What Would A “Successful” Celtic Transfer Window Look Like To People At This Point?

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My last article was about a player we’ve allegedly made a £4 million bid for. That comes from the media in Denmark. There’s an article that says there was genuine interest from our club which went as far as making an offer. Other reports suggest that the deal is actually close to completion and that it will go through. I can be sanguine about the idea either way.

I’m not convinced that this is the sort of signing Rodgers has prioritised but we do need a striker and if the board is spending £4 million on a player the manager isn’t particularly keen on, we’ll know that soon enough because the guy will barely get off the bench. If he’s one the manager wants, we’ll know that as well because it will be clear when he’s in the team.

There is a peculiar madness about our transfer policy in this window which is hard to credit.

But there are more stories in the media than just this one, and one of them is a case in point; the story of how we’ve “lost” the chance to sign Lyanco of Southampton, as he’s off on loan to a club in Dubai. There’s the height of his ambitions, and the limit of the interest that was shown in him from elsewhere. A guy doing that … why would we even have bothered?

There has not been a single concrete story indicating that we ever had an interest in this guy in the first place. This is not one we “missed out on.” In fact, he was offered to us by an agent and we passed, although we’re desperate to bring in a centre back.

The worst thing that our fans can do in the next few days is get crazy over transfer stories which had no merit in the first place, and that’s going to be most of them. The ones with teeth, you’ll know them instantly, because, like the Palma story, they will come out of nowhere and suddenly they’ll be everywhere. The mood music will be unmistakable.

There is a certain level of noise to the drumbeat about Kvistgaarden that is impossible to ignore. That’s what I mean when I say that the stories will come out of nowhere and suddenly be everywhere. Something is definitely happening there.

Others, we’ll be just as able to dismiss out of hand as nonsense.

This is going to be a crazy few days and I do not expect that we will get the number of players that some in the media claim we want.

There is a presumption that we’re going to target as many as five signings. I haven’t heard the manager utter those words, and so I can’t imagine where that idea has come from except that you look at the team and you can easily find five positions that need obvious improvements.

I think we do need to look at three in particular; defensive midfield, the forward position and central defence. Since we’re getting our winger on the left, I don’t have to include that.

That would be four players. The left back is one a lot of people have highlighted and you’ll notice I’m leaving that one out. The goalkeeper is one that we’ve all been discussing for ages. I think we could probably leave that one for this window as well.

Look, if you presume that we have a pressing need in both positions for the Champions League I won’t argue with you, but without a central midfield iron man that’s not going to matter anyway because we’re going to be absolutely done without one. To me, the central midfield hard man would cover a multitude of sins elsewhere in the team.

The striker, we need for backup although if Kvistgaarden does prove to be a genuine contender for the top spot, I would not cry myself to sleep with thoughts of seeing Kyogo on the bench. Obviously, the centre back on a short-term deal is critical and non-negotiable, and if we don’t get one in for that position serious questions will need to be answered.

Even if you’re looking at the squad in the way I just did you’ll notice that there are arguably six positions for which you can make a good argument, and this is why I keep on saying that literally nobody in the support is going to get the window they want, or to see all the positions filled that they think we genuinely need. It just won’t happen.

Right now, I genuinely don’t know what a “successful” window will look like, as so much time and so much goodwill has been utterly squandered in the way we’ve dithered and delayed and messed about and the way the manager has meekly chosen to accept it in spite of his own template being radically different from the players he’s been handed.

If we’ve got the striker deal just about over the line, I can cross that off my own “badly needed” list of priority signings. The central defender, we will get because I genuinely cannot see how we can afford not to. We may be surprised by how that ends up. I hear names being thrown around which I think can’t possibly be accurate, but which I’d take in a minute.

The one where I’d honestly consider the window a failure would be one I’ve banged the drum on so many times; the defensive midfielder. If we signed a guy in that role, along with those others – the winger, the striker and the centre back – I personally would have little to complain about, although I think the transfer policy is badly, badly in need of revising.

I know other people think the goalkeeper is the non-negotiable, but we can’t do everything in one window and the sign that we’re looking at a keeper – one of our current three moving on – isn’t there and so I don’t believe it’s considered mission critical.

But we lost Jota and have replaced him. We’re shipping out Ajeti, and so it makes sense to bring another forward in. We’re moving out Soro, and McCarthy, which frees up two slots in a crowded midfield selection pool … which is why I have hope yet that this is an area where we’re planning to make an addition. If we could get rid of Bernabei I think we’d do business for a left back without the least hesitation; maybe that’s going on behind the scenes.

Without going over old ground, and banging on about it, that we’re now set for a mad scramble to the wire is a symptom of the haphazard slightly crazy way we go about things at Celtic.

