox fans who the best player in Scotland is … our survey said …” Something along those lines maybe?

Nothing would surprise me.

But I’ll tell you, their overall listing came pretty close.

It’s no wonder some clubs can’t get signings right, if this is the kind of data that some of them are relying on. There’s still really no substitute for what your eyes can see every single week.

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  • SSMPM says:

    In this spirit and trying to show balance I’d say CCV was streets ahead of Goldson and the stats are a creation of fiction. My dear, now passed teacher, used to say as she returned my lowly marked homework, “It could get worse, trust in yourself not the stats”. The often used phrases she would quote were, “Lies, damn lies and statistics”, and “A liar, a damned liar, and an expert”, adding “But don’t trust the sources”. A Catholic school education makes a good sceptic.

  • Kevin Dunne says:

    No surprises , currant buns , mason,s Exspected to be honest ,impartial not a hope in hell , mason run society /country men in black , judges, coppers , VAR ,all driven by the fear of the black balling at local lodges ,or the big mystery brown fat envelopes .hands on (goldson) is about as useful as Viagra in the Sahara desert

  • Michael Clark says:

    Well there ye have it, Goldson gets the nod before Cameron Carter-Vickers. It just shows the nonsense their allowed to print. They should get a section in the Beano because they come straight out of a comic book

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