Celtic Should Not Be Going Into This Game Today Without At Least One Signing.

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All week long, one thing has been clear; we cannot possibly go into the game at Ibrox next week with too many changes in the squad. We certainly cannot be throwing four or five new people into that game because there is no way they will be co-ordinated enough, and this is especially true at the back. We should have made sure they had time to gel.

The best way to do that is give these guys time in a game, time to work things out. They should have been in place this week. We should have signed somebody in time for today’s game. It is now too late to get a new signing in place. The two positions which were most important in that regard were the defensive midfielder and the centre back.

I don’t even know if we’re going to sign a defensive, iron man midfielder now. The drumbeat says it’ll be a centre back, a left back, a striker and maybe a keeper. But nobody is really talking too much about a midfield enforcer. I think one of those is probably more important than the centre back, because he’s the sort of guy who can protect the defence.

I think it’s dereliction of duty that this board has allowed a whole week to go by without getting at least one key piece of business done.

I said earlier in the week that it seems to me that the policy is all that matters to them, the policy of signing cheap players and selling them for a profit. There is certainly little thought as to what the manager needs.

They are willing to send him into Ibrox next week with players who have barely met.

The manager knows this. I know we’ll do business this week, as we really don’t have much choice but to make several more signings, but I wonder if more than one or two of them will start the game next weekend. I think even if we do have to go in there with Lagerbiekle and Scales as our centre backs that he’ll do that rather than make too many changes.

It is good that we’re going to get a signing over the line next week. It’s good that we have “irons in the fire” as one tabloid rag put it today. But God, had these people just moved a little bit quicker we would have gotten an opportunity to blood people in a game at home in front of our own crowd before that hostile environment in front of only theirs.

It stuns me that people like Lawwell, whose defenders claim is a great Celtic fan and a supporter “just like us” allows us to go into these sorts of games so scandalously unprepared.

They’ve had an entire summer and here we are with a week to go … appalling.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    James don’t hold your breath regarding us signing anyone soon and as for money there to buy a player that’s singular not plural for January the league will be gone by then as will Roy,and that’s all thanks to Peter McVittie the biscuit tin man.
    Now as for the Hazatd signing heading to sevco it’s a nice wee squirrel story,something for the back-burner to pull out the hat should they get binned out the champions league qualifier.
    Money to be made in Europa league more than the champions league so says the journalists at the daily sevco,obviously copying big DONALD Trump with the FAKE NEWS.

  • Johnno says:

    In defence of them James, and don’t like to have to defend a board member whatsoever, it’s just over a week that the CB position became just as bad as it is today.
    Before the extra injuries added, and longer recovery time than expected, we had potentially 7 options, if you throw AJ into the mix also.
    7 was potentially to high of a number, especially in a position that you wouldn’t rotate as much as others.
    Still remains unclear as to weather Rodgers had any plans of going with a 3 CB option, which could still be on the agenda next weekend, but looking a longshot now imo.
    Until the LB position is decided upon, still to hard to call upon how we intend to address the CBs position.
    Agreed it’s a ridiculous situation to find ourselves in, with a season already underway and without any real confirmation about how we intend to set up our defensive line for the season ahead

  • Roonsa says:

    I am not overly concerned about it, providing we do get the right men in. If come away from the game against the chimps 3 points ahead all this will be forgotten come Christmas and we have a strong team that Brendan has been allowed to nurture.

    I do agree about Lawwell though. I don’t know what Desmond is thinking but we all know Desmond is no mug. As such I am riding it out till we have a better idea of how the season is shaping up.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    If we don’t get a midfield enforcer in we’re absolutely fkt imo.That should be priority. It was last season and is now, blatantly obvious we’re far too lightweight in there. This is how teams are gettin so much joy and often gettin intae areas they can hurt us. We saw it especially against rangers last season. If we exclude that position, we’re askin for big trouble.

  • Michael Clark says:

    Honestly, does any of this surprise us because if it does, it shouldn’t. Articles have been written this week about the board falling asleep at the wheel and thats exactly whats happened. With Celtic its one step forward and two steps back. Brenden Rogers made it clear the area’s that needed strengthend and has anything been done!?!? Joe Hart in the Champions league is not an option yet Croatian keeper Dominik Livakovic was available and what a great keeper he is but the chance is gone and we didn’t even entertain it because rumour has it we’ve too many goalie’s. We have so many injuries in the centre of our defence so we’ve taken a guy Liam Scales back who was out on loan and were scrambling to put a defence together. All the hard work which put us back to the summit is on the verge of imploding in our face because Peter Lawwell has little or no ambition. We travel to Ibrox shortly and the two central defenders don’t even know each others name and I for one am not looking forward to the Champions league because right now Celtic Football Club is in a mess.

  • Jackson says:

    The Green Brigade might send out a message today…….hopefully


  • Peter Cassidy says:

    Going by the poor result today we need a centre forward who can put away the amount of chances we make yogo can have off days as today shows.This system of young players being brought in on the cheap and sold for high fees is good but we also want to make a decent show in Europe this season but not to be whipping boys again like last season in Europe.

  • Michael McCartney says:

    We’re doomed I tell yae, we’re doomed. I wish I was kidding but as far as this season goes I think we are and the Manager and Board are to blame, their complacency and arrogance during the close season has been a disgrace.
    Unless they can come away with at least a draw next Sunday and I think that’s unlikely, then for the 1st time ever I think they will have trouble selling the 3 match packets for the CL group games.

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