Celtic’s Critics Are Watching This Game With Interest. Let’s Put On A Show For Them.

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Whatever my criticisms of the manager’s words the other day, and my alarm at hearing him give over critical decisions to others in the club – a subject I shall return to in some detail later in the week – I am still pleased with the composition of this side going into this game, and I think we’d still be strong enough to win this title even if we did no further business.

It is days like today which will either reveal that view to be folly, or suggest that it’s more or less accurate. After McInnes’ team has already beaten the media darlings in their first league outing, at the same ground, the hacks fully expect them to test us.

I think they might. Unless we score early. Which I think we might. Do that, and the roof could come in on Kilmarnock and we might end up with a comfortable victory. Three times the word “might” was used in the first part of this paragraph.

It’s speculation. It’s if’s buts and maybes. But we know that we’re good enough, that we have that in us, and I’d love if it this was the day the rustiness fell away and this side produced what we know they are capable of.

There were glimpses in pre-season of the kind of football Rodgers wants from this side. Some players have grasped it quicker than others.

What’s not as well understood as it should be is that when a new manager comes in the players in his charge, who have already adapted to the style of the previous boss, don’t just have new things to learn, but a whole of things to unlearn too.

Even what were good habits under Postecoglou have to be cast aside if players are going to fully integrate into the system that Rodgers wants them to play. We are going to see a different, and more exciting team, emerge when they have. I have no doubt of it.

It is not ideal, us going there today to play on that plastic pitch and we can sort of predict the way they will approach the game. If Postecoglou were still here they would have an idea of the way we would approach the game.

I’m not saying they’d necessarily be successful at stopping us with that knowledge, but they’d have a shot.

I don’t think they will cope with us today because they have no idea how we will approach the game. I think that’s what gets us the real edge here. How good it would be if we could turn up, show what we’ve got and silence these critics early on.

Go on today, Celtic. Show them who we are … and what this side is becoming.

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  • MW says:

    We are not going to win the league with all that is going on in the background, the manager just in the door not choosing the players he has to work with can only end one way disaster, we are going to beat ourselves from within.

  • John Copeland says:

    Let’s win today and sit back and enjoy the disappointment on all alleged neutral scoops’faces . I’m trying to see in my mind’s eye which will be the biggest let down on the faces of studio commentators and guests … The English having been out classed and beaten in the women’s world cup final by majestic Spain , or Celtic FC placing the fraud that is MC Innes in his box after dumping Kilmarnock out of the League cup today . It’s too tight to call !

  • Johnno says:

    Today should hopefully confirm just how strong this celtic squad remain within Scottish football still.
    A decent win, while so many automatic starters missing will send a very strong message to all within the Scottish game.
    As its a cup match, a win of any type out does performance especially upon a dodgy surface and a brand new CB pairing on show, with such little time available to prepare.
    Yet performance still remains important for some, where question marks still remain as to weather they really are good enough to remain a 1st choice in positions within a CL squad?
    Them questions won’t get answered today, but we don’t need any extra problems beyond the current injury list either, which I believe a kille team would be quite happy to add to.
    Still expecting a celtic victory regardless of any complications we may face, and crying media and scum cheerleaders is always a welcome sight to behold also.

  • Fun time frankie says:

    Just watched that absolute pitiful performance and I’m sorry james but if that was to be the team that plays at the midden they will be annihilated and that mob are fcukin piss .

  • Jim M says:

    Oh, James,
    That was a dreadful performance today. Absolutely no idea what the game plan was meant to be.
    Wondering if the players knew either.
    A real wake up call to how much poorer we are under Brendan.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    And so Brendan finally loses his 100% record of winning silverware in Scotland at Celtic FC…

    This day was always coming sadly and I suppose if it had to be any trophy, then it’s best that it’s The Mickey Mouse one although it’s always still a great feeling when we win and sicken The Scottish Football Media and The Sevco Huns –

    So a plastic pitch (Only in Bloody Scotland) a bent referee, a shit performance by all accounts and it seems we got all we deserved only that’s not the case…

    So Haskabanovic goes down in the box once and no penalty – Then Haskanovic goes down in the box a second time near the end and no penalty once again or no VAR checks and it’s a stonewaller…

    Now I’m relying on Celtic forums to keep me updated on this and we naturally shout penalty, but I definitely know it’s a stonewaller by lurking on a Sevco forum where they’re on a plenty saying that it is so if they’re saying that it must be…

    As the custodian of matters that happen on the field of play, I expect Brendan Rodgers as the manager of my club to be screaming about this from the rooftops even though it’ll be seen and portrayed as sour grapes…

    It’s his duty – BUT WILL HE DO IT ?

    We should have been screaming from the heavens about this scandal last season as we made our way to a treble but didn’t and we will reap that silence that we sewed on a major scale this season now for sure..,

  • Dan Dwan says:

    Too many so called “ prospects” in the Celtic side today Holm, Gustaf, Yang all still finding their feet, and too many experienced players way off it Maeda, Taylor(again), McGregor Riley …..a hard tackling ball winning midfielder and a creative experienced midfielder urgently required plus a top class centre forward.. the sooner Johnston returns the better and with the form Taylor is currently showing this position is another that needs addressing.

  • Fun time frankie says:

    Clachan that’s why liewell is back to always give sevco hope and keep his back balance through the the roof ..this man can be described in one word sorry changed my mind celtics very own cash drainer and all to keep sevco alive the man’s a 100% rat.

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