But actually, with the winger deal done and a striker quite possibly on the way I’m getting ready to be a bit happier than I was. I know we’ll get a centre back … which leaves me one role short of where I’ll be in a better frame of mind.

But not everyone is going to be happy, and the manager might well be one of them. At the end of the day, he only has himself to blame for that if it’s so, and come January he has to be a lot stronger in getting what he wants and needs.

That we’ll make signings in January is without question, but I expect this to be the last window we see for a while with so many ins and outs because honestly, at the end of last season I’d have said we needed maybe three additions to the first team with anything else depending on who left the club.

It would have meant spending a right few quid, but perversely it might have ended up being cheaper than whatever strategy we’re pursuing right now. That we look like finishing this window with ten or more signings is just mad, it’s completely bonkers and a symptom of something about the system which just won’t work … and we cannot continue doing it.

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  • JimBhoy says:

    Prob is new players need time to adjust and settle. Even the other new players are barely thru the door and some look like projects.

    Big game at the weekend, win at all costs.

  • jackson says:

    Scott McKenna would be a good Centre Half for us………if Forrest would sell

  • Hammie says:

    I personally don’t see much movement at all. Pistol Pete is in the building and dividends are the priority. My opinion for what it’s worth is any comings will be matched by goings. Out before in because the board want a big financial statement. I desperately hope I’m wrong but I expect any movement to be cost neutral at least

  • Paul Mac says:

    Latest rumour is Pierre´s kid who is a striker and a Benfica midfielder

    • James Forrest says:

      Pierre’s kid is 23, physically strong and scores goals. He’d do.

      A Benfica reserve on loan? I’ll pass on that one.

  • Frank says:

    a would luv to know what the template actually looks like given the performance all over the park in the last two games

  • MW says:

    It will be a massive failure even if the winger is signed, I will be surprised if any other players come in by close of business and even if they do they will not be picked by Brendan.

  • S Thomas says:

    Need to do something.. because this has been a bad start to the season. I feel as though the confidence has been shot, but it’s amazing what new signings can bring to a group. It’s all these projects and young players that we sign that’s the concern. I mean I look at Harry Kane , who is on fire at Bayern Munich, and that’s what established players do. Now offcourse we can’t sign someone of that standard.. but I feel maybe more 25 year olds, who have had a lot of games under there belts would be great.

  • Roonsa says:

    What Would A “Successful” Celtic Transfer Window Look Like To People At This Point? is the question you ask. I am not sure if “successful” is the appropriate word but what I WANT to see is Brendan Rodgers backing up his convictions by delivering on what he said he would do when he first arrived. You have already hit on the need for quality, experience and power. This is what Rodgers said himself. OK, what did you do to satisfy those requirements, Brendan? He has just over 3 days to answer that question.

  • Martin says:

    Frankly a good midfield anchor who can tackle and won’t be bullied and I’d be happy. I want that more than a striker. As you allude to, get him in and our LB, GK and (I’d say) CB problems lessen

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Part I agree with the most, is that if we don’t get strength in the mid the rest won’t matter a shit. Teams will just bully and play right through us. Startin on Sunday.

  • Johnno says:

    Sorry James but would have to disagree with yourself about a striker.
    The simple reason is how a CL squad is made up, when you are looking at 2 players for each position.
    That only allows 3 extra, 1 being a keeper and 2 Scottish with 1 of those 2 being Forrest.
    If we are looking at 2 wide men and a striker, we already have them within the squad, not unless we are thinking of OH not being involved within the CL squad?
    Not a lot of manoeuvre within the front line when you take into account subs being used in the 6 matches.
    With that in mind, the defensive set up remains shambolic looking, especially in the CB and LB position.
    Currently not happy with what we have available for the Glasgow Derby, let alone the prospect of CL.
    Bain as a no2 keeper currently? Says a lot, and nothing good either.
    The midfield could do with another addition with kwon nowhere near ready yet, iwata doesn’t seem to be part of Rodgers plans either?
    Overall the issues that were a potential problem with this seasons CL in mind, haven’t been addressed as such which is very disappointing and a total lack of ambition imo.
    Looking highly unlikely that we will even be able to get 8 Scottish homegrown players within the CL squad, which I find very embarrassing for ourselves.
    Would be far easier to answer the question if we had some idea on how Rodgers intends to set this Celtic team up, as very unimpressive to date.

  • Bigchunkylardass says:

    Just another standard, Pedro the Hun, transfer window, so obvious, Stevie wonder could see it.
    Manager sayin yes, 3-4 players are needed, while Pedro pisses himself laughing.
    This is how it always has been and always will be while he’s running the show.

    Boycott the Champions League, cos we are being prepared and set up to get destroyed in it, so why would we support a board who want us humiliated?


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