The Celtic Board Takes A Lot Of Deserved Stick. Today They Are Entitled To Some Credit

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This blog has always believed in giving out stick when it is justified, but also in giving out credit where it is due, and as another player signs on the dotted line with an improved, and longer, contract it falls to me to say a big and heartfelt congratulations to the Celtic board, and to Michael Nicholson in particular, for getting another massive renegotiation over the line.

Yes, there are already cynics in the media saying that a new contract means nothing, that the player could still be sold in the summer. Rot, and they know it. This might not be a commitment for life, but we’re entitled to believe that the guys who has put their names to these new deals will be here for the remainder of this campaign and the next one too.

All are happy at Celtic. All could have had their negotiating positions, in terms of getting moves away, dramatically strengthened by having less time left on their deals. That’s what forces clubs into the position of having to sell at a certain time. And yes, all of them might have negotiated minimum release clauses into their deals … the beauty of those is that they have to be met before the player can go, and the numbers will reflect the club’s valuation.

So really, in spite of those media hacks who are desperate for Celtic to fail or so badly afflicted by The Cringe that they cannot understand why these guys aren’t clamouring to go to England already, there really is no downside to this stuff at all, and he joins a procession of other key squad members, including, by the way, Anthony Ralston who signed an extension the other day, in committing to what Rodgers is trying to do here.

The board deserves immense credit for getting this stuff done. They have demonstrated more intent with the renewals than they have, you could argue, with the signings. But the renewals are important, and vitally so because they provide the club with some continuity and certainty going into the remainder of this campaign and then the next.

The nonsense has started already, that all the club is doing is “protecting an investment” as though that were a crime, as though that were not smart stuff. As I said, there is literally no downside to this for our club. We’ve got an excellent player to commit, the club is in a good place again, and we’re moving forward under an outstanding manager.

And this is to the credit of those at the top of our house, who could take the decision to let their contracts run down to the point where we had no choice but to sell. Instead, they’ve shown the right ambition for the balance sheet … and the team-sheet at the same time.

One other person of course should be given credit; the manager himself. I will write a lengthier piece about that, but Brendan Rodgers has done something that Ange would never have done. He has convinced these guys that their future lies here … perhaps because he himself has made a commitment beyond what Postecoglou was willing to make.

But Rodgers has previous for this … which is why as big a story as this is, it is not a great surprise. He has the magic touch when it comes to players. He can do wonders for them, and that in turn has done wonders for this club.

Congratulations all round, folks, and to Reo himself and his continuing future here.

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    I think Reo’s is the one we all wanted to hear.
    When he’s on song the Team are ruthless and a joy to watch.

  • SSMPM says:

    Treat, my POTY last season despite his injury but I thought he was off in the summer. The contradictions at this club can be incredible but I can only say well done and great news.
    He’ll probably be a sub on Saturday. HH

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Can’t disagree with any of that James – All good indeed…

    As for Rio – Great that he realises that “It’s a grande oul’ team to play for” !!!

  • Johnny Green says:

    I have not been overly impressed with Hatate’s form so far this season, he has been careless in his possession and distribution of the ball. However, I am hoping that Celtic’s faith in him is reciprocated and that it becomes a much needed boost to his own playing confidence and attitude. A long term contract should settle him down and give him piece of mind for he is an undoubted talent when he is fully committed. There are no negatives in him signing this deal and Celtic have ensured that he becomes a very worthwhile asset to the squad, he will certainly not go cheaply if it ever comes to that.

  • Gezobel says:

    Most of the ‘stick’ levelled at the Board is certainly not ‘deserved’ considering the recent extraordinary success of the club both on the field and in financial terms .. and the two go together. Very few clubs even in the EPL could boast the acquisition of two world-renowned coaches in quick succession all the more remarkable when achieved by a club that is often sneered at for playing in a ‘pub’ league. Believe me, the fans of another side across the city would willingly die for a Board as successful as ours!

    Of course no Board is ever popular with some fans who see them as rich men in suits who are just in it for the money but there are heck of a lot easier ways of making money than investing it in a club in Scottish football. Tbh, I am sick of fans moaning about the Board ‘not backing the manager’ when the manager himself constantly says the opposite is the case. The club doesn’t always get the players it wants for many reasons not least climate, geography and low reputation of our league . The acquisition of any good quality player is something of an achievement in itself, imv.

    The current Board in appointing two managers of the calibre of Ange and Brendan has shown huge ambition and every true fan will unite behind it in trying to get to the next level which, of course, means competing in Europe if not this season hopefully the next one. Hail Hail.

  • Magua says:

    The continuity aspect is all important, James. BR can now build a squad that is truly his own, and will hopefully stick together, for a few seasons at least.

    Hail Hail.

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