Soro And Other Celtic Flops Cannot Be Content Rotting The Reserves.

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Yesterday, I read with something approaching disbelief, that Ismaila Soro has turned down a move to Greece. What’s his issue?What possible reason could he have for not wanting to go?

The arrival of Brendan Rodgers doesn’t change anything here; this guy isn’t going to be a Celtic player.

What is it with a certain breed of footballer these day that they are content to sit in the stands drawing a wage? I’m not saying that’s him – he went to Portugal last season and played more than 20 games, so he’s not exactly lazy – but he can’t possibly think returning here to rot in our reserves is a better idea than taking this opportunity?

Soro, I thought, actually had the makings of a decent enough player. But in hiring Neil Lennon we hired a manager who isn’t ever going to develop a footballer in the way Soro needed. He’s 25 now, and these should be the peak years of his career … he should be riding high. If he was going to be a top player, the kind we need, we’d know by now.

I feel bad for him, and for a number of others who came here and who it didn’t work out for, but they have to realise that there’s no way back, and that it’s better just to move on. He, Ajeti and Barkas have a year left apiece; of much more pressing concern is what we’re going to do about David Turnbull, who is definitely facing a Hell of a decision.

None of these guys should be rotting on the bench or in the reserves.

I’d keep Turnbull because we need him for a variety of reasons relating to the European squad registration and because I genuinely think that he’s a fantastic player when on his game … but Brendan Rodgers will need to find out how to use him and get the best from him.

The good news there is that Rodgers has history for doing that.

He can rehabilitate footballers who looked like they were past redeeming; I’d have bet everything that my namesake was going to leave Celtic in the summer Rodgers first arrived and not only did he stay but he stayed and became a better player than we’d ever seen.

For some Rodgers will be the best thing ever to happen to them at this club. For others, it’s pretty much lights out and curtains. Those guys need to realise that and find their way to the exit door.

We cannot carry passengers where we’re going.

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