The First Two Incomings Are “Ange” Signings. The Next Must Be Down To Brendan Rodgers.

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The first two signings of the window are done, and I am pretty pleased that these guys fit the squad profile. Obviously, they look like quality. We have done our homework and our due diligence and we’ve brought genuine talents to the club. It’s all to the good.

But these are the last gasp of the Ange Postecoglou regime, and although Brendan Rodgers has very obviously signed off on them both, and they represent smart business with us losing a central midfielder and very possibly (probably) a wide player, they look like players who will fill those roles for us.

Obviously there are not as experienced, or as known to us, as Mooy and Jota, and nor do I actually think, if Jota goes, that this is his replacement … but in terms of squad depth, if we’re simply talking about that, we’re not going to be any weaker.

These aren’t the real summer signings. We have a new manager now and a new plan.

He will go along with the old one part of the way, and it’s clear that these two deals were in the pipeline and heading for the line already … now that they are done, now that they are out of the way, we’re going to find out next what Brendan Rodgers has in mind.

I have to tell you, that change of pace is going to be very welcome.

Because as good as these players might be, we need a higher calibre footballer if we’re going to realise any of our loftier ambitions next season. We need some experience, and iron, and we’ve heard nothing about those types of footballers yet. On top of that – I cannot accentuate this enough – is the danger of an over-reliance on players from Asia who will miss games.

More on that subject later on. But it would be good to see the signings of some tough players from the European continent. Brendan Rodgers has emphasised the need for “power.”

We can all agree that it is necessary.

As good as these signings look … I am keen to see him start to put his own imprint on this team.

The potential sale – we can probably call it a certainty – of Jota gives us an unexpected infusion of cash, unexpected and unwelcome, for sure, but real. This is only the start of a rebuild which is going to be very interesting to watch … and it will be very well funded.

Brendan Rodgers has been in post just over a week, and although we’re in good shape it would be good to see some movement in the week ahead.

The start of his revolution, instead of what we’re watching right now; the end of the Ange Postecoglou era.

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