Celtic Keeping This Squad Together Is More Than We Expected, But It’s Not Enough.

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I welcome the news today that people inside Celtic are confident of securing the services of Abada and Hatate on longer term deals.

Added to those we’ve already got done, it would probably be more than we would have hoped for when this summer began. We thought some of these guys would go, in no small part because Postecoglou told us many would.

Neither has signed yet. That has to be pointed out.

There’s a long way to go here and with these guys in charge there is always a chance that they will make the mess of it anyway. The thing I’m pretty suspicious about is the timing … and with good reason.

If the window closes without us making game-changing signings, is this how they intend to win us over?

I wouldn’t be surprised if it is this and Tierney on a season long loan, costing us God knows how much which we could have instead partly spent on getting a player of our own. The fascination with this Tierney idea is baffling to me … but it’s dead easy to see them trying to tack this on to an utterly underwhelming window to make it look good.

Wasn’t it just a day ago we were getting told we couldn’t shop in the EPL market?

Except for an ex-player on loan of course. This is such an obvious move I can’t help but thing they must know that it’s obvious and will never fly … but this board is capable of it.

It would be great to get these guys signed up on longer deals – which doesn’t mean none of them will go next summer, we all know that – but we can just refuse to sell them in this window anyway and all we’re doing is making sure they are smiling about it.

What fans want to see are bodies in the door.

What fans want to hear is that we’ve made some new signings, not that we have kept players here instead of stuffing more money in the bank. The truth is, having sold Jota for big money which they haven’t spent these people know they cannot possibly sell anyone else and then not spend the money … it would tip fans over the edge.

But right now we’re treading water and fans want to see obvious improvements in this team, and the options available to the manager. Standing still is not making progress, even if you believe that we’re actually doing that and not going backwards.

It’s a positive. I will not deny it. I will be well happy if we can get these guys signed up on longer deals. But we absolutely need bodies in and good ones … and if today’s stories are true the manager has targeted no fewer than four.

If we get those in, the mood will be very different around here … and especially if one of the names in the papers today turns out to be right. Because that will be very interesting, and I’ll write about that one later on, time permitting.

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  • Bob (original) says:

    The CFC PR must be pleased that the KT story keeps popping up,

    as a distracting teaser for the support? Can’t see a loan deal either.

    And, IF Hart was to cost us any particularly soft goals in the CL games,

    THEN BR, [i.e. not the Board], will deserve all the criticisms hurled his way, IMO.

  • John A says:

    Don’t believe we are standing still, talk of 15m signings I never believed. With Lawell in there I don’t trust them running the club at all. Help Rodgers out and strengthen the team!

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    If Kieran Tierney comes back to this country to play football with Celtic the thugs will finish his career for once and for all I’m afraid…

    A hugely successful young talent from Coatbridge (I think) coming through the ranks, being an international player and netting Celtic £25 million on his way to a prominent club in The English Premier League very much sticks in the craw of The Scottish Football Media and a helluva lot of Sevco leaning ‘agricultural’ players…

    The Scottish Football Media can’t harm him on the field of play –

    The ‘agricultural’ Sevco Sympathisers with football boots certainly can, did, and will once again given the slightest chance…

  • John says:

    All we hear at this moment in time is negative reports be it fans or Celtic sites. Sure there are injuries (happens in football) and team is not playing to required standard expected from every fan but just bringing in more & more players will not sort this.
    New players need time to settle and because experienced players have not hit expected heights these players (and any other new ones)are under pressure right away to perform.
    There has only been two players sold from last years squad we have signed 3 new centre backs(including Walsh) new midfielder and have 5 wingers in squad.
    The simple problem here is injuries to key players at moment hampering managers team selection and playing a settled side giving new players time to acclimatise to scottish league and its unique style of play from other teams. Blaming everything & everyone on this problem will not help team morale at this early stage of the season. Can only hope injuries ease quickly.

  • michael mccormack says:

    Don’t want Tierney back , don’t get me wrong absolutely loved the guy when he was our player but since moving on has been on the treatment table more than the park , not for me ! Already starting to doubt the manager as well as he seems to have regressed as well big mistake bringing him back , should’ve went down a different route for me, a long season ahead with the board now allowing a particularly nasty egotistical bastard to call the shots, another wan that should’ve been hunted never to return .
    Hope am proved wrong but got a sickly feeling in the pit of ma stomach .

  • Johnno says:

    Still believe that getting existing players on improved contracts is more of a ploy to get a bigger transfer fee for them imo.
    Players having a release fee inserted within there contact is common enough, and getting players of quality fairly cheaply, doesn’t mean a huge release can be installed as wages would have to follow suit.
    All I’m seeing during this window is continuing the Celtic money making mechine rolling on, with lower risk signings, but still a total lack of ambition to progress within European football, especially CL.
    Is this the right strategy to keep the club within?
    A little bit to safe and lacking ambition I would claim.
    Welcome the boost in squad numbers even if it remains a bit shambolic looking in how the process has been handled so far

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