McInnes Is At It With His “The Penalty We Didn’t Get Against Celtic Last Season” Moan.

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When you are a manager with nothing in the tank, who’s only recent claim to fame is beating a miserable Ibrox team, how do you approach a match with the defending treble winners, who will be an entirely different prospect?

It’s a cup game, one where you can’t afford to sit back and play for the draw.

Your game plan will be to do what exactly?

Derek McInnes is not the smartest kid in the class.

Whatever strategy you come up with, you’re not supposed to broadcast it before the game starts.

But McInnes has blabbed his already, or the start of it anyway; he’s trying to put pressure on the officials by bringing up a pitiful piece of ancient history; the penalty he claims his team should have got last season, in the same competition, in the game at Hampden which we won by 2-0.

He’s talking about the Giakoumakis incident before the second Celtic goal. This was litigated at the time and some in the media covered it from every angle. In re-raising the issue again, a year down the line, McInnes reveals himself to be a bitter man but also a calculated one. He’s trying to make sure that the officials give us no benefit of the doubt.

At the same time, he’s established the pattern we have to watch out for; their players are going to go down under every half challenge, and he probably thinks that because we’re likely to go with our two new centre backs they might be unaware of how it works in this little corner of the world, where refs are always looking for an excuse and VAR is there to help with a second opinion.

I have never in my life heard McInnes give us a word of credit at the end of a game, no matter how dominant we’ve been or how completely his teams have been beaten. But this is a poor tactic even by his standards. The really daft thing is that he’s made it so public days before the match, which gives us a glimpse of his strategy on the day.

We will have to be on our toes with this one.

The centre backs, whomever they may be, are going to have to watch everything they do. That would be true even under normal conditions, but in a cup tie, on that plastic pitch, especially so.

McInnes is at it here, and sounds like a bubbling wean.

I hope Rodgers puts him in his place over it, but more; I hope the players do when we get his lot out there on Sunday.

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  • John Copeland says:

    MC Innes is the biggest fraud in the Scottish game today ! My ideal scenario would be for when Beale gets pumped out of Ibrox sooner rather than later ,he gets the job at the second time of asking . Remember when he turned down the managers job in Govan a few years back , Dave King slaughtered him in the press for being gutless ! Well, he’s regressed even further since then . A dud of the worst kind possible ….

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      He might be daft, but he wasn’t daft enough to take The Sevco Gig…

      He might be one of them – but he knows what would’ve inevitably come down the pipe towards him from the most ungrateful supporters on the planet –

      If it was a penalty then he should’ve shouted from the rooftops at the time –

      Although Brendan wasn’t there last season, Cal-mac sure was and I’m sure he could highlight plenty injustices that Celtic suffered across the games v Killie last season – And he should return the serve to McInnes and The Scottish Football Media !

  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol at the Scott Burns from the daily sevco article on Sillyman not returning to sevco though the new klub at ibrox received a 6 figure sum in compensation Burns said, that’s going against reports quoting a million quid,notty boy he could be looking at his P45 for that.
    He then goes on to say Sillyman left sevco has joined PSV who are not even champions and playing catch up on the Dutch league,oh dear and is that not the same scenario the player would find himself in had he stayed at sevco.
    And to think Burns took that article to an editor who approved it,and they are allowing these guys near scissors.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Yes, it’s a blatant attempt to prejudice the officials mind against Celtic prior to the match kick off, not that they need all that much encouragement to begin with.

    He has always been a greetin face fukka when it come to Celtic, so let the greetin continue. More of the same Celts.

  • Fun time frankie says:

    Mc Inner is just another DOB HAM SHANKER nothing more nothing less .

  • Johnno says:

    The game on Sunday is the 1st comparison that can be made between ourselves and the scum, and that hun tosser getting the excuses in early as per usual when we still earn the win.
    Currently our play hasn’t been as controlled as we have become so use to, with our link up play between defence and midfield, which you can put down to teams being more aggressive with the press against ourselves.
    Yet we have still been scoring goals and creating huge chances, all the while some of our individuals in an attacking sence have been blowing a bit hot and cold.
    No doubt these areas will improve and need to also with such huge matches coming our way very shortly.
    No doubt either Rodgers along with the team will be looking to send a very strong message to the rest of Scottish football that this celtic team is still only in the warming up process still.
    Maybe that thick hun eejit already is worried about that along with all his cheerleaders and gallery to mouth to.
    Yet expect the usual whining and excuses as per usual with all the Hun scum cheerleaders finally starting to realise that there favourite team still remains light years behind ourselves

  • Bob (original) says:

    The oldest trick in the book:

    a wee bit of mind games / demanding that the match officials are ‘strong’ on the day.

    Except that McInnes isn’t a habitually winning manager like a Ferguson, Mourinho

    – or even Rodgers – to be indulged in this blatant distraction effort.

    His penalty comment just makes him look weak: he’s lost already.

    For sport, BR could loudly complain that plastic pitches have no place in the top league,

    and simply don’t suit teams trying to play attractive, entertaining footy…?

    But BR won’t bite, will he?


  • JimBhoy says:

    We should have no trouble with Killie, we could play them in the carpark.

  • SSMPM says:

    Silly Billy. HH

  • Fat mike says:

    Probably had his forwards watching clip after clip of Todd can’t well..

  • Davie says:

    Deek the Geek should be more concerned on where his team finished last season, however this is all to influence the referee on sunday.

  • TGM says:

    Dicko Tato The Living Potato

    • James Forrest says:

      Regular readers, I’d like you to meet The Dick Who Has Fuck All Better To Do.

      This is the guy, this guy right here, who sends me HUNDREDS of messages a week, all full of shite patter like this.

      This is the guy who is responsible, in part, for the moderation policy.

      You will know him under different names, as I do, but his pathetic comments are as inane and bitter and spiteful and stupid no matter what he’s calling himself.

      Gentlemen and ladies, for 24 hours, after which I’ll delete his posts, you should make him feel “welcome.”

      Those who wish to, the floor is yours.

    • Bob (original) says:

      Poor wee soul.


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