The Palma Delay Is Typical Of This Board’s Rampant Disregard For The Celtic Manager.

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So the Luis Palma signing has been delayed.

No big deal some will say, because after all we still have a couple of days to get the deal over the line, so there’s really no hurry is there? Well actually, yes, of course there is because if this guy had been signed last week all the paperwork would have been in place by now and he would have at least a little time to train with the rest of the first team squad.

It’s all well and good saying they can’t be blamed for red tape and paperwork … but if they did these deals quicker then all that would be behind us already and this guy would be a little more integrated.

As it stands he’s going to have precisely none of that.

This is the board at its finest. These people have been doing this, and getting away with it, for years. Their disregard for the management team, the coaches and the rest of the team would take your breath away.

After we lost to Kilmarnock it was blatantly obvious that we needed bodies in the door. An entire week of foot-dragging resulted in not one new player coming in to get time to gel with the rest of the team before St Johnstone.

Now we’re set to go again, and leave deals to the last second, giving the manager the ghastly choice of throwing in players alongside guys they’ve only just met or making do with what we’ve got.

This board is so lax, so arrogant that it does not believe that the needs of the team or the manager matter. Their attitude towards Brendan Rodgers is literally that he should make do, whilst they take their sweet time to get deals completed.

This is the kind of rampaging egotism which has cost us Champions League qualification games. It has cost us league points, and this season already it has arguably cost us a place in the League Cup. We are going to Ibrox without a clue which team we’ll be able to put out.

Palma should have had a least a couple of days to train alongside his team-mates.

He should have had a chance to get his feet under him. He cannot possibly be ready to start at Ibrox, and neither will any of the other players if we’ve got any sense and this is because we also have a board which doesn’t care about delays which don’t affect them, and which is far enough removed from the team on the pitch that they frankly couldn’t give a toss what state that team is in.

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  • Michael Clark says:

    Every player of any calibre that Celtic have looked at is not interested in coming to Celtic Park. I’m fed up of seeing interest in this player or interest in that player because it doesn’t happen. I was looking forward to this season and expected good things to happen. It hasn’t turned out that way, if anyone would have told me we would lose to Kilmarnock and drop points at home to St Johnstone I would have lauged but I’m not laughing now. We’ve got the Champions League draw coming up and right now theirs not a team in that competition we could beat. We travell toIbrox on Sunday and I don’t fancy our chances there either….what a mess were in.

  • Jim Duffy says:

    Can’t believe Rodgers signed up for this penny pinching poker playing shenanigans from this board of money grabbing rats,he should have made it clear that he will not stand for all this hesitation and biscuit tin mentality that hindered his last stint as manager,it looks like he has accepted what lawell has given him , maybe he has not got it in him now to fight for the cause,he certainly doesn’t look like he is up for a fight meekly accepting what liewell and his board of goons give him,ah well prepare for some humping in the upcoming CL games,it doesn’t bear thinking about,as I said in earlier posts we need to look at some kind of boycott for home games and or euro games,it’s the only way this arrogant board will take notice, they’ve made it patently clear they don’t give a toss what Rodgers or the fans want.

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